Monday, March 2, 2015

A Mighty Heart

Hi Friends!  It's been a long while since I've been in the Land of Blogger, but I wanted to share a very special story with you about a lovely young lady with a mighty heart.  That young lady is my sweet daughter, who some of you may know as "Irish Dancer Girl" from my past writings.  She is now just our darling Catherine and I hope you will read her story.  I am so very, very proud to be her mama.  Her daddy is smiling from heaven so delighted at all she has accomplished.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to read her story :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Silver Linings, Storytelling and Man-deer!

Well hello there! It's been a little while, but I've been a busy lady this year what with my international romance and all.  (more on that to come...insert wink wink here please!)  For the moment, I cordially invite you to scooty on over to my new place !

I am spinning my usual tales of sarcasm (aka ramblings, mutterings and confusion) over there and would love for you to stop in for a visit:)  I just babbled a bit about my merry tale of how my Holiday Meltdown 2014 was averted.  If you feel one of those coming on yourself, please feel free to wander over for sympathy.  May you all navigate the coming weeks with candy canes, cocoa and Man-deer (a real thing, not an urban legend...I promise!  I saw one!)  And since "You Know Who" (no, not Voldemort) is watching, you better be good for goodness sakes!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

For Gigi ... A Letter to Heaven


Today there is a happy celebration in Heaven as it would be my beautiful grandmother Gigi's birthday.  Gigi was definitely the most important influence on my life and it became crystal clear to me how deeply when I was asked to write the eulogy for her memorial service a few years back.  I decided to send a letter directly to God explaining what amazing treasure was on it's way.  It is a letter meant to bring smiles and giggles.  Thanks in advance for allowing me to share that special letter with you today as we honor her memory:)

Dear God,

On the day I was born, you bestowed upon me a truly precious grandmother.  Gigi, Mimi, Gram, Grandma...she had many names, but one heart overflowing with love for her family. There's not a day that goes by that Gigi doesn't influence me in some way. 
PhotobucketSometimes it’s the crocheted potholders I use when getting Catherine's pizza out of the oven.  Some days, it's watching Catherine put on her lip gloss and earrings to start her day because Gigi always told her that's what ladies do...(sorry, Gigi...I haven't been able to convince her about the bed making thing yet! I'll keep working on it!) Or it could be Connor wanting to take us all down in a game of Monopoly...Gigi turned Connor into a total Monopoly addict!  Not to mention, she turned the entire family into a bunch of card sharks!

Sometimes, it's playing "Riddly Riddly I Dee Dee" with the kids or finding pictures in the clouds...Steph and I have learned the value of a good Word Find puzzle or a game of Solitaire from Gigi...You could always count on Gigi to have a great Word Find book laying around!


Every morning I see Gigi when I fold the pink and white blanket she made for Catherine as a gift on the day she was born. That is an heirloom that Catherine will treasure forever. And there hasn't been a single Christmas in my adult life that my Christmas tree hasn't been covered in crocheted snowflakes compliments of Gigi.  

Every time I drive my car, I have Gigi to thank.  She took me out for driving lessons in her green Maverick when I was 16.  We had some good times in that green machine even if she did pull a few Starsky and Hutch moves across route 23 on more than one occasion!  

And of course, there is the infamous Poptart incident....I can thank Gigi for making sure that I will never eat a piece of bologna EVER...I walked in the kitchen one sunny day to find Gigi enjoying a strawberry Poptart and bologna sandwich!  Gross!  But put a lima bean in her face or a glass of water with ice and you'd have thought you were trying to torture her!  

I can't count the times we dressed her up and she patiently donned whatever costume or hat was requested...she always did it with good humor...even if it required wearing fake boobs with tattoos!  Which leads me to a few things you need to know, God...

Although Gigi seemed to be very sweet and innocent, she could be quite ornery on occasion!  Like the time I spent the night with her and she woke up at 2 am giggling like crazy!  She fell asleep with her dentures in and they fell out into the bed.  After searching around the covers, we discovered the wayward dentures...attached to my leg!  She had a bad case of the giggles for the rest of the night and I slept on the couch after that!

Or how about that time when she paid a stripper to dance for me! What in the world!!! Hello! I'm the modest grand-daughter! Oh, and let's not forget, tossing back a few shots of Jack Daniels with Clay and Stephanie!  And I cannot even count the times she put "bunny ears" behind me when the kids were around.  There was also that game of late night Ring Around the Rosie out in my parent's front yard that still remains legendary to this day.  Good times are coming to Heaven, God!

PhotobucketBut the most important thing for you to know about Gigi is how much she loved children. When she worked at the hospital, she used to hold the newborns up to the windows so Steph and I could see them.  When Connor was born, I called her the Baby Whisperer because she could calm his marathon crying episodes in a matter of minutes. She had no problem playing GI Joe with the boys, dolls and dress up with the girls or board games with both.  She even ate a heart-shaped cookie made out of Playdoh because Catherine "baked" it for her!  No joke...took a bite and told her it was delicious!  She is truly the best grandmother in all of your creation.

        I can't imagine what my life will be without her...she has been my confidant and my sweet best friend...and I will miss her every day for the rest of my life.  I noticed recently that I can see the shape of her hands in my own...Thank you, God for giving me her hands...may they give the same deep love to my family that hers gave to me...I will honor her memory by using my hands to bring happiness to those I love just like Gigi did...Her hands were busy hands...holding those she loved, helping with chores, making good food, a healing touch when a loved one wasn't well, writing cards for all occasions, making beautiful things, and of course, putting on the lipstick and earrings.  She was a class act and you’re really lucky to be welcoming her home.   

Treasure her, God....she touched so many lives here on this Earth with her generous heart and her smile.  Make sure she has her "shows" up there...I know All My Children might be cancelled down here, but I'm sure you've got some pull on that side, right?  Give her some Poptarts and bologna, some baby angels to love on, and she'll spread the love up there as well. Thank you for loving me so much, Lord, that you gave Effie Eunice Lauerman to me as my grandmother.  I will wrap myself in her memories for the rest of my life...that is the blanket that she made for me....


Fun Facts about Gigi

She liked to shake her booty

She loved babies (she was a baby nurse!)

                                                                   (Gigi , Connor and Cat)
When Gigi was born, she was so tiny she could fit inside a teacup!
She made cool stuff like blankies, snowflakes and awesome noodles (that are illegal in many states!)

She liked to play with us, get her groove on to some funky music and dress up in fancy costumes

Photobucket Photobucket

Is this lady cool or what????

Gigi was always good for a fit of giggles!
(my awesome nephew, gigi and pre-tween caveboy) (gigi and pre-tween caveboy)

She was always a snappy dresser!
(Check out her fabulous polka dots!)

If you asked her nicely, she'd wear all kinds of hats


She LOVEd to be a goofball!


She's a true Princess in my book

(Gigi with Catherine on her 1st birthday)

We miss you so much, Gigi each and every day!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday in Heaven, Gigi!  Love you!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Wee Drop of Irish (or Cloudy With a Chance of B*tchy Part 2)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
How about a wee stroll down memory lane?  Thank you to everyone who messaged me about sharing this blast from the past again this year:)  (yes, Maureen...I do read your emails too!)  Even though it was originally posted in 2009, not too much has changed (says Dawn in her "I can't believe I have PMS every single year at this same time"  happy (think Pharrell singing "Happy") voice.  So grab a cup of Irish coffee, Jameson whiskey, Guinness or whatever suits your fancy on this fine St. Patrick's Day and let me share a tale of whimsy with you.  (and may the luck of the Irish be with you if you come my way today!  Don't say I didn't warn you!)   

Oops! What's she doing here again? Wasn't she just here a month ago? UGH! The nerve! We had so much "fun" last time she was here, didn't we? 

Well, since I have a full day of Irish activities planned, I guess I better be gettin' my Irish on....hmm...let's see...maybe I'll go drink some breakfast.

(That's right, Mr. Bailey's Irish Cream Cup...It is delicious!)  And while we're at it, a traditional Irish breakfast sounds just lovely!  (what?? Chocolate cupcakes with green frosting isn't Irish enough for you???  Did you see the duck at the top of this post???)

Ok! Time to get dressed for the day! (she says, wiping crumbs and frosting from her mouth)  What? Not appropriate attire for a mom?

Don't get your shamrocks in a wad...I'll probably really wear my yoga pants with this top....(Kim, I know you want one of these...)

Now that we're dressed, we can freshen up a bit with our mouth spray just for this occasion!  

Ok family & friends..I know what you're thinking right now...(for good reason!)

I guess ya'll are lucky it's Irish day and I may have a few quiet moments (unless that mouth spray really kicks in good...)

Time to get the kids and head out for some Irish fun activities that I don't feel like doing because all I want to do is eat chocolate and watch rom-com chick flicks   (....not my fault...again, please refer to duck at the top of the post..)

(Is it hot in here?...cause I'm thinking it's really hot in here...can someone turn on the *$%#! air conditioner?!)

(especially this one...)

Oh...sorry...hormones got carried away there for a second.  Oopsy!! ...what I really mean is this...
A gorgeous British fellow stole my heart, you know...sorry Bono, gotta say good-bye this St. Patty's heart belongs to my British guy:)  (insert bluebirds of happiness, romantic music and fluttering hearts here please)

Time to pack a lunch since we'll be travelin' to Irish dance performances and there's no time to drink eat before we leave!

(Don't worry....Nana's driving...)

Oh! Can't forget my gum! You know me...I stress chew when that stupid duck up there comes to visit...

Well, that's about it! We are off for the last of our Irish dance performances! March Madness is coming to an end!  Let's do a jig to celebrate!

Here's a little St. Patty's day sentiment from me to you...

Myspace Graphics

And from the bottom of my wee drop of Irish heart, I really mean that!  According to my dear Irish friend Pam, a "wee drop is all ya' need!" Here's to you, Pam! Happy St. Pats!

Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

p.s. No, family members, I have not taken up drinking as a new hobby. (Family members know I don't drink...well, not very often anyway...hee hee hee..) Just having a little fun on St. Patty's Day...cause that dumb duck is about to ruin my next week....which may actually force me into taking up drinking...who the heck knows? Quite frankly, I'm surprised I haven't become a super lush after the week I've had! Love you all!

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