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These Are a Few of My Favorite Fiends....

All right...She's not really a fiend, but she sure is cute!  Miss Irish Dancer Girl performing at the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival...caught in mid-air! back to my original plan for this post....I love October!  I adore Autumn, Halloween and we have Irish dance performances at various festivals to enjoy.  We've been busy putting our spookalicious touches around the house to celebrate the season!  Thought I'd share a bit of the boo with you!

Even Snow White joins the Halloween fun at our house!

That's just a wee bit of the Halloween mojo we have going on!  Because I love this holiday so much, I'm hosting a Halloween ~ Autumn themed giveaway this week!  Check back in a day or two to see what freakishly fabulous goodies I have in store for you!  Also, a Perricone giveaway is coming soon too!

Happy Autumn!


Dapoppins said…
Dawn, I am so glad you pulled out the Boo this year! You are a great one for going all out on the holiday stuff and I love seeing it! (and since it is at your house, I don't have to dust it or put it away, Yay!)

That photo of dancer girl is fantastic, she looks like such a graceful, and big-grown-up girl. How can you stand it? Now I just need to see the cave boy in similar flight...!
Mammatalk said…
What wonderful Halloween decor. I also love your Irish dancer. Had them at our wedding. Me mum's from Dublin! :+)
Kristina P. said…
I love all your goulish decor!
Tim Riley said…
The decorations are super cool. My girls are in awe of your Halloween awesomeness-thanks for sharing your holiday spirit with them.
Kelly said…
What are you going to be for Halloween Dawn?
Randi Troxell said…
i LOVE halloween too!!!
and i LOVE that pic of miss irish dancer!!!!!!!!!
blueviolet said…
You've done such a great job with decorating! I remember you had a store once. Do you still?
Cora said…
We're still in mid-decorating mode around here.

Up next? Dozens of felt bats will be hung from the ceiling. Mwahahahahahahaha!
Hi Dawn
Love the pictures the Irish dancer is so cute. I wish I could come trick or treating at your house!!!
Have a great night
Jenners said…
Miss Irish Dancer Girl looks amazing!! I'd blow up that shot and hang it in the house!!!

And I love your spooky decor ... very tasteful and fun!
Katie said…
I love Halloween! My aunt decorates her house like crazy, it's awesome!
Eve said…
That's some serious decorating going on around there! :D
I must confess, I don't do anything with Halloween, but come Thanksgiving... I'm already itching to pull out the boxes of Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff!

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