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Cleaning the Witch's Cottage

Happy Birthday, Chilly!

Chilly is 41 today! As you may remember from my LONG post on Tuesday, Chilly was in the hospital on his birthday last year for a triple bypass. In honor of his one year Heartaversary and 41st Birthday, the kids and I would like to present Chilly with a cake!

Enjoy, Chilly! I knew you'd love it! (Excuse me while I go throw up...) Thank you, Cake Wrecks! Don't worry, Chilly! We have your "real" cake waiting at home! (Didn't have time to book the strippers you requested...sorry!)

Well, it's been 65 days since I began my journey into the land of Blog! It's also been 65 days since I've cleaned my house, fed my kids, done the laundry, took a get the picture. (not really...but it looks and smells that way; yuck!)

Today we are cleaning the witch's cottage. We have to get everything ship shape for Chilly's birthday party this evening. Hopefully, I will not suffer too terribly from blogger withdrawal. (Please pray for me. I'll try to keep my twitches to a minimum especially since I hate cleaning as deeply as I love blogging...)

(Oh Sarcasm, dear sweet friend, must you show yourself in my blog on Chilly's birthday? Now scooty on out of here!)

Normally I just wiggle my nose and snap my fingers to have a clean and tidy cottage. Alas, today it's not to be. My alter ego, Samantha Stevens is hiding deep in the recesses of my subconscious. No amount of bribery seems to summon that crazy witch! I guess I'm on my own...flapdoodle and blatherskite as dear old Aunt Clara would say!

Cat and I have gathered our potions, brooms, magic vac and spell book. We're going to try a little conjuring of our own. With a little luck, we may just end up with a sparkling clean house that doesn't smell like a dumpster!

(Our little broom better not be bossy today! He can get out of control barking out his sweeping orders!)

Hopefully, we'll finish early so I can enjoy a little quality "me" time before Chilly gets home. I just got this new book that is calling my name. Here...I'll share a little with you... (Dad, you may want to turn from the computer at this point...just sayin'...)

Here's a page from inside...are you ready? I can just feel your excitement...

In case you can't read the page, it says..."As soon as I finish the laundry, I'll do the grocery shopping. And I'll take the kids with me so you can relax."

Now that's HOT! Hunky hotties that clean and help with the kids? That's my kind of porn, baby! And this page is just a taste! I think I'll read it while wearing my apron, rubber gloves and slipper genies. I'll fan myself with my pink feather duster. I'm getting all tingly just thinkin' about it!

How are you spending your Thursday?


Deb said…
happy birthday, chilly!

now girl, go get to work! i'll be here waiting among the clutter when you return.
Ashley said…
Happy birthday, Chilly!
&& I'm digging the new 3column layout! Where did you find that apron, totally cute!
Okay, I've ended all my sentences with exclamation points so far, how about another one!!! (or three!)
Randi Troxell said…
yucky cake!! but very well done i must say. happy birthday chilly.. he def deserves it!
Jamie said…
Happy Birthday Chilly, glad you won't be in the hospital for this one ;-) Girl you crack me up...blogging is addicting and time consuming isn't it, ugh! We'll miss you, hehe...

Jamie :-)
Kristina P. said…
You've only been blogging for 2 months? You are a rock star!!
Beverly said…
I'm spending my Thursday being jealous that after only 2 months you have 82 followers! I've been blogging about 6 months and only have 4. I bask in your awesomeness!
Me said…
I love that broom! Too cute!

You really are a rock star if you have only been blogging for a few months. Seriously..its because you are so incredibly funny!! I love it!

P.S. Happy Birthday Chilly

P.S.S. I see you are workin' the three column layout. It looks good!
Cammie said…
while I am at work...dh took the day off....I had a nice honey do list for him though.
The Boob Nazi said…
That cake looks good to me. I need help.
Anonymous said…
That cake is a sick riot! Don't eat that.

Happy Birthday, Chilly!
The Blonde Duck said…
My FIL and Ben are painting my living room as we speak! It's his birthday today, so I'll do whatever he likes.

I'm all about that kind of porn!
Robyn Jones said…
Apparently I am not spending my Thursday the way you are...that guy can come do my laundry anytime he wants...

Happy birthday Chilly...good thing about the strippers..I heard they actually induce heart attacks..

and death by wife.
Lana said…
is that a real cake??? Crazy!

What am I doing today? Drooling over those "porn for women" pics!!
pam said…
I am laughing:)

Happy Birthday Chilly, and have a wonderful day!

What, no dance today?

p.s. I need those shoes.
mommaof4wife2r said…
ok, i want that cake! i'm 40 this year and i seriously want a fab cake for the first time...a cake by duff from ace of cakes is my dream, but since we're in indiana, i'm guessing it's not gonna happen!

happy bday chilly...and keep that heart healthy. hubs is making me set a routine workout schedule to get my ticker back in good order. drill sergeant!

and...i have big time apron love!
Dapoppins said…
I must clean too.

But dag-nabbit! It never stays done.

Can I have a house cleaning hottie too?

OH! And I linked to you today!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Chilly! I adore that apron! And to be honest, I'm diggin the cake! Just not to eat! :)
Sorry I've been so behind on comments, I've been lazy. (Bad excuse, I know!)
Anonymous said…
Lol! Love it!
Yes, blogging can make things like housework get put on the back burner!

Happy Birthday Chilly!

That cake is awesome!
Chaka said…
I can't believe you have only been blogging two months. You sure got up to speed fast. I hope you guys enjoy the birthday celebration. How could you not with a cake like that.
happy birthday chilly. Woo Hoo... Love the man lovey do's. sweet.
Kelly said…
Wow, Only two months eh? How on earth did you get all the followers you have? You must really devote a lot of time to blogging. I am struggling just to keep the 8 people who will admit to reading mine and I have been blogging for a few years..... Well I won't be bitter, enjoy your birthday celebrations. Hope there are many many more : )
Debra said…
Happy Birthday to Chilly! Gotta love those Pisces. (of course I am biased....hee,hee!)He was awful young for triple bypass. I have a feeling that will be my fate one day. Heart disease runs in my family on both sides and I am high risk. I hopy Chilly has had a wonderful day - he deserves it!
Jen said…
Can you come and clean my house when you are done? I been blogging for almost 2 years so you can just imagine what my house looks like. ;)
A Psych Mommy said…
Happy Birthday to Chilly!

Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award--check it out here:
blognut said…
Happy Birthday Chilly!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Happy Birthday Chilly. I'm so sorry that I stole your wife to come by to visit me. What it's only a little girl crush ... LOL.

Girlie you rock and I want that darn apron, that is flippin cute! And that cake is just wrong it's so up Jen's alley on Cake Wrecks.

I have been able to get that chick Samatha to come out in years, stupid cow ... LOL just playing. No really I hate here... ok no I don't. Opps slipped into my own tug and war with my split personality, the silly sweet one. She's also the skinny one that never see's the light of day ... ha-ha.

Ok now I must ask since I'm new have you only been blogging for 65 days? And you have how many followers, yes can you hear the jealousy?

Ok I'm slinking off ... LOL But I'll be back!
Lori said…
You are crazy! haha
I have some of those rubber gloves and they're fun to give as gifts too, they're so cute!
BoufMom9 said…
Ok, the more I get to "know"you, the more i love you :)
Great post. Thanks for the giggles and I want that book of porn. LOL
Mother Mayhem said…
"I LOVE porn!"

Definitely something I thought I'd never say. ;o)

I have this fear that Kim and Aggie from How Clean is Your House are going to show up on my door step.

(Came over from Dapoppins. I like your style!)
Jenners said…
Happy B-Day Chilly!

Glad that isn't the real cake -- or I suspect everyone would quickly lose their appetite! Then you could have a vomit volcano cake!

Oh MY -- I need to get that Porn for Women -- what a beautiful fantasy book! And that is all it is isn't -- a stinkin' fantasy!

And how much do I love those slippers! Gotta get me some of those!

And I've tried that nose twitching housecleaning technique but I just end up sneezing from the dust -- it never works! : )

Great post -- as always!
Debbie said…
I must put that book on my birthday list! Great photo and caption.
Jen Sue Wild said…
Happy birthday Chilly!
Cute cute post.
Nightowl Mama said…
Ummm can order one of those guys to do my laundry and vacuum my rugs. My hubby won't mind. HOnest!
Nightowl Mama said…
oh and Happy Birthday CHilly :)

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