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Wanted: Fairy Blogmother

I am looking for a Fairy Blogmother. Do you know where I might find one? As a newbie blogger (just a couple of months old) , I find myself at a loss at times for technical support, bloggy etiquette and the like. I'm thinking a Fairy Blogmother can fly to my rescue, wave her mouse around and help a sister out! I even installed a special door for her near my laptop! Fairy Blogmother, a lovely welcome reception area would be much appreciated. What about a lovely blog of your own with a few gentle tips on how to go about your journey through the land of Blog? You could share advice on how to interact with the natives, how to speak the language, etc. You could advise on the finer points of leaving a calling card (aka comment) . Maybe you could share decorating ideas too! How about some blog improvement classes like "How to Grow into a 3 Column Blog" or "Create Your Own Header"? Blog Etiquette classes would be most welcome too! When I was a newcomer to the land of Blo

Gettin' My Poster Geek On

At the risk of exposing my true geekness, I pose this question to you.... Who did you have hanging on your wall "back in the day?" Here's who I was the 70's and I was a tween... Don't laugh! Oh, all right...laugh! But don't laugh at my dear sweet David Cassidy! Bay City Rollers Rex Smith I'll even admit to having these too! I'm gonna let my geek flag fly! Tony DeFranco (and Family) Donny Osmond (In my defense, as a teen, I had Bono & U2 hanging on my wall.) This is who Chilly had hanging on his wall... (Chilly is sitting at his desk right now drooling... I know you are, Chilly...) Jacqueline Smith This is who Chilly has on his wall now... (Chilly has a man crush on The Rock) This is who I have hanging on my wall now... (Long stringy hair...from mythical lands... lovin' their swords....hmmm) Now it's your turn to let your poster geek flag fly! Happy Wednesday! p.s. Jillene reminded me of Shaun Cassidy! Does anyone remember Bo D


This morning I headed into the kitchen to make some breakfast... and I found Uncle Arthur trying to contact me through the oven. (Oh, did I forget to mention that in my real life, I am Samantha Stevens?) (Yes, the Samantha Stevens who lives on Morning Glory Circle. I have this creepy painting in my house...) Oh, and there's a really cool statue of me at the local park... Uncle Arthur wanted to warn me of a virus that was going around...(no, not the fat virus...we've already been exposed to that, silly....) Just as he was about to tell me what it was, I heard Cousin Serena pop into the living room...ugh! It seems that Cousin Serena thought it would be hilarious to bring Catherine's Tabitha's toys to life. She's so annoying! Just as I was ready to give her "what for", there was a commotion coming from the hall closet.... It seems Aunt Clara was coming to warn me of Serena's antics, but arrived a few moments too late. All I needed now was for my moth

And The Oscar Goes To....

I would like to thank the Academy for finally putting on a show that I actually enjoyed watching in it's entirety! I'll admit I have not been much of a fan of awards shows in the past, but this guy kept coaxing me to watch, luring me in with his dreamy good looks and witty charm... That's right, folks! Wolverine hosted the Academy Awards! Last night, he was sans sideburns and claws, but it was him!!! Hugh Jackman, in my humble opinion, is the best host this show has ever had! I loved the opening number with "his" nod to the recession. You know the one that he spent the whole night in his garage putting together for us? (Watch it on You Tube ...Laugh out loud funny! You will love it!) Loved the musical numbers...that man can sing and dance! He is one hunkalicious host! No wonder he's the Sexiest Man Alive! It was a return to the glamour of old Hollywood. I loved the intimate elegance of the theatre. The stars looked radiant! (and to be perfectly honest, I norm

Rodeo Runaway

We live in the Wild West....the frontier....the land of cactus, cowboys, coyotes, bright blue skies and wanted fugitives.... It seems that our beautiful Princess Catherine has decided to run away and join the rodeo. Looking back I can see that there were clues all week long...I can't believe I didn't put them all together until it was too late! Clue #1 Catherine spent a lot of time twirling a long gray satin ribbon with a loop on one end while wearing her cowboy hat. "Whatcha' twirlin' there, girly?" I asked completely confused. "My lasso! I'm gonna be in the rodeo this week!" she said with a twang. Clue #2 I found a pink handled revolver (huh?), pink holster (where did that come from?) and pink cowgirl hat laying on her to that were her brother's old chaps and sheriff's badge. Clue #3 Witnessed her with her "trick pony" riding and ropin' all over the house....(ok...she was on her stick unicorn, but the rodeo move

A New Adventure for Old Christine

Allow me to introduce Christine...again...Back in my early days of blogging, I did a post about this rather...uh-hmm... "interesting" member of our family. I mentioned how she is "much like the crazy, obnoxious, aunt who dresses in flashy clothes that you hate to invite for the holidays, but is kind of a necessary evil in your family." I explained how Chilly and Christine first met... "A few years back, my husband called me from work, giggling like a school girl who just discovered her latest crush. "Hey Minnie! You're not going to believe what I just found!" (Yes, my nickname is Minnie...) I shared that this didn't sit well with me... "When I didn't respond with the same enthusiasm he was sharing with me, he knew he was in trouble...BIG trouble. "That sounds lovely, dear," I said in my "why must you do this to me every two years" voice. Then the whining started and went on and on for what seemed like years (it wa

The Glamorous...The Flouncy Flouncy

I fear my daughter is heading down this road... Yesterday she came in my room telling me she was ready to go to Irish dance class. I did a double take because she was no longer wearing a shirt and leggings. She had changed into a long sleeve pink leotard and black boots. Oh, and she was wearing her black and white cat ears as a headband. Are ya feelin' me? No pants, skirt, skort, shorts...just the pink leotard, headband...and boots...these boots...with the skull, crown and heart charms... Trying to stifle a scream bubbling up from my "why is my daughter dressing that way" place, I cheerfully say, " Where's your guitar and the Pussycats, Josie? Well, look at you! Aren't you delightful?" "Yes, I am!" she says twirling around. "I want to show everyone my black boots!" I choke back a giggle and say, " Oh, they'll see your boots all right! You'll get chilly in just a leotard! How about a shirt and leggings?" "Mom