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With Love, Jane and Mary (aka The Romantic Tale of a British Boy & an American Girl)

Sometimes it's the little things in life that have the most incredible impact. Sometimes it's when you are so frustrated that you want to give up, but decide to persevere that life can completely surprise you in ways you never imagined. For example, see this little photo? This little charmer was a source of major frustration for me back in 2010.  It was just a little photo that I wanted to edit to add some fun to this  blog post .   A simple process, right?  Ummm, not even.  It took me many attempts and hours to work this to my satisfaction.  I nearly chucked my laptop across the room because I was so frustrated.  However, my inner voice kept encouraging me to move ahead and on January 20, 2014 I was enormously rewarded for my effort s! That is the day that a very important person came into my world all because of Mary Poppins and her magical measuring tape.  Miss Jane Austen also played a part in this matchmaking business:)  You see, a lovely British chap happened upo

The Story of My Life and It's One Direction

Being the mother of a female tween, I knew the odds of getting my daughter past the whole "boy band romance" thing were not in my favor.  For a while it seemed we might just squeak by and then a guest at Cat's 10th birthday party last year changed everything.  Meet the party guest... Allow me to introduce you to Niall Horan, member of the wildly popular group "One Direction."  (please excuse the lip prints on Niall...Cat and the party guests went a little bonkers when they saw him...)  This should have been a red flag that Irish Dancer Girl was about to be swooning over the five fellas in the band, but I kept thinking my girl was far too smart to fall for all of that hype and marketing.  I clearly was not prepared for the power of Directioners (yes, this is what they call themselves) and their love and devotion for these lads.  Oh boy, she was swooning just looking at the poster.  Fast forward to the dance part of the party.  Big brother and friend have