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Dear So and So...Braid, Birds and BoobTube Edition

Dear Katniss Everdeen Diagonal Braid; Wow!  You've just made my life easier!  Thank you for inspiring my daughter to actually let me brush her hair without a major freak out attack.  My Cat~niss has been wearing French braids, Dutch braids and Fishbone braids for days now all thanks to you.  Cat no longer runs and hides at the sight of a comb and brush.  She actually welcomes them with open arms.  Hopefully, my dear Katniss Braid , you can convince your friend,  Irish Dance Curly Wig to do the same.  Maybe you can bring Curly Wig for a play-date soon?  That would be awesome! Dear St. Patrick's Day Parade Mini Hat; We did it!  We fooled EVERYONE at the parade! HAHA!  No one ever guessed that you were a glittery black soda can cozy and some sequin scrap!  And, by the luck of the Irish, you stayed firmly on Miss Cat's head throughout the entire parade with winds in excess of 100 mph!  ( maybe a few gusts of 20 mph winds, but it felt like 100 mph...) I&

Saddle Up! It's Time to Ride!

Saddle up, folks!  I'm back and ready to ride!  I can't believe it's been over a year since I've posted.  Time has flown by out here in the wild west. So much has happened...where to begin??? I could just say that outlaws came to my casa and wrangled me out of my voice.  There is truth in that even if it sounds like a tall tale.  In reality, I had become a proud member of the "IF YOU CAN"T SAY ANYTHING NICE, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL" Club.  As some of you may know, my husband's previous employer had taken away his health insurance without warning (yes, it's illegal) and then did not pay him over a period of months.  I was so angry  at the damage that this did not only to my husband, but to the financial stability of our family.  Without going into the dreadful details, I'll just say it's been a challenge.  Fortunately, a new job arrived and we are slowly picking up the pieces.  However, my anger at the "outlaws" (aka previ