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Wicked Winds Are Blowin'...

Wowza! We had some jacked up weather here in Arizona last night!  I thought for sure we were going to end up in Oz or maybe New Mexico!  We actually had a tornado watch!  We had 75 mile an hour wind gusts, and did I mention...A TORNADO January!   I realize you might be laughing at me...maybe thinking I'm a big scaredy cat~sissy girl...(you're right)....but we do not have things like tornado watches in  southern AZ....hence the reason I love living here....NO TORNADOS...I grew up in the midwest and I've had my fill of those nasty things.  Today it's raining (LOVE the's a rare event here)....but tomorrow we are supposed to get 1-2" of SNOW!  HELLO, Mother Nature! What the french toast is going on!?! I don't own a winter coat, Mother Nature...come on! Update on my Precious (laptop) and her STD's.... It's Precious should wear better condoms because apparently she gets around.  She has multiple STD's a

What's New, Pussycat? Tainted Love All Around....

I'll te ll ya' what's new....there's tainted love at my house. ... My Precious (nickname for my laptop) has contracted an STD...(Stupid Technical Disease.) Some Jerkity McJerk Jerk infected my laptop with a virus.  I am not a happy bee...This virus actually reconfigured my anti-virus software to pretend like it was still working...ugh...It also possibly infected my flash drives too....fabulous (insert sarcasm)..... I will be taking Miss Precious and her flash drives to the Computer Guru tomorrow...these guys know their STD's....I hope there is a cure! I do realize the holidays are over and I really need to change out my header!  I haven't completely lost my mind...yet.....I will be sporting a new look as soon as my computer disease is healed:) Oh, and here's the icing on the cupcake of my day....a huge mountain lion decided to come hang out in my yard this evening!  Yep, it completely freaked me out!  I haven't seen it in the last half h