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Yes, Mrs. Smith...there is a Santa Claus..

Party Girl Returns! I've been missing from Blogland for a few weeks because I've been at this huge party. Family and friends will tell you that I have a talent for throwing awesome parties. This party was a doozy! I was the only guest (hooray for me!) Maybe you've even been to one of these fabulous special occasions...It's called the Pity Party. I really threw myself into the festivities. I dressed up in my special Pity Party attire of sweats and tees. I ate Frownies. I played sad music. I grumbled and griped at everyone I know. I even let my nerve endings blow out into a full bout of shingles! I know how to throw a good party! I honestly thought this party was going to last forever...that is, until my daughter made Santa Claus cry. Yep, nothing like Santa's tears to put the smack-down on a good Pity Party. It started at the mall last week. I figured it was still too early for Santa to be hanging out at his usual spot in the center court area. Boy howdy

Well, I Never! Wednesday

It's "Well, I Never! Wednesday here at the Bee and Rose! (Say "Well, I Never!" with a southern sounds so much cooler!) Well, I never thought this would happen to me in a department store.... * So, I'm doing a little pre-holiday shopping at Home Goods on Monday and what to my wandering eyes did appear? A miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer? An aisle full of fabulous markdowns on things I couldn't live without? Stacks of hundred dollar bills? No..... It was a naked guy sprawled out on a white furry doggy in in not wearing a stitch of clothing.... Here's a re-cap...I was trolling the aisles for goodies....I turned to head down the pillow aisle to discover it was occupied by a Naked Guy who appeared to be a Dead Guy upon first glance. (His eyes were closed and he was very still...) After I realized he was actually breathing, I started laughing and backed myself out of the aisle. The lady at the other end

44 Candles

Anyone have a fire extinguisher handy? My cake is on fire.... Today, I celebrate my 44th birthday! This is me celebrating back in the days of the caveman (as my son so sweetly noted...I'm in the stylish red plaid...) I'm going to spend the day curled up with some good books, favorite music and quality family time. Irish Dancer Girl has planned a "surprise" party for me this evening. (Don't worry about how I know this....she's the one who whispered it to me!) My Mom is preparing my favorite dish and IDG (aka Cat) is making the birthday treats. Teen Caveboy is serenading me with some music on his guitar. I might have to enforce the "It's My Birthday and You Will Play Board Games With Me" rule later too....(yes, Chilly...that includes you...and NO, I will NOT play Scrabble with you...clearly my vocabulary is much larger than yours and I do NOT appreciate being beaten by someone who uses 3 & 4 letter words like "quiz&q

Dear So and So...It's a Marshmallow World

Oh, Dear So and So...I have missed you! I realize I'm getting this in late, but we've been busy around these parts today! "Dear So and So..." is presented b y the fabulous Kat, over at "3 Bedroom Bungalow!" Here we go.... Dear Toasted (aka Burnt) Marshmallows, Your crispy, burnt exterior and warm, gooey goodness kept calling to me in the night. I desired you so much last night that in my sheer desperation for you, I slapped a Jet Puff marshmallow on a fork and lit it up with my long handled candle lighter while hiding out in the kitchen. What are you doing to me, marshmallow???? I craved marshmallow cream and toasted marshmallow jelly bellys all day long! Alas, you are bad for me, my fluffy I must say good~bye for now... I will miss you, Dear Target, Apparently, your hand sanitizer smells like cheap hooker perfume. Normally, I'm not a fan of the hand sanitizer, but with the multiple visits to the