Monday, January 27, 2014

Bucket List 2014

My wistful mood has encouraged me to finish up this year's Bucket List.  After some reflection, I discovered that I have a great deal on this list for 2014!  Very different from 2013 which was basically, just get through each day the best I could.  This year I feel excited about what life is bringing us.  Let's see how many things I can check off this list by year's end!

*Attend Train, Goo Goo Dolls, Michael Buble concerts  

*Purchase VHS to DVD converter and get all of my family videos transferred

*Purchase new bicycle and assorted gear / train w Lisa

*Hike Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon

*Family Portraits

*Visit the Pumpkin Festival in my hometown in Ohio in October

*Finish book trilogy (so my publisher will be a happy camper!)

*Get new story ideas onto paper

*Read, Read, Read

*Travel to far away places:)

*Learn Irish dance (no laughing, family members...)

*Take Catherine to Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida 

*Disneyland (Halloween???)

*Check out Boston with Connor for college

*More time for volunteer projects

*More time with Friends
So Miss Good Fortune, it's time to work your magic and help me do this!

1 comment:

Mike said...

You need a tub to fit all that in, not a bucket!

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