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A New Dawn for Bee and Rose

It seems like only a blink of an eye has passed since I began my little bloggy back in 2009.  My early days of blogging were filled with giggles and goofy stories about my family.  I love the friendships that I built across the miles and truly enjoyed all my visits to the Land of Blog.  I loved the feeling of community that blogging offers and of course, I'm a huge fan of any crafting tutorial as well.  But then along came some Life Lessons and my visits to Blog Land became less frequent.  More of my time was spent in hospitals and doctors offices.  As many of you know, one of the main "characters" in my blog stories is no longer with us.  Sadly, my sweet husband, William passed away at the end of 2012 after a long bout with terminal illness...which brings me to this post and back to the Land of Blog.   I was reflecting this morning on what I was doing this time last year.  I always spend time every New Year's Eve being grateful for the past year and saying "