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Ho Ho The Great Big Ho....

Over the years here at the Smith house, we have developed traditions that help us celebrate the joys of the Christmas season... Singing Christmas carols is my daughter's favorite holiday tradition...Right now she wows us with her rendition of the commercial..."Ho, Ho, the Great Big Ho"....(yep, we know it's really "O, O, the Great Big O", which btw is seriously just as hilarious to me...)  She loves to belt this out in public...all...the...time.... We also play "Twas the Night Before Christmas"  (which is really just Monopoly dressed up for the holidays...)  Of course, being the generous mother that I am, I make sure I win every time by gobbling up every property I can and charging exorbitant rent prices as soon as possible.  This tradition usually ends with Irish Dancer Girl storming off to her room because she has been rendered financially destitute and Teen Caveboy shaking his head in disappointment at me for my greed.   W

Whippin' Up Some Holiday Fun!

Tis the season to be...assaulting your family with real cream whipped topping!  That's right!  When you live in the desert, you make your own "snow" day fun!  I wish I had photos to show you the devastation I showered upon my family yesterday with just one can of this creamy goodness. However, I was too busy chasing everyone around the house and spraying them down in Reddi~wip.(only the best for my family!)  By the way, Connor...nice move using your sister as a human shield...that was brilliant!  All I'm sayin' is "don't mess with Mama" at Christmas because there's more Reddi-wippin' that will come your way. In other holiday news, we went to visit Santa last week. (different Santa from last year...)  Catherine was so excited to tell Santa thank you for making her last year's Christmas wish come true.  (You can read about that here ...)  Of course, she made Santa cry again .  (and Mrs. Claus...and the elves...and me...and my mom, b