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Friday Fragments: I've Got Nothin' for a Title (but Stuff to Say!)

I'm hanging with the fabulous Mrs. 4444 today and joining the Friday Fragments Fun! Don't be shy!  Clickety on over and join the party! As you may have gathered from my lame title, my brain's on fog alert this morning...hopefully you won't think I'm completely mental by the end of this post!  Fragment 1    Comment Confusion.... As you may know, I've been out of the blogosphere for a bit takin' care of the hubster (aka Meat Sack, Chilly, Dude Who'd Better Bring Home Take-Out Tonight, etc...) I've discovered a lot of weird stuff going on in the blog world upon my return.  For instance, what is up with the massive amounts of comment spam?  Holy word verification, Blog Man! And why are they all connected to penis enhancing products?  (note to penis here...I can see how you might think there would be with all of the pink, roses and girlish~ness over here...move along please, you freaks...)   I've seen lots of blogs with the new Comm

Wishes Served Up Daily

Wishing is BIG business at our house.  I realized this yesterday when my daughter made it her mission to turn my frown upside down.  She came in with her bag of wishing tricks and a fairy wand determined that she was going to wish away my day of doldrums. "All you need, Mama is Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!" she exclaimed while laying out her wishing implements. (no kidding...She calls herself the Wish Fairy...) Here are her assorted tools of the trade...    Mystical Wishing Tools While she was working her magical mojo on me, I pondered all of the ways we get our wishing on at our house.  Turns out, we do a lot of wishing around here! We wish on stars and birthday candles.  We toss coins in fountains at the mall to make wishes  (You're welcome, malls all over America for my enormous financial contributions over the years...)  We send our well wishes out in cards to celebrate special occasions like holidays and birthdays. We blow on dandelions. We close o

Dear So and So...Cheesecake, Childcare and Chumps Edition

Welcome to another fine edition of Dear So and So... brought to you by the lovely Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow! And off we go! Dear Teen Caveboy, Let's review the "quality of childcare assessment"  your darling little sister handed to me yesterday detailing the incidents that occurred while in your care...(her words are in bold.)... Bad (apparently there was a doll~napping for ransom...) Not Good   (hint...knocking on her door and running away is just goofy...especially after the 400th time...) Very Bad (for bothering her while she was enjoying some Polly Pocket cruise time and a movie...) Annoying (I's just who you are...) Sometimes Funny   (well's a spot of sunshine...) Here are some helpful hints for today's adventure in sister~sitting.... *There will be no doll~napping...(unless of course, she actually pays the ransom, then I'll take a 50% cut...) *Keep in mind that there will come a day when she will spy on you and

How Do Ya Like Me Now?!

It’s reveal day here at the Bee and Rose!  I treated myself to a bloggy makeover to mark my return to the Land of Blog ! Isn’t it lovely??!!  The gals over at Designer Blogs created this beautiful design for me!  I have to tell you…they are simply the BEST!  Amy is the fabulous designer who created this awesome bloggy home for me!  She took all the little bits and pieces I gave her and wove it into a magical blend of bloggy delight!  It’s so much more than I could’ve ever imagined!  Thank you sooo much, Amy!  You are one of the kindest people around! These ladies have a portfolio of designs that are absolutely gorgeous!  I highly recommend them!  They are top notch professionals.  They stay in close communication during the creative process.  They are super friendly.  Customer satisfaction is definitely top priority with these ladies!  Scooty on over there and check them out!  You will love them! XoXo

Revenge of the Anti-Twi~Hard (aka Teen Caveboy's Evil Plan)

All right...I'll admit it...I'm still a wee bit of a Twi-hard....I haven't seen Eclipse just yet, but I'm hoping to do that soon.  I've heard that it's the best one yet.  I certainly hope so because after watching Twilight, I wanted to grab this out of my son's closet..... Yes, Teen Caveboy really does have this t-shirt.  He loves to wear it out and about to annoy all the Twi-hards.  He gets tons of comments on that shirt!  Shhh...don't tell, but it's actually been a bit of a chick magnet for him too!  He constantly gets stopped and asked about this shirt...even by the die hard Twilighter girls (and their moms!)  I mean would think he's some kind of celebrity with the attention he gets while wearing this shirt!  I can't get any shopping done when he's with me wearing this thing because we are dealing with his "fans."  (This is his way of getting even with me for swooning over Edward Cullen and anything Twilight

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Hello, Bloggy Friends and Family! I have missed you all with my whole heart!  We are finally moved!  It was pretty stressful and overwhelming, but it's done!  (Single parents...I take my hats off to you...I had to do this move without Chilly's help and WOW! it was a challenge!) A huge heartfelt thanks to all of you who emailed your very loving thoughts and prayers to us during this time!  It really kept me going! As some of you know, we moved into "town" (Tucson) to be closer to Chilly's medical care.  I am now a "city" girl.  I love being a few minutes from 3 different Target stores!  I love being 10 minutes from Pottery Barn, Sephora and Anthropologie!  But most of all, I love being 5 minutes from Chilly's kidney doctor!   Our "new" house really isn't so's actually 87 years old! (Which is a rare gem in Tucson!) It was one of the original ranches in this area. And yes, it's haunted.  Catherine has seen 3 &q