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Dear So and So...Happy New Year Edition (I'm officially One today!!)

(I know I'm a day early for Dear So and So...oopsy!) Dear Blog, Happy 1st Birthday! You are growing up so fast! It seems like only yesterday I was changing around your headers and sidebars...feeding you with lots of words and pictures to help you grow.  I realize I have been sort of a latch~key Momma lately.  I promise going forward into the new year that I will take better care of you!  I will spend more time nurturing you and a new makeover is coming!   I also promise more play~dates with old bloggy pals and we'll make some new ones too! With Much Love, Momma Bee Dear New Toothbrush Holder , You are simply freakin' cool. I know my family thinks you are weird, but I love you.  I know you are for holding toothbrushes and toothpaste, but I think I'll hang some jewelry on you instead. Thanks for the giggles, Dear Teen Caveboy, Thank you for giving me your old iPod when Santa brought your new one. I loved that you wrapped it too!

Smith Family Festival of Trees!

We've been busy bees with our holiday preparations here at the Smith household!  We have 7 trees...yep, it's the "Festival of Trees" at our house!  (This drives Chilly absolutely bonkers!)  I'm sure Santa will be completely confused when he arrives!  He'll probably try to find a liquor cabinet from the stress of it all! (sorry liquor cabinet here!) Here is the Smith Family Festival of Trees rundown... The FAMILY TREE ~ covered in heirloom ornaments, family photos, hand~crafted ornies from the kiddos and crocheted snowflakes from my grandma, Gigi.... (taken while we were still in the process of decorating it...) Irish Dancer Girl's Tree ~ a six foot white tree filled with fairy finery, fashionistas, princesses and pretty things... Teen Caveboy's Tree ~ covered in his favorite cartoon characters and Nightmare Before Christmas pals with a big Jack Skellington sitting at the top...(I was forbidden to photograph it by

Dear So and So...Right Down Santa Claus Lane

Happy Monday! I will be bending the rules a bit and post my Friday's "Dear So and So" post today!  "Dear So and So" is brought to you by the lovely Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow ! Let us begin... Dear Zombie Who Showed Up at Cat's Gingerbread Cottage Last Night.... I can appreciate that you are "undead" and may still enjoy some holiday cheer. However, you may find that a six year old girl, who's gingerbread cottage has been defiled by the likes of you, can be a very dangerous enemy. It's probably best to drag your half eaten limbs and exposed brain off to the mall or some other favorite zombie haunt.  Seriously, you don't want to mess with Irish Dancer Girl.  She has moves that can put even the most fearsome zombie to shame. Last year, we had a monster with weird shoes show up and this is what happened.... That's right...a monster homicide…Irish Dancer Girl was busted in the back yard with a shovel and a fre

Love...Actually is All Around....

In my attempts to feel fabulous and festive, I've  decided to have a Christmas film festival for myself this week.  I would love any suggestions!  I will definitely be watching my two all time favorites... " Love Actually " never fails to make my heart feel full.  I highly recommend it for holiday viewing!  Who can resist the charms of Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye in " White Christmas ?" I always wanted one of those gorgeous red gowns with white fur...simply divine! Once you hear the music from " Love Actually ", you won't be able to stop singing Bill Nighy's rendition of " Christmas is All Around ."  All of the " Love Actually " music is superb, especially the instrumental pieces by Craig Armstrong.  I listen to the soundtrack all year round!  And Colin Firth and Liam Neeson are in this can you pass that up?! I also adore " The Holiday " too....I know...I am a big, sappy romantic when it come