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Please Step Away From My Cool Beans and Awesomesauce...Thank you very much:)

One of the duties of motherhood is to keep a fabulous "slang-cabulary" so that you can actually understand what your tweens and teens are saying to you. Tweens and Teens love their slang. (and apparently, so do I because it was brought to my attention by my daughter that I use the words "fabulous" and "super fab" way too much.)  Believe me, I clearly have a problem.  According to, I am way too old to be saying the slang terms listed below because "no mom should say this stuff."  Pfft!  You're not the boss of me,  It seems that there are words that are not fit for "mom use" and I'm only finding this out today.  Heavens!  Think of the horrible embarrassment I have been causing my children over the years!  (like I care...causing horrible embarrassment to my children is the fun part of being a mom...)  Let's do a run down on a few of the "Naughty Words" from the list, shall we? "

Old Moms Open a Can of Whoop A** at the Park

Hi...I know you may be a bit frightened by the title of this post.  Not to worry!  While I can put my "bad-a$$" panties on for certain occasions, most of the time I'm a pretty docile creature:)  However, there is a skeleton in my closet that a friend of mine reminded me about recently and insisted that I share it with the world...more specifically, the old moms of the world.   Now when I say old, I mean old like me...(I was turning 43 at the time)...not elderly...although since hitting my 40's, I feel elderly when I get up in the morning, but that's another post!  It happened a few years back when I ran into a close friend who had recently turned 39.  Looking back, it is actually pretty funny!  So let's get cozy and ready for my ramble...or maybe I should say rumble (wink!) My friend and I took our kids out to a local park one fine fall day. We were dressed in typical "old" mom attire...jeans, cute t-shirts, banana clips and shades. (Yes, I wear

Eleven Candles on the Cake!

Eleven years ago today, I was beautifully blessed with this darling baby girl, Miss Hi-Yah...also known as Catherine Renee Grace Smith.  She has grown into a lovely young lady who is kind, caring, super smart and an incredibly talented Irish dancer!  As I reflect on this day, I realized that we are moving away from dolls and dress up and are now heading into new horizons.  These days, it's about books, music, dance and friends...oh! and of course, ONE DIRECTION.  How could I forget that?   Happy Birthday, my darling girl!  I love you to the moon and back times infinity:)  So proud to be your mom!

Bucket List 2014

My wistful mood has encouraged me to finish up this year's Bucket List.  After some reflection, I discovered that I have a great deal on this list for 2014!  Very different from 2013 which was basically, just get through each day the best I could.  This year I feel excited about what life is bringing us.  Let's see how many things I can check off this list by year's end! *Attend Train, Goo Goo Dolls, Michael Buble concerts   *Purchase VHS to DVD converter and get all of my family videos transferred *Purchase new bicycle and assorted gear / train w Lisa *Hike Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon *Family Portraits *Visit the Pumpkin Festival in my hometown in Ohio in October *Finish book trilogy (so my publisher will be a happy camper!) *Get new story ideas onto paper *Read, Read, Read *Travel to far away places:) *Learn Irish dance (no laughing, family members...) *Take Catherine to Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida 

If You're Happy and You Know It, Shout Hurray

We have been a very busy bunch here at the Smith casa!  It's been a whirlwind of activities and I finally found a moment to sit a moment to take it all in.  Last weekend we traveled to the Valley of the Sun for the first Irish dance competition of the year.  Cat had a wonderful day!  Loved seeing her in that number 2 spot on the podium!  She looks so poised and adorable.  I am a very proud momma. Lots of school activities, dance, my bi-annual volunteering for the JBF sale as well as book club, parties and more all taking up any free time that may have been hanging around.  Connor was doing lots of sound production this week for local concerts and is currently prepping the sound for the Young Frankenstein musical at school. Lots of travel involved in getting these kids to and from their various activities. In the midst of this craziness, I just needed to take a true moment of stillness to be grateful for all of our blessings.   In the stillness I remembered that I am

A Little Brit of This and A Little Brit of That...

A very dear friend informed me the other day that (EUREKA!) she had discovered my dirty little secret and was going to expose it to my children in an effort to help them understand me better. (clearly a huge undertaking, but I digress...)  Actually,  her intentions sounded a little terrifying as I have lots of dirty little secrets and no brain power to sort out which one I would have to inform Scotland Yard to bury deeper.  I decided to go with the "whatever are you talking about?" sipping my coffee and looking calm, but confused approach.   "I've got your number, missy,"  she cackled.  "You walk around like Miss Rosy Posy Happy Pants, but I know when you are faking it."  She leaned back and smiled like the Cheshire Cat.  She waited for my next move.  When I just stared at her intently (which actually means I was daydreaming about what was coming up next on Downton Abbey) she hollered out, "HA!  You are completely bamboozled! You have no idea wh

A Widow Bit of This and a Widow Bit of That

Well, my friends, this is my obligatory post about what life is like in the "hood"...widow-hood, that is.  I promise it won't be may actually have a giggle now and again. For those of you who know me well, I wouldn't walk this "widow's walk" without my very good friend "Humor." Plus, I have discovered a great deal about myself that is actually a bit surprising! For starters, I've learned that I can be "that" girl who wanders aimlessly in the same clothing for FOUR DAYS not realizing that FOUR DAYS have come and gone. A huge thank you to my sister who kindly pointed out that my black top and yoga pants were great widow's attire on the first day I wore them, but she was pretty sure the odor emanating from my attire was not my perfume.  When she realized that FOUR DAYS had passed since my last apparel change, she kindly suggested a new outfit would look nice and a shower might make me feel better.  (ok, sh