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Dear So and So...Maiden Voyage....

TGIF! Today at the Bee and Rose, we are participating in "Dear So and So..." presented by the fabulous Kat, over at "3 Bedroom Bungalow!" I love reading her posts and "Dear So and So..." is always a riot! Off we go... Dear Hermione Granger.... May I please borrow your Time Turner? I'm running around like a crazy woman trying to accomplish many tasks, but getting nothing done. I know how much this lovely magical gadget helped you during your third year at Hogwarts. I'm hoping it will help me to get caught up on all of my projects and tasks around here. Would you please put in a kind word for me with Professor McGonagall about borrowing it? Eternally Grateful... Dear Trader Joes, I am truly enjoying your Spicy Hummus dip this summer! I also can't get enough of your Chocolate Covered English Toffee, Dark Chocolate Covered Edamame Beans or your Irish Breakfast Tea (especially yummy with a splash of heavy cream...heavenly!) Your Cedar and S

Did You Know Tuesday....Fun and Frippery!

Welcome to another installment of "Did You Know Tuesday" ! DYKT is my sneaky way of creating a post out of a bunch of jibberish because I'm unable string together more than a couple of coherent thoughts at any given time these days. (stupid perimenopause!) ReAdY? SeT! GO! DID YOU KNOW ....that I won this gorgeous boucle scarf from Ally over at Laughadaisy ?? I cannot wait to wear it this fall!!! Look how cute it's packaged! I hope you'll swing on by her Etsy shop for a visit! Lots of cute stuff over there! Thank you again, Ally! I LOVE IT! (you can buy this here. ...) DID YOU KNOW ....that it's not very kind to be judgemental toward homeschooling families...especially if you own or work at an educational resource store? If I am shopping in your store for my home classroom, it's very rude to physically push me aside (yes, I was physically brushed aside) to help (and this is a direct quote) the "real teachers." I am a REAL teacher, dumba

Musings on Monday...Begging & Pleading Edition

Greetings, my friends! It's a happy day here at the Bee and Rose! I have been blessed by Kristen over at La Dolce Vita as a Featured Reader this week! Many of you are familiar with Kristen, her blog and her FABULOUS Etsy shop ! She is the amazing creator and designer of the most amazing hand-stamped jewelry! I'm always skulking around over there drooling all over the goodies....cyber worries! Here are a few of my favorite pieces.... I went crazy silly when I saw her "I love you more" necklace! My kids and I have a sweet ritual where we say this to each other all day long. And the "Good Witch" necklace is absolutely perfect to wear to all of my Black Crow Boutique events! I purchased one of her "dog tags" for my son who wears it all the time! Very cool! Because Kristen is a very generous soul, she is giving me an opportunity to win one of her amazing necklaces! Every time one of you, my sweet bloggy friends, visits the Featu

Sneak Peak at Black Crow Boutique..Enchanted Needfuls Galore!

As you may know, I am the proud proprietor of Black Crow Boutique on Hysteria Lane . This fall we will be re-launching our website with lots of whimsical Halloween delights for your haunted home! Our Etsy shop is opening soon too! We are delighted to offer several new collections this season! They include... * Shabby Eeek! *, *Toile-a-ween*, *3 Witches Cafe & Brew, *The Owlery*, *Pink-a-boo*, *Goblin Hollow*, *Creepy Carnival* and *Moonlight Merriment!* We will even have some unique Harry Potter themed items as well! Here's a sampling of what we'll be offering! Hogwarts Sorting Hat (The Leaky Cauldron Metal Sign) Weasley Brothers Magic Shop Sign! And there is so much more coming! Hope you'll sit a spell this fall and browse a bit at ! Have a fabulous Friday! xoxo (all names are creations of Black Crow Boutique dba Black Crow Boo-tique on Hysteria Lane...all names are copyright protected.)

The Bee*tch is Back!

All righty then! I've finally released all of my frustration and negativity toward blogger and feel like I can do some blogging without wanting to pitch my coffee cup at my monitor. I was so irritated by the recent blog disappearance and Google Friends Connect problem, that I couldn't even look at my laptop without growling or thinking mean thoughts about blogger. Chilly suggested since I've been in a magical mood after seeing "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" that I shoot a spell at Blogger. He thinks I should use his personal favorite, "Wingardium Idiosa" ....(It means "Fly Away, Idiots!"...yeah, he made that up all by himself....clever, isn't he?) I grabbed my cyber backpack last Friday and traveled the interwebs for days in search of answers as to why: A) My blog disappeared without warning last week ....and B) Why Google Friend Connect is being such a loser. Here's what I discovered during my travels.... *There is NO ea

BEE-fuddled and BEE-wildered! A Blessing and a Curse!

As you may know, I am experiencing some problems with Blogger...more specifically Google Friend Connect. Yesterday, my blog was removed by Blogger, and every blog that I follow lost me as a follower ! I still have NO clue why this happened. Fortunately, I was alerted by the FaBuLoUs blueviolet that something was amiss... Shortly after the heads up from blueviolet, I started receiving tons of worried emails from bloggy friends and family. Many were concerned that something (like death!) had happened to poor Chilly. Rest assured, Chilly is alive and well...(if he doesn't start behaving, I don't know how long that will last, but for now he has a pulse!) Shame on you, Google Friend Connect (close family relative to Blogger!) for causing such a panic for my loved ones! The most amusing part of this nightmare is that once I realized what happened, I immediately tried to reconstruct my "blogilicious" list (blog roll). I'm still missing some, but am trying har