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My Checkered Preppy Past

So, I just finished reading this book....

Jen Lancaster (once again) had me giggling and cackling from start to finish of this book.  It's a memoir where she uses her fashion choices of her youth to tell her story. It got me thinking about what my fashion memoir would "look like" and it hit me like a ton of grosgrain ribbon belts...

I'm still stuck in my preppy 80's past (and my 70's hippie/gypsy style, but we'll save the 70's vibe for another day)....especially in the shoe department and with anything plaid.  Show me a pair of Minnetonka moccasins, Sperry Topsiders, Bass Weejuns and colorful espadrilles and I'll bubble over like a bottle of freshy popped champagne.  As for plaid...I just can't get enough of plaid!

I wore these all the time in my youth....

(sporto duck shoe...I had these in multiple colors)    

If you look in my closet today, you will still find Tretorns (now sporting a pink chevron), Sperry topsiders (now in plaid) and brown suede Minnetonka moccasins (minus the beads). I saw Sporto duck shoes at DSW last week and actually squealed out loud!!  A few weeks back while shopping at Urban Outfitters and other campus shops, I spotted these and actually got verklempt!

Asics Tiger Sneakers! I wore mine completely out back in the day!

Whale boots and espadrilles!! Can I hear a whoop! whoop!? 

I still love a good Ralph Lauren polo and plaid madras or khakis depending on my mood...and in the fall, I love wearing a plaid kilt style skirt with black riding boots at least once...(oh yeah...and a topless action here...sorry!)

This is my must have for this fall...

Who cares that it's never cold enough in Tucson to wear a coat most of the time!?  This Tracy Porter beauty will be mine!

Now if you really want to see something that is absolutely adorable in must go will give you warm fuzzies for days!

Oh! And go pick up a Jen Lancaster book too!

So, what would your fashion memoir look like?


ps...I just realized that yet again, I'm so old that the fashion trends of my youth have made a comeback...sigh.....


Shannon said…
I was just thinking about those Sporto duck shoes! I was wondering if I could find some and if they'd still be cool to wear! LOL I'm gonna have to go look now! I LOVED those when I was younger! Of course, mine came from the Salvation Army and were a size too small, but I still wore em!
Kristina P. said…
I LOVE coats. It's an obsession. That one is gorgeous.
blueviolet said…
We are from the very same time so mine would look much like yours! I also wore a lot of monogrammed sweaters! Fair Isle too! LOL
Randi Troxell said…
i am in love with that plaid coat.. it's beyond sweet!!!!
Tim Riley said…
Boat shoes and those two-tone Ocean Pacific jackets with the velcro pocket in front immediately come to mind. I'll probably be thinking about this topic all day.
Chaka said…
My kids die laughing when they see my yearbooks and everyone looks like they just walked off the set of Pretty in Pink. I still think the 80's were great.
I was a wannabe prep so badly! I wore my collar turned up and duck shoes, too! I wanted to be a "Buffy"!:) Thanks for the pics- so fun! It's coming back, Girl! We can hang out together with our Preppy handbooks.;) I am going to read that book, too! Lori
You've got my attention. I'm always game for a good book.

My fashion memoir is oh-so-embarrassing. A product of the 80's it's all about big belts, high hair, jelly shoes and all things neon..topped off with a fanny pack. *sigh* So embarrassing!
nigel said…
I love Sperry Topsiders, they ahve just brought out a range of work boots for the autumn!

LadyStyx said…
Mine would look like brushed cotten t-shirts or jeans. Lived in them then and I still live in them now. If not that... then a nice floral with lace trim (for the occasional prairie skirt I'd wear.... even though... I had those in denim too...)
Jenners said…
Oh ... I love Jen Lancaster! This is one of the few books of hers I haven't read.

My mom used to wear Tretorns all the time.

I'll have to think about my fashion story. It isn't pretty I can tell you that. Thanks for the post inspiration.
Kim said…
Blast from the past! I'd completely forgotten about Asics Tiger Sneakers. I had a pair just like those in the picture when I was in 10th grade.
babyrocasmama said…
There is NOTHING better than plaid...madras...whatever. I'm Irish AND a child of the 80's.

I also love the Bohemian/hippie look. Hubby calls me the conservative hippie. LMAO

I am going to email you in a bit. LOL

PS: Can you PLEASE PLEASE get a subscribe by email widget from feedburner so I can get your lovely posts in my inbox? My Google Reader keeps throwing up on me.

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