Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Please Step Away From My Cool Beans and Awesomesauce...Thank you very much:)

One of the duties of motherhood is to keep a fabulous "slang-cabulary" so that you can actually understand what your tweens and teens are saying to you. Tweens and Teens love their slang. (and apparently, so do I because it was brought to my attention by my daughter that I use the words "fabulous" and "super fab" way too much.)  Believe me, I clearly have a problem.  According to, I am way too old to be saying the slang terms listed below because "no mom should say this stuff."  Pfft!  You're not the boss of me,  It seems that there are words that are not fit for "mom use" and I'm only finding this out today.  Heavens!  Think of the horrible embarrassment I have been causing my children over the years!  (like I care...causing horrible embarrassment to my children is the fun part of being a mom...)  Let's do a run down on a few of the "Naughty Words" from the list, shall we?

"COOL BEANS" (a personal favorite that I have used for YEARS and I refuse to stop saying it...heck, I might change it up and say "Cool Beanie Weenies", so there! My friends would be very confused if they didn't hear Cool Beans pop out of my mouth at least once a day or see it in a text message.  Can't have that now, can we?  And by the way, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed my entertaining description of the meaning of cool beans you can shove it, 

"WORD / WORD UP / WORD TO YOUR MOTHER" (ok...the 90's are long gone...I get that one...I still like throwing those around though especially when you add a gangsta hand gesture with it..) 

"TRU-DAT" (don't really use this one too much, but it has been known to slip out of these lips on a rare occasion...)

"CRAY CRAY" (this one just makes me laugh...I'm not even cray cray enough to use that one...)

*"S'up?" (I will admit that I do use this one when I'm feeling lazy or feel like annoying my son when his friends are around...)

"AWESOMESAUCE"  (I just think this word is super cute so it will stay in my slang-cabulary...)

Honestly, I was just tickled that I did NOT see on that silly list any of the words I use that REALLY drive my kids crazy like Shenanigans, Tomfoolery, Wicked Awesome, Fabulous, For Reals (ok...even I annoy myself with that one), Holy (whatever fits) Batman! and the list goes on:)  And just for the record, my kids have no trouble telling me what I should or should not be saying.  Believe me, I get the smack down if "Tots Adorbs" even sounds like a whisper leaving my lips.  Same goes for "Amaze-balls".  My kids should just be grateful that I'm not throwing around 80's Spicoli slang from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  (for those old enough to remember...Tasty Waves, Stoked, Tubular, Bitchin' and the classic, Bogus....ahhh....those were the days...)  

Until my wee ones have flown the nest, I will keep my little book of slang-cabulary close at hand.  I will do my best to only throw out assorted slang words that create minimum embarrassment publicly.  At home, all bets are off and I will sling the slang around at my own whim.  Just please stay away from my cool beans and awesomesauce:)   


Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

Too funny! I confess to saying "Cray cray". For some reason I just like it! My oldest teenage daughter will put me in my place if I go too far with the slang. She gives me a look and says "Mom. NO." Sometimes I do it anyway, to torture her....what are Moms for??

Beverly Cravath said...

Me thinks cool beans has been around a lot longer than nickmom or even nickelodeon. My 8 year old granddaughter told me she loves it when I say it!

Brenna Briggs said...

This is hysterical!

Lisa Mach said...

I love all those sayings and say at least a million times a day Amazing, amazeballs and call my little one cray cray! I will never stop as old as I get and they should be happy I don't act like an old mom!

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