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Saddle Up! It's Time to Ride!

Saddle up, folks!  I'm back and ready to ride!  I can't believe it's been over a year since I've posted.  Time has flown by out here in the wild west. So much has happened...where to begin???

I could just say that outlaws came to my casa and wrangled me out of my voice.  There is truth in that even if it sounds like a tall tale.  In reality, I had become a proud member of the "IF YOU CAN"T SAY ANYTHING NICE, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL" Club.  As some of you may know, my husband's previous employer had taken away his health insurance without warning (yes, it's illegal) and then did not pay him over a period of months.  I was so angry  at the damage that this did not only to my husband, but to the financial stability of our family.  Without going into the dreadful details, I'll just say it's been a challenge.  Fortunately, a new job arrived and we are slowly picking up the pieces.  However, my anger at the "outlaws" (aka previous employer) stopped me from blogging.  It stopped me from enjoying many things in my life over the last year...and then a trip to the park turned it all around for me...
It all started with a scraped knee and an angel...

I was feeling enormously overwhelmed by it all especially since the hubster's health is in serious decline.  I decided to take my pity party (and my kids) to the park to get some fresh air and sun.  Pity party and I were enjoying our time together at the park when Irish Dancer Girl Catherine fell while playing soccer. We (Cat, Pity Party and myself) decided to take a short walk to calm things down.  She found a rock to sit on near an angel.  She felt this angel would make her feel better.  I thought that was a fine idea.  I noticed that the angel looked so beautiful against the bright blue sky so I took a picture of Cat with the angel.  It was at that moment that I realized who this angel was made to honor.  This is the angel created in memory of Christina Taylor Green.   I was completely humbled in that moment.  At the base of the angel is a card handwritten from her parents and other family members. It is filled with so much love that you can literally feel it in your hands. In that moment I realized that while things have been really challenging for us, I was lucky enough to be with my sweet daughter at the park on this lovely day. All of my frustration (and lost voice) vanished in that moment.  I made a vow that I would never allow anyone to take my "voice" again.  Thank you, God (and sweet angel, Christina) for reminding me that my life is truly filled more blessings than I can possibly count.  (and by the way, I cancelled my membership in the "if you can't say anything nice" club...I will never again allow my disappointment and frustration in the actions of others to stop me from pursuing my passions...two of which are writing and talking...alot...I know, Chilly...I see your eyes rolling and hear your heavy sighs all the way across the house...)  

Thanks for listening to my tale, friends!  It's good to be home!

(Also, thank you so deeply for the kind emails about Chilly's health over the last year.  He is still with us, thankfully.  He has slowed down a great deal and is weak most days.  However, he still makes the most of each day and keeps on going...fingers crossed that he is with us for a long time to come...) 


LadyStyx said…
Welcome back! I think I so need to cancel my membership to that club as well. Glad to hear Chilly's still with us. Big *HUGZ*!
Eve Stein said…
Yay! So glad you're back and writing again! I've really missed reading your posts. :D
It's so good to hear you again. You have been missed! Much love and support!
I have missed you, Sweets! So good to have you back!:) Lori
SHELLY said…
When we can't forgive even the most unforgivable ofalicious people, we are the ones to always lose. Letting go is always so difficult but you have what is precious and dear and that is what life is about. God gave you a beautiful miracle through the little Cat that day.
Shan G said…
I was just thinking about you the other day! I'm so glad that you're back and that Chilly is still kicking around.

Did you get to sue the bastard employer and win yet? Cuz I'm thinking that they owe y'all a pretty penny. :)

Isn't it amazing how something so normal can lead to events that shock us out of our pity parties? God works in mysterious ways, my friend. Chilly was predicted to be gone long ago and he is still here making you and your babies happy. You are truly one of the most blessed people I know.

Now get back to snarking about life. I need balance to my profanity laced sarcasm. LMAO
Vickie said…
Boo to bad employers!! Welcome back to the blog world...not that I am around much either;)
So wonderful to see you pop up in the reader today. I love that you had an epiphany of sorts with the statue.

Hoping for a long, long life for Chilly!
Anonymous said…
Welcome Back! Glad Chilly is still with y'all!
I hope you keep that angel on your shoulder each and every day.... I am so excited that you are back to blogging and look forward to hearing more about...well- everything!
Tom said…
I was so happy to see Bee and Rose show up in my reader today. Welcome back! I've wondered how Chilly has been and am glad to hear he's still fighting.
Jenners said…
I'm SO GLAD that Chilly is still with you!! I kind of assumed the worst when you stopped posting for so long. Glad you are doing OK and an angel gave you some peace.
So glad to hear from you! You and Chilly have been on my mind a lot these past few months. Prayers and hugs for you both.
otin said…
Way to go Chilly! Keep on fighting!
Annie said…
Thrilled to have you back :)

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