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Silver Linings, Storytelling and Man-deer!

Well hello there! It's been a little while, but I've been a busy lady this year what with my international romance and all.  (more on that to come...insert wink wink here please!)  For the moment, I cordially invite you to scooty on over to my new place ! I am spinning my usual tales of sarcasm (aka ramblings, mutterings and confusion) over there and would love for you to stop in for a visit:)  I just babbled a bit about my merry tale of how my Holiday Meltdown 2014 was averted.  If you feel one of those coming on yourself, please feel free to wander over for sympathy.  May you all navigate the coming weeks with candy canes, cocoa and Man-deer (a real thing, not an urban legend...I promise!  I saw one!)  And since "You Know Who" (no, not Voldemort) is watching, you better be good for goodness sakes!  xoxo,