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Angels and Ear Trumpets...Chilly's Story

I'm officially residing in the Land of Blog once again!  Woo hoo!  Here's a recent photo of me...(ok...not really me, but a good depiction of my life as of late!) This is one of the reasons for my blogging new deafness in my right ear..more on those sordid details in another post.... Now, I promised you the story about Chilly's Near Death Experience and I'm going to deliver it right now! Let us begin... As you may remember, Chilly had a triple bypass surgery in March 2008.  He died for 6 minutes during his recovery.  Those six minutes completely changed his life.   Prior to his bypass, Chilly was blessed with many loved ones telling him they would pray for him and his speedy recovery.  He shared with me that he thought all that praying was a waste of time...that it wouldn't make a difference anyway.  Well, we all prayed for him anyway. Chilly was very negative about the surgery and it's outcome...just overall negative about everything at that p

How About a Little Salsa?

Happy Friday!  We've had a bundle of good times around here these last few weeks!  Chilly has just returned from a fabulous visit at University Medical Center.  He "enjoyed" a lovely trip to the acute care facility because his kidneys decided they no longer enjoyed working for him...let's just say they were failing in ready to bite the bullet in a matter of days if he refused hospitalization.  His pancreas went on strike as well.  All kidding aside, he is extremely fortunate that he survived.  It wasn't looking so good there for a while.  Happily, he has returned home and is much improved!   He does miss the five star restaurant quality menu and food service he received while hospitalized.  Seriously, it was like he was on vacation at Canyon Ranch Spa.  He'll probably find some excuse to get himself hospitalized again just for the food! It seemed for a moment that we were going to get some dance instruction or cooking lessons while visiting the ho