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Did You Know Tuesday...The Return of Bee

"Did You Know" Tuesday has returned! And away we go!

Did You Know....

that mild mannered Bee (that would be me...) yelled at a nurse when she didn't come to check on Chilly for OVER 6 HOURS???

Did you know that this same nurse said to me that if my husband needed her, he should have pressed the nurse call button?

Did you know that when I said he was unable to do so because he had a stroke and heart attack, that Nursey McNasty smirked and said "well, can't he use his good arm?" (Uh, let's review...Would that be the arm that he was having the blood transfusion in or the one he was unable to use because of the stroke?) Oh, yes..she actually said that to me...BIG MISTAKE...

Had I not been there during those 6 hours, Chilly would have aspirated multiple times due to his severe nausea, would not have had any liquids or would have been unable to go to the restroom. His blood sugars also dropped dangerously low. I was able to find a PCT nurse to help with that. The nurse assigned to his care??? No where to be found all day. That idiot nurse actually told me it was my responsibility to watch out for his needs while I was there. I think I will be picking up her paycheck for that day.

Did You Know...
that we have a running joke in our family when we knock on doors?

We always kno
ck and call out "Housekeeping!...Here to fluff your pillows!"

Did you know that just before they took Chilly down for his heart catheterization, there was a knock on Chilly's hospital room door and a tiny voice called out..."Housekeeping!"

It really was housekeeping! Chilly (even in his very weak state) laughed hysterically over that. The nurses had a hard time getting him settled down to get his IV's in!
We firmly believe it was a sign that everything would be all right.

Did You Know

that I was asked repeatedly by nurses and doctors "how my dad was doing?" Did you know they actually thought Chilly (with his hospital grown Grizzly Adams beard) was
my father?! LOL! Did you know that Chilly is three years younger than me!? HA! Chilly was not amused....but I was!

Did You Know...

that your very loving comments and support soothed my very aching heart during this really difficult time? Did you know that I would read your prayers and kind words to Chilly and it lifted his spirits? Did you know that I feel incredibly lucky to have "met" such amazing people like you on my bloggy journey?




Ter said…
Ugh I hear you about Nurse McNasty. I've had a few of her relatives show up at our hospital both when I was in the hospital and when my husband was in the hospital. Ugh!!
Kelly said…
Did you know that you are the best!? Hang in there Dawn. And Chilly. And kiddos.
blueviolet said…
Can they assign a nurse other than McNasty to Chilly? I love that little bit about housekeeping and I'm glad it even made Chilly laugh.

You will continue to be in my prayers.

So nice to see your post pop up this morning!
Anonymous said…
Please tell me you filled out some kind of complaint on your nurse! I know that our local hospital sends out surveys to patients after they're discharged. I hope you let someone know of her rudeness. She shouldn't be in that profession!

So glad that ya'll are home.
new here, went throuh the stroke thing with my dad, two weeks later with quad by-pass mine, hang in there, fluff the pillow and give the hug.
Beverly said…
Did you know you are a wonderful example of grace under pressure? (Don't go all Charles Barkley on me--it's true!) And you should totally pick up that nurse's pay for the day. I can take a lot--but don't mess with my husband or kids--it brings out the mama bear in me. Chilly's lucky you're the same! Continued prayers and hugs to all of you.
The Head Eagle said…
First of's good to hear you again! You've been on my mind.

Second, I hope you have written a nice letter to the hospital administration to be delivered ASAP! They want to know these sorts of things. I wrote one once, after getting substandard service. I got TWO phone calls from big-wigs at the hospital, and a letter letting me know that they had handled the problem.
Caitlin said…
Oh, Dawn, I would be raising hell! I hate it when nurses pay no attention to their patients. Why are they nurses if they don't care?! Sounds like Chilly is making some positive progress...keeping him (and you & the kids) in my prayers!!
Cara said…
Oh Dawn,
It's great to see that you've kept a sense of humor throughout all of this. I'm so sorry for you & Chilly & I can only hope that you guys are having FUN together.
Annie said…
And did you know that I, for one, would like to see that nurse canned! I hope you complained long and loud girly!

Hang in there Dawn.

Michelle-y said…
Me and my son pray for you guys every night before bed. I'm so glad that you guys have such a loving a close relationship that you can enjoy this time precious time together.

P.S. that nurse? She can suck it. Who does and says that? I would've decked her right on the spot! You go girlie!!!
heyLyss09 said…
UGH! I'm so peeved about that nurse. What was she thinking? I've had my share of good and bad nurses over the years, but none that have neglected me for that long!

I'm glad Chilly's still laughing at silly things. I think it's a really great sign, too!

Hang in there, you guys!
Nancy Face said…
I cannot believe that nurse woman could say such things to you! :(

I am praying for you!
The Boob Nazi said…
That makes me sad. That's the nurse's job for goodness sake!
SO said…
Six hours??? I would be calling and writing to that hospital administration with that nurses name! Unacceptable.

Too funny about the "housekeeping" comment!

I haven't been around all that much but I hope that things get better for you and Chilly.
aurora said…
Hi Dawn!

I am so glad to see your update! Of course not the Nurse McNasty part... two words for you: Nursing Administration. Every hospital has one, it keeps nurses accountable and in line. Top of the food chain.

Love to you and Chilly and the kids.
Randi Troxell said…
aaarrrggghhh! that nurse would have pissed me off major... hope you got her good... you and your lovely family is still in my prayers!
Kristina P. said…
Chilly is very lucky to have you!
Beth said…
Not that I ever wish bad things on anyone - but one day, that nurse will regret treating her patients so poorly. I believe in karma.
Juls said…
Oh my--that's horrific! I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that at the hospital. Big hugs to you, as he recovers.
The Blonde Duck said…
I'm so glad everything is better!
Kado! said…
hahaha! calling Chilly your Dad...that was funny!

what an idiot nurse...she should be reported for that bad care!
Unknown Mami said…
I think it's wonderful and amazing that you and Chilly can still manage to have a sense of humor. Bravo!
Anonymous said…
Um...First of all.
Had I been there, I would have cut that nurse.

We must be related because I ALWAYS say, "Housekeeping! You want me fluff your pillows?"
pam said…
I love you too!

That nurse gives the many great nurses a very bad rep. Shame on her!!
jbechtold said…
Nurses can be wonderful but I have had a few really bad ones. The nurse who was looking after me when I had my son was horible. i had no epidoral because that Doc messed it up. I was at 9 centemeters and felt like i needed to push. When my mom told I felt that way she came into the room slamming the door, checked me and told me I was only at 9 and a 1/2 it is not like the baby is going to fly out of you. She did not come back for two hours. I was trying so hard not to push. Finally when I sent my husband to go get her I almost had the baby before the OB got there. On another note I love your blog and left you a award on my blog.
The Mrs. said…
I would just K-I-L-L that nurse! She is a pill and I hate her. There I said it. You tell Chilly he is super hot and he can be your sugar daddy, not your daddy!!!
Kathy B! said…
It's a sad state of affairs that for every great, wonderful, kick-butt nurse there hast to be at least 2 or 3 morons.

I'm glad you gave her a piece of your mind!!
Susan said…
I think chilly needed a new nurse, at least one who actually like their job.

I do the "Housekeeping" think too. Mine comes from the movie "Tommy Boy"
Kristen Andrews said…
hate nasty nurses, and then their shift is over and you hope for someone really nice. Can you believe we had a nasty nurse like that when I had Will, she was a nasty old B***H wooh that felt good to type!
Jess said…
love your face!
Em said…
Laughter is the absolute best medicine - Chilly sounds like a Top Shelf kind of guy. Hugs and prayers still coming your way.

Bad juju being sent to that nurse. Good arm? I'll show you a good arm, babe.
Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear of what your husband, you and your family are going through. I had no idea (I was away and have been slowly catching up on others posts) My dad had a massive stroke almost 10 years ago, he is now 72. He is doing well, so please stay positive. I can't believe that evil nurse.
You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
*Noelle* said…
oh girl! my grandmother had TERRIBLE care when she was in the hospital with cancer; it really PISSED us off! my mom got several employees in trouble; they even forgot to write down a dose of pain meds they gave her so this frail, terminally ill sweet lil lady hallucinated for 2 days because of it!!

i am keeping you all in my prayers:)

noelle ♥
LadyStyx said…
What a nasty nurse. I ~so~ would have taken up her behavior with the hospital administrator. It is not YOUR job to keep an eye on Chilly and tend to his medical needs, it's HERS. It's understandable that there are other patients, however, once in 6 hours isn't even CLOSE to being good.
♥georgie♥ said…
I am so sorry to hear about chilly, hope he is getting better-will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers

I love that you all knock and call out housekeeping

sending you (((HUGS)))
LORI said…
Did you know...
If the problem with your nurse arises again, you can ask for a different nurse. Even if it's in the middle of her shift.
And you can request that she not be assigned to you again. Yes, I've done that.

God bless you and yours.
Jenners said…
Hey Girl--

Sorry I haven't been around for you ... I've been having my own tragedies to deal with so I can relate to your feelings of thinking of giving up blogging but feeling that it is such a supportive and positive thing that you don't want to. I'm glad Chilly is getting through this time ... and I'm glad you guys are preparing your family for what seems to be the inevitable. I so wish you didn't have to face this ... but it is better to face it head on that to deny it and miss some golden opportunities. I think you have the video diaries are such a good idea ... I love it. Praying for your family and wishing you all the time in the world that you can squeeze in. Hang in there.
Momo Fali said…
I am so sorry that you are dealing with that idiot nurse on top of everything else! You definitely deserve her paycheck!
Tranquility said…
WOW - I hope the "manager" (or whatever the position would be called at the hospital) got an earful as well!! I can't believe that nurse - first of all for not doing her job, second of all for not caring, third of all for being so horrible - doesn't she know you've got enough to deal with right now? Geez!

Hehe - poor chilly. At least he can drop a few years with just a good shave! ;)
Anonymous said…
Dawn, that is too funny about 'your dad,' even though I'm sure Chilly wasn't amused. Too bad about that bummer of a nurse, but glad you were there to help him out. Still praying for you all. Glad to see you still can have your wonderful sense of humor, even through this very rough time. Big hugs,

Jamie :)
Hi Dawn. Just thought I'd swing on by your blog to let you know I'm still thinking and praying for you, Chilly and your family. Sending lots and LOTS of love your way.
Brenda Jean said…
Oh no she didn't!!!! That nurse needs to be SOOOO fired. My husband is an RN, and a charge nurse now. Man, he wouldn't have made that nurse cry. Seriously, I am SO mad for you and Chilly. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
April said…
That's just ridiculous...seriously. Luckily my husband is in the ICU right now, and they are taking care of him. Sometimes life is so hard...I know because I'm sitting next to my hubby right now...*cough* NOT...ummm...crying or anything as I type this. I'm really sorry...that's all I can say. And I hope that our lives can go back to normal a little after this whole thing.
Melissa said…
I don't even know how I landed here on your blog, but I am glad that I did.

I am a critical care nurse and I am here to tell you that what that nurse said to you and the care she DIDN'T give your husband is absolutely inexcusable and she should be fired. I can't stand knowing that someone in my profession would treat someone like that. From all nurses everywhere I offer my apology for the horrid treatment that your husband received. I hope you never have to endure such a thing again.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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