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The Lost and Found

See that big pink sign up there?  That's my daily mantra.  Well, it was until life around here went seriously in the dumper over the last several months...Where should I begin?  With the loss of health insurance for my terminally ill husband?  Hmm...oh! How about the very long delay of multiple paychecks for said terminally ill husband which still haven't been paid in full (umm, yeah, my children would like for their father to live for a bit longer so being able to purchase his medications would be lovely..just sayin')...or how about the time our tires (all flippin' four of them) went bad on the car...yep, good times.  Oh! Oh! Even better!  The gas leak that kept us without heat for the two coldest weeks in the winter!  Then came the pneumonia, the sinus infections that would not leave and so much more fun.  Yeah baby, those were the days!  But even in the darkest of days, I would still awake to those encouraging words "Keep Calm and Carry On."  The gas leak however, completely sent me over the edge.  A new mantra was needed.  

Of course, realizing that we could have been blown to smithereens at any moment, I quickly thought this should be my new mantra...

I mean, seriously, who better to rescue us from a huge explosion caused by the lighting of my daughter's birthday cake candles?  

Then I found this....

That's great advice...Exactly what I was thinking!

Connor aka Teen Caveboy, however, had this sage advice for me...

(metal horns in the air)...I hear ya, is the great healer of all things.

Cat's advice (which is truly perfect) was this...

I mean really...what makes you feel better than a delicious cupcake?

I still hadn't found just the right mantra so I decided to call in the big guns...I called Harry Potter and he suggested this...

and of course, I checked in with my favorite witch...Samantha Stevens who clearly had fabulous advice...

I even tried this mantra for a while after watching "House of Anubis" with my daughter 3500 times....

I was quickly put in my place by my kids who thought my fake British accent was an insult to all British people.  Sigh.....

So...what to do?  By George, I think I've got it!
I think that's the ticket! I've missed sitting at the computer with my cuppa joe and visiting my bloggy buddies.  I've missed the inspirational stories, the home decorating ideas, the craft and baking projects and even the giveaways! But most of all, I've missed the community and spirit of love that abounds here.  (I don't know why I didn't think to do this much sooner!)  

Looking forward to seeing you all again!



Kristina P. said…
YOu always bring a smile to my face, Dawn. I don't know how you manage to carry on!
Kelly said…
Welcome back to the land of blog Dawn. You inspire me!
blueviolet said…
Amen! This is where you belong. Stay here!
Kitten said…
Or, as Jeannie may say, "Keep calm and BLINK."

Welcome home, Dawn.
You are a strong woman! I applaud you for even considering "carrying on", let alone doing it!

P.S. You have been missed! Hugs and Prayers!
Jenners said…
Jeez can't catch a break. The fact that you still have a sense of humor admits all of this crap is a testament to your strength. Perhaps you could use Dory's mantra from Finding Nemo: Just keep swimming.
You've been missed. I really liked the ones about eating cupcakes and carrying a wand. Wonder what people would think if I actually carried a wand? Hmmm, sounds like something I should seriously think about. Maybe they'd think twice about messing with me. Maybe we should all carry wands--to remember the queens we truly are! Yeah, I like that idea. Shall I send you one?
APRIL said…
Welcome back, you've been missed.

I thought of you this week, we are discussing vacations this year and the pumpkin festival from your home town keeps creeping up on the list of to do's.

Sending prayers your way.

Keep Calm and Blog On.
babyrocasmama said…
Oh sweetie, I'm glad you've decided to blog againn. It really can help your sanity & mood.

I am pissed off that Chilly's company cancelled his health insurance. Did you find out if that was as illegal as I believe it to be? Also, and this is a big one, it IS illegal to not pay an employee in all 50 states. You can go to the labor board about that. You can also go to your state insurance commissioner AND the labor board about the health insurance.

I also HIGHLY suggest you contact the EEOC and possibly the ACLU about what they have done to Chilly and your family.

I am available to help if you need me. All you have to do is ask.

In the meantime: Keep calm & kick ass. ;)
Annie said…
My dear woman, how do you do it? Punching bag? Doritos? Xanex? I am so sorry for all that you are going through. It isn't right and it isn't fair, but still you are witty and charming. just don't know what to say!

Any chance he can be covered by a state insurance? And how are you and the children managing?

Keep fighting the good fight and know that many of us pray for you!
I think this is a job for Ellen Degeneres! So, my sign for you would say "Keep calm and call Ellen".
If I could give you the world I would. Your positive attitude is some thing I admire about you!

(Cupcakes....?Ellen......? Hummm, o.k. Ellen still wins.)
Mother Mayhem said…
Well, at least you didn't poo your pants which is what I probably would have done.

Poo and pray.

Glad you're back. HUGS.
PAM said…
You are amazing, Dawn. Glad to hear from you and that you are carrying on!
Eve said…
You were greatly missed too! I kept stopping in to see if you'd been around...

I'm SO SORRY to hear that the past few months have been so incredibly difficult for you. No one person should have to go through so much all at once. But you've been in my prayers and will stay there!

Loving the mantras!... I must admit - I've wished, more than once, that I had a number to reach Batman at, but alas, he appears to be unlisted. I am really into the cupcakes suggestion as well and have, in fact, been doing quite a bit of that lately! ;)
Blogging is definitely good too, but my all time favorite is "Panic and Run Away!" I'll be remembering that one (it might come in handy in the months to come). Hmm.

Glad you're back.
LadyStyx said…

The whole lot of it... sucks.

Keep on keeping on.

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