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Friday Fragments: Frolic, Fun and WTF????? (What the FLIP, I'm G-rated over here...)

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin' Time ! Hi....My name is Dawn, and I have NSPMS...Non-Stop PMS....That's right, are taking your chances hanging out around here today! My kids are now calling me Plankton because everytime they ask me to do something fun with them this week, I sing this song to them...Plankton's part....(go'll get a much clearer picture of who I am this week...) Yep....I like that you are as annoyed as I am, let's move on... ***** Good Summer Reading..... I am too grumpy to tell you what it's about so just read it? grrrrr... **** Friday Feng Shui: Read this too.....It's a great book about Feng Shui and really humorous as well! It's my favorite book on Feng Shui and offers up really easy tips to bring prosperity and harmony into your little sanctuary...(oops...I didn't just sound are'll throw in another growl....grrr

Tuesday's Tribute: Happy Birthday, Haboobs and Hotness

Join the Tuesday Tribute fun over at Angie's 7 Clown Circus ! My Tuesday Tribute is dedicated to my little sister who is...ahem...42 years old today! Yes, Oooo, I just plastered your old age all over my blog! Happy Birthday, you old hag! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!! We've been the best of friends since she was born....(well, I actually kinda' thought she was gross, but she grew on me when I figured out I could mind control her....) She's always there for me rain or shine.... She always makes goofy faces and poses in every family photo...that still hasn't's even been genetically passed down to her son....I would love to post one or a dozen, but she has threatened to kill me...Since she used to pin me to the ground and spit on me, just use your imagination here to visualize goofy photos of her...please....for my safety....I've been spit free for several years now and would like to remain that way.... She used to beat the crap out of me, but I still love

Not Me Monday: And Lame-O Was Her Name-O

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids! I have NOT been staring at the computer for the last half hour trying to figure out what to post today. I am NOT so lame that I cannot come up with a post lately. My mind is NOT a huge space with giant question mark floating in the center of it. I did NOT spend my entire Sunday doing a major scrub down of my kitchen. I did NOT walk around sporting T-rex arms last night because my biceps were so tight from scrubbing that I couldn't straighten out my arms. My inner T-rex did NOT start hollering and jumping up and down with her short arms when she saw that a Land of the Lost marathon would be playing on the SciFi channel all day today. My family did NOT make fun of me either. (The question mark in my brain does NOT look like stainless steel because I cleaned so much stinkin' stainless steel on Sunday that it saturated my brain waves.) I am NOT missing Ohio this weekend. I would NEVER

Friday Fragments: Rain, Red Envelopes and Organs for Sale

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin' Time ! It's going to be a happy day here at Bee and Rose....wanna know why??? RAIN...I love a chilly rainy day! We don't have many rainy days in the desert so when we get them it's cause for celebration! Yesterday, the kids and I just splashed around puddles and got drenched for fun. (we're easily amused here...) It's only going to be 77 degrees here today which is actually long sleeve weather! Heck, it might as well be winter! Hooray! Rainy days are good reading days and great for playing board games too.... The Fablehaven series for kids makes for great summer reading! We love this story set on a preserve to protect magical creatures. So far there are 4 books in the series. I highly recommend them! I know Cat will hold me hostage until I play at least 30 games of "Sleeping Queens" with her. She LOVES this game. It was invented by a 6 yr old girl! We also like the Tea Party game. **** I can'

Playing Hooker and Getting the Boom Boom Pow

I've been playing hooky from the world (and from blogging) with my kids this week. We are officially done with our school year! Hooray! Since we've all been through a lot with Chilly and his health stuff the last few months (not to mention all of the other stinky mojo), I decided it was time for me to spend some quality time just hanging out with my two offspring with no distractions. It can be pretty overwhelming for the kiddos watching their dad deal with his diabetes and heart condition. We just need some "down" time to chillax. My kids kept asking me if I was going to get in trouble because I wasn't blogging. Apparently, they have been tipped off about some sort of bloggy police force that may write me a ticket for non-blogging. I assured them it would be fine and that we were just going to play hooky for a few days. Later that same day, a cashier at Target asked Cat what she'd been doing for the day. She smiled at her and said, "I've been playing

Not Me Monday: Luck of the Irish Cop Ditching Edition

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids! I did NOT cry tears of happy happy joy joy upon seeing this on Saturday! I was NOT a very PROUD and DELIGHTED Mommy! I was NOT tickled to pieces seeing my sweet Catherine standing on the FIRST place podium for dancing her Irish reel! (I did NOT get really stinkin' mad that my dinosaur camera took a really bad photo of the event. I did NOT want to pitch the camera in the trash for having that stupid delay because it's sooo dang old. I do NOT want Chilly to buy me the new Canon Rebel that I went to see at Best Buy after the feis because I was NOT sad about my horible photos from our special day.) I did NOT think Catherine looked super adorable in her curly wig showing off her medals either. I did NOT get busted by the feis people for trying to take photos during the dancing part of the competition. They did NOT announce very loudly NO PHOTOGRAPHY OF ANY KIND WILL BE TOLERATED the min

Friday Fragments: Flush, Feis and Fabulosity

Join the Friday Fragments fun over at Half Past Kissin' Time ! Scooty on over to join the fun! We are busy bees here today prepping for Catherine's big day at her first feis (pronounced fesh) tomorrow! (A feis is an Irish dance competition.) After going over the list of stuff I have to take, moonlighting as a stripper is actually looking more like a real job opportunity! I do want to say a HUGE thank you to my friends, Lisa and Una, who came to my rescue with the skirt and curly wig bun cover! **** Friday Feng Shui Tip : KEEP THE LIDS DOWN! On your toilets, that is! Don't let your good energy go down the drains either! By keeping toilets and drains closed, you prevent your money and good vibes from being washed away. For a little extra umpf, tie red ribbon or use red tape around your water pipes (under sinks, behind toilets, etc.) This also stops the good vibes from being washed down the drain! It also helps increase your prosperity! And while we are on the subject of toil

Thankenstein Thursday! 13 Edition

I would like to dedicate this post to my fabulous nephew, Alec, who turns 13 today!! Happy Birthday, Alec! This is Alec as a wee one with his best friend Bocco the Bear....Alec was a preemie....We are very happy that he made it through all of his challenges and is such an active, healthy guy 13 years later! We knew as he grew, he was definitely a rock star! He is fearless! Someday, you will see him in the major leagues....No Joke! He is a super talented baseball player! He hits a homerun or two (or three, four...) every game and can pitch like a pro! We miss you, Alec! We wish we could be with you on your very special day! Happy 13 !!!! With All of Our Love, Aunt Minnie, Connor, Cat and Uncle Smitty Since we are celebrating today at the Bee and Rose, I would like to say a very BIG Thank You to the very sweet jbechtold over at Stay at home Mom ! She shared this wonderful award with me! I am supposed to share it with 15 new blogs, but I am spreading the award love to all of you today!

Kinda Wordless Wednesday....Psychic Edition

You may have noticed that I have been a wee bit pre-occupied with my "other" life lately. Poor Chilly had some pretty big hurdles to jump these past few months. The "behind the scenes of it all" has been pretty overwhelming. Kind thoughts and prayers are always most welcome here! It seems that my astrological chart is completely out of whack and the planets won't be lining up in my favor until about May 30. I've decided to hire some experts to come in and help me turn "the beat around." Especially before this weekend....Catherine is dancing in her very first Irish dance competition and we need all the good vibes we can get! (not to mention tons of!) At first I visited a gypsy for a tarot card's what happened....The first card I chose was to represent me.... oooohhhh....that's pretty good.....and true! I am a big fool who's always losing junk out of her handbag! The second card represents my recent past.... Crap

Not Me Monday! She's Baaa-ccckkk.....

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids! I am NOT deliriously happy that I no longer have to drive Chilly to work every morning. I was NOT thrilled that his doctor fitted him with a "robocop" device so that he could use his broken appendage and drive. I was NOT ready to yank all of my hair out from the added stress of it all. I did NOT feel a wee lump in my throat and tiny tears did NOT form when I saw I lost a follower this morning. My chin is NOT trembling a little. I am NOT sad that sometimes it seems blogging is a fickle world...sniffle sniffle plop plop...(those are NOT sad tears falling all over my blog....) While waiting for what seemed like hours to be seated at my Mother's Day brunch (when we could clearly see at least 10 empty tables ready for customers), I did NOT say to my family, " I would rather the kids serve me a breakfast in bed of bad fish slathered with peanut butter and mayo on wilted lettuc

Happy Mother's Day, Weeble!

To my nickname...Weeble...this wordle is for you...... Your "trip" to town yesterday will be memorable, for sure! We are sending you lots of get well wishes, Nana! And look at the bright side...Weebles wobble but they don't fall down! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! We love you and miss you! See you in a few weeks! (Join Shannon for Weekend Wordle fun at Last Shreds of Sanity ! It's fun!)

Friday Fragments: "Come On, Get Happy"

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin' Time ! (by the way...Google reader users...I hit publish before saving.... this is my completed post...the other unfinished post is deleted...yep, I feel like a huge dork! Hopefully you are reading this one!) **** Yesterday, on the way to Irish dance class, Cat shouts out this little gem when passing the hospital where Chilly spent lots of time last week...." Look Mom! That's where Dad went to Asian Care! " (of course, Mr. Perfecto Tween Caveboy has to remind her it's Urgent Care, trying to rain on my parade of laughter..which only makes me laugh harder...) **** I spent the entire night dreaming about the Partridge family. I have no idea why...I must be having some weird 70's induced flashback brought on by the middle age hot flashes I went through all night long....Hot flashes = seriously irritated Mommy....Back to the Partridge family....LOVED them when I was growing up! David Cassidy was my big crush.