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Tomorrow is the big day!

More fabulous gifts added to the MONSTER stash!

Details on how to enter will be up
at 12:01 am MST on April 6!

And by popular demand...
prizes will be offered in groups of goodies!

Lots of opportunities to win!

Hope to see ya tomorrow!!

(For a partial list of goodies go here...)

p.s. I haven't been ignoring you all...I just have limited high speed access so with the giveaway drama, I've had to hold onto my comment love until this week! Please don't hate me because my internet sucks! lol!

p.s.s. To the "anonymous" emailer who has continually berated me this week about why I am giving away so many fabulous items....

It's my giveaway...I can do what I want! If I want to give away 10 million dollars I will! (I'd go to jail because in order to do that there would have to some sort of illegal activity on my part, but's MY GIVEAWAY, ANONYMOUS! I can give away toenail clippings if I choose! Again, my giveaway! Don't hang around if you don't like the vibe! Yeah, I know you're reading this because you read my blog ALOT! I have ways, Anon,of knowing this...and anyway, I just take it as a compliment that you feel the need to criticize me all the there! HA! You can't rain on my parade!)


Shauna said…
YAHOO!! I am so excited! I can't wait to enter :) I l♥ve giveaways :)
♥ HUGS ♥
Jazzy Jemz said…
Someone is berating you for doing a giveaway ? Cmon folks, giveaways are fun. Join the fun train not try to stop it!

Can't wait to tune in!!!
Donnetta said…
I can't WAIT!!

SERIOUSLY?!?! People are LOONEY!
You tell that crazy commenter girl!!! I will be rolling around in all my goodies when I win...and sending anonomys pictures to that crazy

Anyway...can't wait to see what you got going tomorrow!!
I have an award for you on my blog :)
Dapoppins said…
You haven't been blogging for a year yet and you already have a stalker?????

devri said…
tick, tock,tick, tock, tick, tock...... Waiting impatiently...
My computer has been really slow lately too.
Me said…

Boo to the haters!
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
That Ann O'Nymous pestering you? Must be saying something mighty truthful, it's bothering her that much...LOL!

Good Going, Bee and Rose!

Congrats on the big "century"!!!

Nerdy Jess said…
Sounds like your anonymous commenter needs to stop drinkin' the hatorade. For seriously.

I'm PUMPED for your giveaway, I can't wait to seeeee!

pam said…
I can't wait. I love you sweetie, someone is seriously jealous of your success!

I don't know, though, if I would try to win your toe nail clippings:)

See you tomorrow

CaJoh said…
Congratulations ahead of time. Can't wait to see how you celebrate.
LadyStyx said…
Hmmm an anonymous person with a high visitation rate, continually writing and berating on business that isnt theirs? Can anyone say Stalker?? Yeah, because that certainly sounds like what you have there.
Debra said…
Someone is berating you for a your giveaway? Seriously? What a lunatic! That is amazing....and not in a good way!

Sending much love your way!
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to the fun!!!!
momof3girls said…
sis someone say give away? Well that is one of my favorite words
momof3girls said…
did someone say give away? Well that is one of my favorite words
Anonymous said…
Can't wait!
Chaka said…
That is turning into quite the event. You don't happen to have a chainsaw as one of your prizes do you? I know you cater to a female audience, but I still enjoy your blog and will participate even if it means by winning I will smell of perfumed lotion.
nikkicrumpet said…
How weird that someone is giving you a hard time for having fun and being generous. People can be so bitter and strange. I love giveaways...having them and winning them hehehe
Jenners said…
Why the heck would someone criticize a giveaway????? And please do not give away your toenail clippings ... I beg you.
Motherboard said…
Every party needs a pooper...

Print 'em out and run over the nasty comments with your car. That's what I do and it feels AWESOME!!

Can't wait for the new deets!
Nancy Face said…
Hooray! Your 100th post is coming! :)

I'm sorry someone has been criticizing you. I just don't understand that type of junk. :(

I would laugh my head off if I got a package of toenail clippings in the mail! :D
Alexis AKA MOM said…
WTF??? Ok sorry missed the whole drama of the Annon .. that is just nuts why would someone be upset about what you giveaway. I think it is amazing and I'm just blessed that I'm going to win it ALL ... Opps did I say that out loud? Yup I know I'm the bomb ... Hey I was a featured blogger .... LOL just playing thanks so much girlie for your sweet comment over at her post. You my dear are super and very dear! Yup you rock and anyone that says anything different can come over and I will beat them with a sex toy from my giveaway ... LOL. Rick hates the powder and just told me it could kill someone since he can't breath if I use it .... Hmmmm wonder how much the insurance policy is worth ... LOL just playing. Ok I've gabbed long enough! Love ya girl, I'll be back tomorrow!

When you get a moment come over for my Purseket Giveaway :)
Nightowl Mama said…
OH TOe nail clippings that cool. Can I send ours in and you can add them to the lot. HOPE your rudey pants anonymous poster doesn't harass you any longer. NOW its 2am here so wheres that giveaway? :)
Dapoppins said…
3 Bay B Chicks said…
Can't wait to see what you have in store for all of us.

Oh, and down with the lame anonymous e-mailer. Move over for those of us who want to have some fun. :)

Tracy said…
I vote for throat punching the anonymous commenter. I'm just sayin'

{{I'm feelin sassy today... sorry}}
Nightowl Mama said…
Congratulations on your 100 POST. HOW wonderful. HOPE to see you make a 100 more. Luv the giveaway.
I must have the WISE Owl Necklace. LUv it luv it luv it.

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