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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Hello, Bloggy Friends and Family!

I have missed you all with my whole heart!  We are finally moved!  It was pretty stressful and overwhelming, but it's done!  (Single parents...I take my hats off to you...I had to do this move without Chilly's help and WOW! it was a challenge!)

A huge heartfelt thanks to all of you who emailed your very loving thoughts and prayers to us during this time!  It really kept me going!

As some of you know, we moved into "town" (Tucson) to be closer to Chilly's medical care.  I am now a "city" girl.  I love being a few minutes from 3 different Target stores!  I love being 10 minutes from Pottery Barn, Sephora and Anthropologie!  But most of all, I love being 5 minutes from Chilly's kidney doctor!  

Our "new" house really isn't so's actually 87 years old! (Which is a rare gem in Tucson!) It was one of the original ranches in this area. And yes, it's haunted.  Catherine has seen 3 "little kids" in the playroom.  A close friend of mine came over the other day and thought Cat was having a playdate because she "saw" a 3 kids in the playroom too!  Chilly and I have seen a few spectral images ourselves.  Connor saw a woman in a long suede coat and hat outside at dusk last night who simply vanished right before his eyes!  Maybe we need to call Ghost Hunters!

We also had some uninvited guests running across the rooftop.  While unpacking a few days after move-in, I kept hearing heavy pitter patter across the roof.  I thought maybe it was a large raven or some kind of big bird.  Uh, was a couple of BOBCATS!!!!   

Yeah...two stinkin' bobcats decided to play games on my roof!  They were busted early one morning when we saw them jumping over the courtyard fence and then leaping up to the orange trees onto the roof!

I'm sure you can completely understand why I would wear this on my head when returning from a shopping trip from Ikea...(the big one went on my head...I'm all about multi-functional usage of household goods...)  The garage is separate from the house so I had to protect my assets from a bobcat assault, you know? 

Now that the dog is out and on patrol, the bobcats have gone buh-bye...whew!

To answer those of you who've inquired about Chilly....

Chilly's prognosis is pretty poor.  His phosphorus and potassium levels are really high and are stressing his kidneys and heart.  Without dialysis, Chilly's life expectancy is at best 6-9 months.  With dialysis, maybe a couple of years.  

Chilly has opted to pass on the dialysis.  He doesn't want to do it. He's sick and tired of being sick and tired.  

One of the difficult parts of this journey with Chilly is that back before his triple bypass, he chose to cancel his life insurance.  (I know...I can hear you all gasping in shock...)  He just didn't think he needed it.  (Excuse me while I roll my eyes...)  As you may imagine, that has been a source of frustration in my household.  After his bypass (when he realized that he actually did need it), he found out that it was almost impossible to get it.  We did find a company that would do it if he went for a year without any other heart attacks or major health events.  It would be VERY EXPENSIVE (read...sacrificing a limb, your first born,etc...), but at least it was possible.  Then came along Mr. Cerebellar Stroke and all hopes for a  policy were dashed.  No one will come near Chilly with a ten foot life insurance policy pole. 

I decided to share this so that if you ever feel the need to cancel a life insurance policy, that you might think twice.  Chilly believed that he would live long enough to put money aside for his retirement...that he would be around to take care of his family, etc.  He truly didn't believe he would be dealing with multiple terminal illnesses and not live to see his children into adulthood.  His monthly medical expenses are extremely high.  I pray every day that I will be able to make it once he's no longer here.  I'm scared...I'll just come right out and say it.  But I have faith that God will guide me and that somehow it will all work out.

So on that bright and cheery note, I will bid you farewell....(yes, I'm still filled with sarcasm...)

I am back to blogging now and will be scooting around visiting you all...that's not a's a promise!

I love you all and thanks again for hanging with me through all of this craziness!




Kristina P. said…
Oh, Dawn, I am happy to hear from you, but am worried about you guys! I will definitely make sure we keep our life insurance policies.

My thoughts are with your family!
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
Absolutely wonderful to have you back, Lady Dawn! Love, prayers and smiles to you and all your family!
Alyssa said…
Your positive attitude is an inspiration. You are the rock that will get your children through the difficult times to come.

Holy haunted! I would have ran back to the old house on foot! haha
Anonymous said…
So happy to hear from you! Your house sounds completely wonderful. Congratulations on getting the move accomplished!

As always, all my love and prayers to your family sweets. I'm so sorry about this life insurance fiasco, but you are an intelligent and resourceful woman. You will make it through!

Anonymous said…
So glad to hear from you!

Bobcats and a haunted house - OMG!

I'm so sorry that Chilly isn't doing any better and that he had canceled his life insurance policy. I'm calling our HR dept AGAIN and asking about my husband's on lunch today - he was approved but yet I haven't seen a dime leave my paycheck for it.
Tracy said…
OMG DAWN!!!! You're back!!! Oh how I've missed my mama bee!!!

First off, as always, lots and lots of prayers are being sent your way. I can only imagine the frustration, pain and hardship you are going through and wish you nothing but the best. My heart goes out to Chilly and your kids. Lots of love to your family!

Second... HAUNTED HOUSE!? I'm totally making the 6 hour drive to Tuscon!! Well maybe not, you know how scared I am of ghosts. But still! That's so insane!

xoxox missed you to pieces!
Anonymous said…
First let me say I think it is very Heroic of Chilly to make peace with his decision. Spend every moment you have with him giving him love and keeping him laughing. Be strong my friend. I know it's hard but so many people will be praying for you and your family and those prayers will give you strength.

OK, now to make you laugh. Bobcats and Ghosts??? Get the hell outta that house. I remember years ago living in a haunted house and one incident sent my mom and us kids packing and left a lot of stuff behind. I don't mess around with stuff like that, but it will interesting to read about your extended family.
Annie said…
Oh honey! So glad to "hear" from you and that you got moved. I can understand your fear. Totally. This is a sobering post for all of us and I am really thankful that you are strong enough to share all of this with us.
Ashley said…
I'm so glad I checked my reader and saw that you had posted. I have seriously missed your face ... er, writings! You are so amazing. Has someone told you that lately how courageous and brave you are? You make me have faith that should I ever meet a situation like this in my life, that I'll handle it like you. You're simply amazing.
I am glad to hear you are safe and sound. I have been thinking of you and your family.

Kelly said…
I have been thinking about you a lot Dawn. We have missed you in bloggy land! I almost emailed the other day.

Good luck with the bobcats and the ghosts. I pray that something will work out for you and your family so that you can make ends meet. God Bless!

Mrs4444 said…
I love you! I'm so glad you're back. Love that your house is haunted (unless it's keeping you up at night or terrifying you or something. That would be FREAKY.) Do you know anything about who those kids would be??

So bummed about the life insurance thing. I didn't pay Mr.4444's until one day before the last-last day this year. It's only $500 and is for $500,000 (we've had it for 10 years), so to let it lapse would have been a big mistake! Your post confirms that I was smart to sell my children to pay for the insurance, haha.

Prayers to you and your family, my friend...
Cyndy Bush said…
I am so intrigued by your haunted house! I am looking forward to reading more stories about it.
I'm glad to see you back.
Sending prayers.
Liz Mays said…
You are one tough cookie, my friend. Your tenacity and fight thus far will serve you well when you are the sole supporter. Love to you all!
♥ Noelle ♥ said…
hi doll!! i've missed hearing from you...
so sad and sorry to hear of chilly's prognosis. such awful things happen to those we love, sending you big hugs!

about the house, that is crazy SCARY and cool!! are you freaked out at night? i would be!! i'd love to see pics of that house!!

take care ♥
Jenners said…
Oh Sweetie! That is horrible about the life insurance. I know no one ever expects to need it but you just never know. A friend of ours had two small children and his wife passed away at age 32 very unexpectedly (got sick, went in hospital and died 3 months later). No life insurance. It is a difficult place to be in.

But hopefully you should get some help from Social Security ... I know my friend did.

I've been thinking of you and hoping for the best. I'm glad you are moved ... I'm sure it is a lot easier now (after all the moving stuff) and it might be better to be closer to town.

Weird about the bobcats and hauntings ... I bet you love the ghost stuff though.

hang in there. You amaze me every day with your ability to keep on chugging and sounding upbeat.

Randi Troxell said…
i can't even begin to fathom what you are going through.. but i DO applaud your energy...

always.. and always in my prayers and thoughts..
~j said…
you are an amazing woman! it's good to have you back. i will continue to pray for your family. =D
Megan said…
It has been way too long since I've been around to say hello so I had no idea that all of this was going on. I'm SO sorry!! My thoughts and prayers are with you now and will continue to be. Lots of (((HUGS)))

The haunted house sounds cool and creepy. LOL

And those bobcats? Um YIKES!!! THAT is scary!
Nerdy Jess said…
hey mama bee.

so glad you are back, I've missed you!

i've got your sweet family in my thoughts.

love you!

-nerdy jess/sassy bee :)
Unknown said…
So glad you checked in and got all moved! I can't imagine trying to move my family all by my self, you are one tough cookie!
Scary about the haunted house, but it sounds like the ghosts are friendly!
We will keep praying for you, as I know too that God will guide you through.
(((Hugs))) from all of us!
I am sending you love.

Thank you so much for the update.

You and your family continue to be in my thoughts.
Lesley said…
I am so happy for you that the move went well!!! Moving is never easy...even with help....and into a haunted house no least there will be no shortage of interesting stories!!! Praying for you all a lot....glad to see you back!!!

LadyStyx said…
Just gonna leave a hug because everyone else has expressed everything that I would have said.

Eve said…
Ok. After reading this, I'll call my insurance guy this afternoon. He offered us a new life insurance policy and I passed on it (thinking temporarily), but maybe I'd just better get it taken care of.

I'm so sad for your situation and I wish there was something, anything I could do to help!

... as for the new house, ghosts are probably manageable, but bobcats?! Those are sneaky creatures. Whew - hope those stay far, far away and leave you all alone!
So much to comment on, but I'll keep it short. I am so glad you are back in the blogging have been missed.
The Mrs. said…
First of all, you are the best and most cheerful wife ever ad you deserve 10 gold stars and a week in barbados. Second, I am so sorry about Chilly, I want him around. Third, I am glad you are back. I have missed you!
Kat said…

I am so so sorry to hear about Chilly. What a blow to the family. My prayers are with you guys.

I have a ghost too. I only heard a voice, but I have a ghost. Was laying on the bed, kids were at school, and heard clear as day a little girl say "Mummy?" Freaked me right the frick out.

Was glad to see you stopped by the Bungalow. Missed you!

Hugs and Kisses

PS-Blogger ate my original comment cause it hates me.
Michelle said…
Oh wow, Dawn! I didn't realize it had gotten to that point already. Yikes for you - prayers are definitely coming your way.

And the life insurance? Yeah... which reminds me that since I quit my job *I* need to get new insurance myself. Stat.

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