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New Additions to Bee's Spook~tacular Halloween Giveaway! Deadline Extended to Monday!

Happy Saturday!  Just thought I'd throw in a few new additions to the Spook~tacular Giveaway!  Who knows what else might end up in this freakishly fab giveaway!?

These little beauties are hot sellers for Black Crow Boo~tique!  I know you'll love them too! 

If you haven't seen what's in the entire giveaway, just click HERE...or scroll down to the post below!  It's filled with all sorts of tricks and treats for your haunted home!

Today is BONUS entry day!  Once you've done the mandatory entry on the original giveaway post, come back here and leave a comment about your favorite Halloween costume or memory!  That's it!  

Here's a reminder on how to enter!

*MANDATORY entry ~  Just leave a comment on the original giveaway post about which item is your favorite in the ginormous Halloween giveaway!

Want some extra chances to win?  All righty, then!

*Follow my blog = 1 entry

*Become a Facebook Friend = 1 entry  (You can also Twitter about giveaway if you choose not to do FB..just send me a link to it!)

*Blog about my giveaway = 1 entry  (send me a link please)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. This increases your chances to win!  Also, if you already follow my blog or FB, just leave a comment telling me that:) 

*Originally, giveaway was ending on Sunday 10/24 at midnight.  Due to popular demand, I'm extending the deadline to Monday 10/25 at midnight!  

Open to US and Canadian bloggers.  Thanks!

For those who've inquired about Black Crow Boo~tique....As many of you know, I own a boutique Halloween business, Black Crow Boo~tique.  The last couple of years we have had to limit our business to local operations due to my husband's mulitple terminal illnesses.  We appreciate all of the amazing support we've's overwhelming!  As a result, we will re-open BCB on the world wide web come next spring.  (Yep, spring...believe it or not, people start shopping then!)  We'll have a new website up and will still continue our local parties, sales, and party consulting.  Thank you so much for your continued support!  Big smoochies to all of you!

Now go enter this AWESOME giveaway!


The Branches said…
My favorite halloween memory is with my sister and we both dressed up as little red riding hood :)
Cheeseboy said…
If I become your facebook friend, I can get another facebook friend AND an entry??? Done and done.
blueviolet said…
My favorite costume wasn't mine actually. It was my son's. He was a scarecrow when he was a little guy and it was the cutest costume ever!
Debbie said…
My favorite costume year with my kids was many years ago when they were all skunks! They were so cute.
Annie said…
My recent favorite would have to be the little kid I saw last year, dressed as a bowl of mac and cheese! It was awesome!
Stephanie said…
My favorite Halloween costume was my vampire pirate costume :0)
Ginny said…
My favorite halloween costume was one for my daughter. We took a ballet costume & made her into a doll. She wore pigtails, big rosy cheeks, bows in her hair. Super cute & easy!
Jenners said…
One of my favorite Halloween costumes was my homemade unicorn costume I made using my mom's pajamas. I have a photo of it too! Here is the link:
Chelsea said…
My favorite Halloween memories are all the years waiting and waiting 'til it was dark enough to go trick or treating with my brothers! Such anticipation!
Randi Troxell said…
so cute!!
great giveaway too!!!
Jingle said…
I already did the mandatory entry on the original post, but I wanted to say I follow!!!
Jingle said…
We are Facebook Friends, too!
♥Georgie♥ said…
my favorite halloween costume(keep in mind we were very poor growing up) was the year my mom dressed me and my sisters as hobos-my fav part she painted beards on our silly I know but it is a special memory AND my fav costume...
Michelle-y said…
My fav Halloween memory was when the hubs and I dressed up as vampires and went to my besties parents party. We had a BLAST and thanks to my mad make-up skills no one recognized my hubby!
Eve said…
Whewee.. what a price package! :D

My favorite costume was a hand-me-down. My aunt had made an ET costume for my cousin one year and I got to have it the next. It was fantastic - the costume covered every bit of me - I climbed inside and someone had to zip it up. I was a huge fan of ET at the time, plus, I thought I was so cool for having an entire body suit type costume, instead of the usual costume and mask combo. ;)
Eve said…
I facebook friended you. :)
Eve said…
Oh, and I already follow you. :D

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