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Raising Cane

Happy Monday, ya'll! I think the flu has finally flown from our domicile! It's been a rough few weeks around here! As many of you know, my husband ordered up a stroke / heart attack combo during the month of August. We've had to make lots of changes to accomodate Chilly's new way of life. The most significant change is his mobility. He is now able to walk with the use of a cane. This is his current fashion accessory...the Bubba Stick.... Did you know that there's a whole world of "cane" fashion out there?! Every time we are out and about, we end up in some kind of cane "show and tell" situation...seriously, this happens all of the time! People are super proud of their canes! Personally, if I needed a cane, I would use this one... It comes with a built in flask that holds a double shot of convenient! You can purchase this at! Apparently, vampires love to use canes! Who knew?! Chilly would love to add this

A Question for the Ages.....

Do you like your APPLES.... CANDIED? CARAMEL? Or how about COVERED? I'm a caramel apple kind of gal...although I wouldn't pass up any one of the others! Have a Happy Weekend!

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Again, I return to the land of Blog after a long absence....Cross your fingers that I can stick around this time! I've been living in a house of ill repute for the last week. (no...I'm not taking up prostitution just yet, although with the cost of Chilly's medical bills, medicines and the price of apples, I am seriously considering it...more on how apples nearly caused my own heart attack in a moment....) My house of ill repute is literally filled with the sick and infirm. All I can say is that it seriously sucks to care for your sick family when you are sick yourself. My son has the flu, (NOT H1N1, thank God!), Irish Dancer Girl has allergy and sinus issues, and Chilly is having some serious upper respiratory issues which are dangerous for him. Hopefully, he will not have to be hospitalized. I'm having some mild asthma and sinus issues myself and would really just like to NOT pee my panties every time I cough. All I can say is that I am not too proud to start

Pink-a-Boo! Let the Magic Begin!

Happy October 1st! As some of you may know, I operate a Halloween boutique called "Black Crow Boutique." This year we are putting operations on hold so that we can spend lots of quality family time with Chilly. I still have loads of spooktacular ideas for you, and will be sharing them throughout the month! Chilly has finally returned to work. (Thank Heavens...oops! I mean, Hooray!) I drive him as it will be a few more months before he can manage that on his own. The important thing is that he is back in the office and feeling productive. He is using a cane to help him get around, but overall seems to be doing much better. I hope that now I can get back to blogstalking! I have missed visiting all of you!! I honestly can't believe it's already October 1! It seems like Chilly just came home from the hospital! Recently, Irish Dancer Girl spotted this little goody at Target. She completely went bonkers and decided her Halloween was going to be a pink one! I