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Dear So and So...Untitled Edition (aka I'm Lazy)

Welcome to another fine edition of Dear So and So...Spill your guts to the interwebs...Join the fun brought to you by the most amazing Kat at  3 Bedroom Bungalow! Dear Shelly... ( sniffle sniffle...plop plop...tears streaming down my face) I'm so sad that you are moving.  How will I ever learn the diabolical secrets of torturing loved ones?  Clearly, you are the master...I bow to you as I weep over your departure....Your achievements are worthy of an entire blogpost...some day, my sweet friend...some day... Crying a River of Tears... totally remind me of Cousin Serena in that are so ornery... Dear Yesterday... Thank you for being so cloudy and rainy...It forced me to be completely useless and lazy.  I forgot how much fun just laying around doing nothing can be!  Let's do it again I love doing nothing... ps...Chilly, don't freak nothing to do list includes washing your big boy panties and shir

Practically Perfect Monday

When I was a wee girl, I was enamored by this lovely bag... Yes, indeed-y! I desperately wanted   Mary Poppins ' carpet bag! She pulled a hat stand out of that bag for heaven's sake!  And a potted plant, a floor lamp, an ornate wall mirror and of course, that magical measuring tape!  I wanted Mary Poppins to measure me with that magic tape so badly!  I was sure my measurement would read just like Jane's... " Rather inclined to giggle...Doesn't put stuff away.."   I have a feeling it probably looks more like this... Maybe someday it will say "Practically Perfect in Every Way" ....just like Mary Poppins ...sigh....I hope she shows up around here soon.... Actually, I would be delighted if Nanny McPhee would make an appearance around here too...Chilly could use a few of Nanny McPhee's lessons.  This is for you, Chilly... Miss Cat and I joined some fabulous friends to go see "Nanny McPhee Returns" at the movie theater yes

Friday Fragments: The Insane and Mundane Edition

Time for Friday Fragments brought to you by the fabulous Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time the world your bits and pieces!  (minds out of the gutters, please...) *~ Coffee ...Just thought you'd want a heads up.....I won't really kill you, but it might cross my mind...unless I have coffee then it's all good.... *~ H and M   (I know there's an ampersand in between the letters...blogger won't let me use it correctly..grrr.) ....yesterday was the grand opening of the fabulosity that is H and M at the Tucson Mall.  A little birdie named Meg shared with me that the store was opening at noon and freebies were being given to the first 200 shoppers in $50-$300 gift cards, t-shirts, and other swag.  I'm all about freebies so I scooted on over there about an hour prior opening.  There's a lonely security guard at the store entrance.  I'm so smooth...I  got here early and am first in I wait...the security

A Bee and Her Books

We've been busy bees preparing for school to begin.  Since we are a home~schooling family, we have a library and classroom in our home. Fortunately, our new house has loads of Craftsman era bookshelves built all around our family room.  I get all giggly and grin-ish whenever I look at them.  I feel like I'm in a public of my favorite places in the world to be! Yesterday, while I was putting away the final box of books, my mind wandered back to my childhood when I would spend HOURS in the library.  I grew up in a small Ohio town and we had a haunted library.  The Pickaway County Library...isn't it awesome?! There was a resident "lady in white" ghost who was known for tossing books around (especially in the children's area.)  My aunt was a volunteer there and would tell me all about the spooky antics of the ghostie. It was a bit creepy if you were there after dark! I n the summer months, the Bookmobile would come to our neighborhood.  I

Dear So and So...Alphabet Soup

   Dear So and So is brought to the blogosphere by the very sweet  Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow !   Dear Alphabet and Numbers, I adore you.  In fact, Alphabet, I use your lovely letters all over my this... I delight in hanging words all over my walls or just a single letter here and there!  No worries, Numbers!  I love you just as much!  I get so excited when I find treasures with you so smartly adorning them. But...I simply swoon when I find you all mixed up with each other...the way you are with the shower curtain in the kids bathroom! heart goes pitter patter....                                              Who cares if Teen Caveboy thinks it looks like someone threw up alphabet soup all over his bathroom?  I love you and you are staying! Your adoring fan... Dear Adorable Princesses... You rocked the castle yesterday with your fancy ball gowns and giggle fits. The fairies were so happy that you enjoyed their Tiny Treasures Scavenger