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The Good, The Sad and the Ugly...

The Good... Road Trip!  We are off this week to Sacramento, CA so that Miss Irish Dancer Girl can compete in the Western Region Oireachtas (pronounced O-Rock-tus)! This is a regional competition that requires an invitation from your dance instructor to qualify for attending!  All good luck wishes welcome here! The Sad...  Chilly lost his health insurance without any warning on Thursday.  As you might imagine this is seriously devastating to our family.  For those of you not familiar with my blog, Chilly (my husband) is terminally ill.  Without insurance, his health care needs are extremely expensive.  He needs very expensive medications and multiple monthly doctor visits (that are only affordable through insurance) to survive...literally. (and I'm not talking only "long term"...he needs it for his short term survival.) I can't really say much more without sobbing all over my computer monitor.   The Ugly... All I can say here is that when you are going to

Bring It On 45th Year! I'm Ready!

Ok 45th year....I'm ready for you...Throw me your wrinkles, body aches and inability to read fine print...I'm NOT afraid of you.  So what if my brain makes it to the coffee pot before my body does?  Who cares if I can't remember why I'm standing in the family room?  I got kids who can tell me what I'm doing there.  So HA! I don't even care that my hormones are making me look like the bearded lady from the carnival!  I say Bring It!   And while we're at it, Ms. 45th Year, I don't care if you think I'm middle aged or almost 50...I can still win the age game at the county fair and come home with a ginormous stuffed boo-yah!  (completely due to my great gene pool from the parents...)  I welcome you and embrace you, Ms. 45!  Whether you bring me age spots, forgetfulness or saggy body parts...I'm all in!  Just don't bring me balloons or clowns...{{{shudder}}}  That would be just plain mean... Peace Out...