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My Inappropriate Angel...Rest in Peace, My Love

My Darling Husband passed away on Thursday evening, December 27, 2012.  Many of you are familiar with Mr. Smith (aka Chilly, Smitty, and other assorted monikers) as I have shared our journey over the last three years.  He fought a very long and courageous battle with multiple organ failures and a diagnosis of a very rare, deadly disease called Amyloidosis.  He passed away peacefully in his sleep from a fatal heart arrhythmia.  Even though we knew that this would eventually happen, we were completely shocked that it occured this way.  He was hospitalized the day after Christmas for internal bleeding and pneumonia.  By Thursday morning, they felt they had stabilized him and with antibiotics and additional dialysis, he would be ready to go home on Friday morning.  I spent all day Thursday with him and at 4 pm went home to check on our very sick daughter.  Before I left, I hugged and kissed him...said "I love you"...he said "love you" back and curled up for a nap