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We All Fall Down...The Tale of Gimpy McGimpster

Ahhh…the bliss of the blog….I’ve missed Blogland and it's lovely citizens…I realize it was only a few days in “real” life, but it certainly felt longer! I was lucky enough to post most days, but it's no fun if you can't stalk your fellow bloggers. When I add in all the time during April that I have been unable to blog because of the horrendous computer crash of April 7th, Chilly's heart failure (in a scary..kind of repeat of last year way) the Sunday before my giveaway winners were announced, and now Chilly’s impending knee surgery due to his fabulous stunt moves on Sunday…it feels like I’ve been gone from Blog for years! So what happened to turn Chilly into Gimpy McGimpster? A fall from plummeting blood pressure that resulted in a broken tibia, femur and knee cap! Chilly never does anything half-assed! No sir-ee! If he's going to injure himself, it's gonna be a big injury! Oh, did I mention how delighted I am to be driving Gimpy McGimpster to work every morning

Not Me Monday: Geeks, Fancy McDonalds and Fergie

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids! Don't forget to send your prayers and well wishes over to her sweet baby boy, Stellan! Here are the many things I did "NOT" do this weekend.... I did NOT want to give Tommy at the Geek Squad a million bucks for once again rescuing me from my stupidity where my computer skills are concerned on Sunday. He was NOT absolutely wonderful (yet again) and I am NOT eternally grateful for all of his help! (wink..wink!) I did NOT go to the fancy McDonalds and take these photos for you to see. The crew did NOT freak out when they saw me snapping shots of their restaurant. The manager did NOT shine the "stainless steel" arches (that's golden arches here!) for my photo. We did NOT giggle because they thought we were from corporate, and they did NOT think we were inspecting the cleanliness of their dining area. Wi-fi Lounge / Application Station McCafe Coffee Bar

A Day Late and A Wordle Short

It's a day late, but it's here! Ta-da! My Weekend Wordle! Join Shannon over at Last Shreds of Sanity for Weekend Wordles ! They are fun to create and great to add to scrapbooking projects too! This wordle just depicts my current frame of mind....can you tell? lol! I've already made a great one for next weekend, but I may change it up a bit before then. The kids enjoy making them too! Give it a whirl! It's fun! Have a happy Sunday!

Friday Fragments: No More Voodoo For You!

Join more Friday Fragments Fun over at Half-Past Kissin' Time ! I'd like to begin with some eye candy...He is one of my new favorite vampire hotties... Alexander Skarsgard....(he plays Eric Northman on HBO's True Blood series based on the Sookie Stackhouse books)...H-O-T-T-I-E......Come bite me, Eric Northman...I won't tell Chilly... ********* I turned Irish Dancer Girl into a piece of toast.... You can become a piece of toast too! Just go here and read all about it! It's for a worthy cause too! (Thanks to Ann at Ann Again....And Again for sharing this!) ********** CANDY BAR PIE....yep, I said CANDY BAR PIE....yuuummmmmyyy.... Let me just say that I actually salivated while reading the recipe for this...You can find it here at A Duck in Her Pond . If you haven't visited the Blonde Duck , you must do so immediately! She has pie recipes that are out of this world! She has a collection of short stories that she teases us with (she is the queen of the cliffhanger!

Fast Track to Funk-y Town

Don't be afraid...Tween Caveboy and Irish Dancer Girl have removed the pms crime tape and hard hat signs! Peace and harmony have been restored to the land of Bee and Rose again! Let's talk about the train to Funk-y Town. Word on the street is that some of you have been riding it too. I know some of you jumped off, you lucky ducks (or should I say "eagles" wink..wink..), and saved yourselves! It appears that a blog funk has settled upon the land of Blog again. Have you fallen victim to the Funk? I actually stayed away from the computer (except for a few moments to check on some emails and write my posts) for two whole days!!! I actually tried to do some blogstalking but in my exhaustion, everything I was reading was reducing me to tears...even the really funny stuff! So I hopped off the train to Funk-y Town and fast tracked it to the Cave of Restorative Powers....This was my attire for the last two days... My supermom cape was tattered, my blogger superpowers were dea

Cloudy With an 80% Chance of Slutty

Oops…I meant to write Bitchy…(stupid Freudian slips…) She showed up yesterday….she's here again today...idiot... At first, I was mad…(well of course, I would be…I had PMS), but then I noticed something weird was going on….She had a visitor…. What the flip was Gene Simmons (aka Dr. Love) doing with my duck? I just shook my head and went to make some breakfast…with chocolate…heck, I’d even settle for some chocolate eggs from Easter weekend, but apparently, those rotten kids of mine ate them already. I couldn’t find anything so then I thought “must have iced Coffee from McDonalds ”…closer to the house than Starbucks…and those Starbucks girls are too freakin’ cheerful…I might have to hand them a piece of my gum and it might hurt their feelings. They might start screwing up everyone’s orders and then the entire universe gets all whack-a-doodle because PMS makes me mean. (This is my gum of choice right now...) Before I left, I grabbed one of my trusty signs in case one of the McDonalds


(Sorry I'm late today! A wee family emergency occured, but all is well now!) It's time.... (I know you're thinking..."seriously...we've been waiting all freakin' morning, lady!) Sorry for the's a long post to write! lol! Let's get started! Over 600+ entries....and thousands of emails....(no, I'm not kidding..) Computer crash drama.... Love spread around the Land of Blog... The day has come to reveal the winners of the first annual Bee and Rose Monster Giveaway ! I loved doing this so much that in September we are doing a Black Crow Boutique Monster Giveaway featuring the whimsical items you'll find in our shop! I'm also going to do a monthly giveaway here at Bee and Rose! Stay tuned! Are you ready for the list? Here goes....drumroll please....(preferably played by some hottie who's shirtless..) By the way....some lucky duckies are dual winners! A special "First Guest Prize" is being awarded to th