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Tuesday's Tribute: Sharing the Love Giveaway!

As promised, I’m dedicating my Tuesday’s Tribute to all of you! Your kindness and support has meant the world to me! My life has been forever changed by all of the bloggy love I have received since Dec. 31, 2008. Thank you! My 100th post is coming next Monday. As I shared with you previously, I'm hosting a Monster Giveaway to say THANK YOU for your incredible support of my humble blog! There will be details in my 100th post on how to enter! I've gathered a HUGE amount of goodies for my giveaway! I am taking a poll over the next few days to help me determine if I should break it into several groups of goodies or offer one big lolla-pa-looza! (Just vote over on the left sidebar. I really appreciate your input!) I’ve had a few emails asking me how I chose the items for this extravaganza. I am sharing my favorite things with you! I am also throwing in a few things chosen by Tween Caveboy and Miss Kitty. Plus, I’m adding some fun items from my own shops, Black Crow Boutique and Mon

It's Crack-a-lackin' Monday!

Hey, did you know that there is a segment of the population that believes people have yard sales because they are generous souls who want to give away their things and not actually collect the cash for them? Silly of me, really, to ask for a monetary exchange…you know…here’s the thingy-ma-bob in exchange for the price listed on the thingy-ma-bob. Whatever was I thinking? I expected to haggle…I knew there would be a language barrier with some of my customers…I knew going in that I would end up cranky and sunburned. But seriously, people, the word sale doesn’t mean free! Overall, it was a success and there were actually no thefts to report this time. Hooray! My favorite customer from the entire weekend was an 85 yr old lady dressed in her Sunday’s best (floral shirt, cardigan and slacks). She purchased my Dad’s old beat-up cowboy boots, put them on and announced she was wearing them for the rest of the day with her Sunday’s best attire. She is a rock star! I want to be like her when I am

Makin' Money for the Man..the Irish Man

(Scroll down for my Wordle!!) Yep, I am having a yard sale today and tomorrow! I will be slaving away trying to rake in a few bucks, selling off everything we own so I can continue to afford Irish dance. I will catch up with ya'll on Monday! Got any yard sale horror stories for me? What about lucky yard sale stories??? Anything??? Before I go, I want to share this delightful tidbit that I happened upon while visiting my friend, Ladystyx ! Do you like Chick-Fil-A ? Do you enjoy their tasty chicken sandwiches with pickles and a nice cold Cherry Coke as much as I do?? Then be sure to click one of those linkys! You will laugh your pa-tootie right off! Seriously, go check it out!!! Even if you have never heard of Chick-Fil-A it's worth checking out because it will give you the giggles! My kids and I can't stop watching it! (just scroll down a little when you get there!) Have a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to join Shannon over at Last Shreds of Sanity for her Week-end Wo

If It Walks Like a Duck...

I heard voices in my bathroom this morning. At first, I thought it was the shower zombies. (What? You don’t have shower zombies? Come on…you mean to tell me that you don’t have near empty bottles of shampoo and body wash just waiting to launch a full-on assault on your foot while you are blissfully enjoying your morning shower??) Upon further investigation, I saw Miss Rubber Duckie Dawn had a guest. They were talking in low voices. I could also see that Miss Rubber Duckie Dawn was sporting a new look. Hmmm…. "I appreciate you coming over on such short notice, Zen Duck. She’s just so edgy lately. She was blessed with some really lovely bloggy awards that she hasn’t posted. How rude of her! And she has won some giveaways that she hasn’t acknowledged. She loves that Eco Baby Shampoo that she won from Kristen at La Dolce Vita . That creepy PMS lady is gone so I really don’t know what her problem is." Zen Duck looked at her thoughtfully. “Perhaps she needs reminding of an attitude

Wordless Wednesday...Poofy Easter Princess

Miss Kitty's Second Easter 2004 (Gee, those bangs look awfully familiar!) Join the fun! Wordless Wednesday at Extraordinary Mothers

The Law of the Land

There’s a new sheriff in town, folks. His name is Johnny Law AKA Johnny Blog-Law . He tried to shake me down a couple of times yesterday thinking I was mainlining via internet connection. He was wrong. I wasn’t doing the hard stuff. I was tokin’ on some Word…as in document…Word document. Incident #1 occured at 9:00 am…Johnny Blog-Law (you know him as Tween Caveboy) leaps in front of me and ‘my Precious’ (the laptop). “BUSTED!” he yells, hands drawn in the gun position. “Step away from the computer, Mom.” Not fazed, I calmly state that I want my attorney present before I agree to anything. “No can do, lady,” he laughs maniacally. “What exactly am I being charged with, Officer?” I challenge him with my evil stink-eye. “Blogging during school hours.” he stares at me disapprovingly. “You got any evidence, Officer?” I ask raising my one eyebrow at him. (This freaks my kids out that I can do the one eyebrow raise…) “Duh…you’re on the computer and it’s 9:00 am.” he smirks with confidence. “

Not Me Monday...And Prayers for Stellan

Hi everyone:) It's Monday and before jumping into my Not Me post, I want to start by asking you to please send loads of prayers over to MckMama. Her sweet little baby Stellan is in the hospital and they would truly appreciate your prayers and support. ~Thank you~ Here is a list of some of the things that I did NOT do last week.... I did NOT find myself weirded out by Edward Cullen’s freakishly red lips while watching the Twilight dvd. (I also did NOT drool over his hot-ness either...No, Chilly, I did NOT.) I did NOT cry my eyes out while watching the movie “ Amazing Grace ” to the point that my eyes were actually swollen. I would never cry that much over a movie. (I did NOT tell everyone I know to rent that movie or I would hunt them down. I would NOT threaten my loved ones that way.) I did NOT want to shave my daughter’s head bald after spending 45 minutes trying to untangle ONE STINKIN’ KNOT. I did NOT want to shave my own head after seeing the enormous amount of gray hair that

Can I Elf You?

(Don't forget to visit Shannon and her Week-end Wordles over at Last Shreds of Sanity !) Once upon a time this morning, I wandered into the family room in my usual morning stupor. I threw back the curtains to find I had a visitor outside in the form of an elf. Well, hello there, hottie! He was leaning against the tree holding a scroll. I went to open the door to invite him in. “What are you doing here?” I purred in my sexy morning voice. (What? Don’t you have one of those?) He winked at me (swoon) and nodded toward the St. Patty’s Day tree. “What do you think I’m doing here?” I blushed. “Um…yeah…Is there a problem with the tree, Legolas?” I was feeling all tingly now. He came really close to me. Really close. “For you, my lady.” He handed me the scroll. “I come bearing glad tidings.” He brushed by me and bowed. Be still my fluttery heart! I looked at the scroll closely. Oh jinkies…I had gotten one of these in mid January. I knew exactly who it was from. I sighed, unrolled it a

Twilight Tendencies and Dark Shadows

I've got a confession to make... In honor of the midnight release of the Twilight dvd, I am going to let the bat out of the coffin and fess up to something you may not know about me. I love Vampire Chick Lit. I can already hear some of your brains wrapping around the weirdness of me reading Vampire love stories. It's true...I love them. I think the roots of my love began for me in my youth watching this show... The vampire chick lit marathon started last year at the library. There was this super hottie with shades hiding in the dark recesses of the fiction area. I felt this weird vibe that he wanted to bite me. I tried to get away but he managed to pop up wherever I was headed! Finally, he captured me in the cookbook section (stop snorting, Chilly), tilted my head back, fangs popped out and then... Ok, so I'm making that up. (hee hee hee) Actually, I was waiting for my kids to choose their books when the library lady plopped down a stack of books to put away. On top of the