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Limbo and Leprechauns

I've really been a blogging slacker lately....It seems that my days just fly by so quickly with running Chilly all over the place, home~schooling the kiddos, and now it appears that Chilly has probably suffered a couple of mini~strokes. I've received tons of emails inquiring about my bloggy absence and Chilly's health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind concern.  I'm overwhelmed by your kind thoughts and prayers!  Here's a quick update on the Chillmeister.... Even though he realizes he has suffered some form of stroke (or most probable...multiple mini~strokes) Chilly is being stubborn and refusing medical treatment.  He feels it won't stop the inevitable and may even make things worse. It is enormously frustrating.  It just feels like we are always in limbo...waiting for something to improve or decline.  In addition to all of this, my son's friend lost his mother to cancer last weekend. We attended her funeral this past week. Overall, i

Dear So and So...Love Songs and Criminal Minds.....

Dear Michael Buble, I love you...really, really love you.  Please feel free to come and sing for me any time you are in Arizona.  I was feelin' sad this morning about Chilly and then I saw you singing this song.... I started tapping my toes, then I started be-bopping my head and shoulders, then I got up and danced around the family room.  At first, my kids looked at me like I was a complete nutcase, but then Cat joined me in my happy dance. Thanks for making us smile... You are the best! XoXo   ps...You were hilarious on Saturday Night Live....LoVed your Hamm and Buble skit!   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear C. Thomas Howell...  You were BRILLIANT as The Reaper on Criminal Minds (the best show on tv).  ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!  I was completely riveted during the 100th episode.  I went through a rollercoaster of emotions watching that episode.  It was the best acting I've seen in years.  You terrified me!  I actually had nightmar

The City of Townsville Comes to Sahuarita

(taps microphone...)  Is this thing on? Well, it appears that I have found my way back to the Land of Blog.  Whew!  I thought I'd never get back here! Lots of activity around the Smith house over the last month! Some cute little 6 year old girl turned 7  last week!   We had fabulous Powerpuff Girls themed party!   ( By the way...this is for the Boomerang network on tv...uh, yeah...thanks for bringing back the Powerpuff you know how hard it is to find PPG themed party stuff, Boomerang???) I spent over a month trying to win various ebay auctions for party supplies just to have some stupid person snipe my bid in the last 5 seconds of the auctions!  I finally managed to outsmart the snipers and pulled together a pretty fantastic party.  We had a "City of Townsville Carnival" complete with villains trying to wreck the fun.  The Powerpuff Girls came to the rescue and the carnival was saved!  Buh-bye, Mojo-Jojo!  NO CAKE FOR YOU!   (obscure Soup Nazi reference