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How About a Little Salsa?

Happy Friday!  We've had a bundle of good times around here these last few weeks!  Chilly has just returned from a fabulous visit at University Medical Center.  He "enjoyed" a lovely trip to the acute care facility because his kidneys decided they no longer enjoyed working for him...let's just say they were failing in ready to bite the bullet in a matter of days if he refused hospitalization.  His pancreas went on strike as well.  All kidding aside, he is extremely fortunate that he survived.  It wasn't looking so good there for a while.  Happily, he has returned home and is much improved!   He does miss the five star restaurant quality menu and food service he received while hospitalized.  Seriously, it was like he was on vacation at Canyon Ranch Spa.  He'll probably find some excuse to get himself hospitalized again just for the food!

It seemed for a moment that we were going to get some dance instruction or cooking lessons while visiting the hospital too.  A nurse came to inform us that the SALSA Clinic was coming to see Chilly and me.  Wow!  How fun!  Salsa lessons!  Were we going to learn how to make a diabetic salsa or was some hunky dance instructor coming to teach us a little sexy Salsa dancing?  Um...yeah....wrong on both counts....

SALSA stands for Southern Arizona LIMB SALVAGE Alliance...That's right, folks...LIMB SALVAGE!  Nothing like hearing the words LIMB SALVAGE to brighten your day!  Apparently, my idiot husband  Chilly hadn't been taking very good care of a few blisters gone bad on his feet.  (You would think that being in the hospital last June for 4 days for this very thing would make him realize that he has to take good care of his feet.)  Anyhoo...he is now the proud owner of a lovely black boot/cast thingy on one foot up to the knee and a Frankenstein boot on the other.  Niiiiiiice, are really stylin' now!  He is seriously lucky he didn't lose a foot or two! 

On the bright side, Chilly's neurologist finally cleared him to drive. I was thrilled!  No more hour and a half trips to his office twice daily for me!  (Yeah, three hours a day of my life for the last 7 months that I will never get back...yes, I am whining and complaining about that!)  I could actually get back to my regular morning routine of blogging and coffee!  Oh! Wait...did you hear that?  That would be the screeching brakes of my hopes and dreams coming to a fast stop...Ironically, the moment he is cleared to drive, his hopes (and mine) are dashed....Dr. Miami of the SALSA Clinic (not his real name...just my name for him...and yes, he is a hottie....) put the big kabosh on driving for Chilly for another 3-6 months!  Wha....????  I guess you can't go driving around in ginormous Frankenstein boots and foot casts.  Can this husband of mine be any more high maintenance!?  

So, there you have it....we are home...limbs and vital organs saved for now...
let's hope it stays that way for a while!

I will be posting a very special piece in a few days.  It's taken me a year of bribery and nagging, but I've finally convinced Chilly to share what happened to him during his triple bypass two years ago.  He had a near death experience that dramatically impacted the way he sees the world.  He has never shared it with others...just close family.  It was actually studied by researchers at the hospital...they take these events very seriously for research purposes.  Recently, Chilly has found others who share the same kind of experience.  I hope you'll swing by for a visit!

Thanks (again and again) for understanding my lack of blogging activity.  I will hopefully visiting you all regularly starting next Monday.  Just when I think I can get back in the saddle, I get the wind knocked out of my sails with unexpected hospitalizations!  I am so grateful to all of you.



Anonymous said…
I was just thinking about yall yesterday! I'm glad things are okay now - that's some scary stuff!

Yes, please Chilly, tell us about your experience!
Kelly said…
We've missed you! Good luck with all you have going on.
Good to hear from you and know all is back to normal--or whatever passes for normal at your house. Looking forward to Chilly's story. He needs to write it down so the kids can read it when they're older and can appreciate it. Love you!
Tracy said…
so glad chilly is home and you all are well!
Kristina P. said…
Scary and hopeful! Glad he can drive again.
Cara said…
So good to see you here again, Dawn. I love how you are able to keep a positive spin on all of this-you're inspiring :)
Randi Troxell said…
limb salvage.. that just sounds TERRIBLE.. could they NOT have come up with a better name?

glad to see you again.. i continue to think and pray for you and yours..
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
Best of wishes, Lady Dawn!!! Tenacity unparalleled over there!

Hugs! Miss you.

Glad Chilly is home!
Vickie said…
OMG!! Glad Chilly is home now. You guys have been through a lot!

I don't know if you were joking but I actually don't mind hospital food. That is one less thing I have to cook;) No really, I don't mind:)
aurora said…
So glad to see this update. You never cease to amaze me with your positive attitude and humor.
Hugs to you and Chilly and the family. ♥
Dapoppins said…
I will swing by for a visit any time you have anything to time i am ever in any hospital, I will chuckle and think of your Salsa!
Holy moly!! Hope things get better SOON, for BOTH your sakes!!
Jenners said…
I definitely want to hear about Chilly's experiences!!!!!!! Having lost my dad last year(and my grandmother and a friend), I'm more than a little interested in what he has to say.

And I love how you are able to put a humorous and light-hearted tone on a time that is anything but for you guys. Keep hanging in there you all!!
The Mrs. said…
God golly, hold on to all organs and limbs for god sakes. Get better Chilly!!! xoxo
LORI said…
pam said…
I am really looking forward to hearing what Chilly has to say...very interesting.

You and your family are always on my mind and in my prayers.

The Blonde Duck said…
Did ya'll get your sussy?
You have an amazing way of taking the bad news. I continue to be inspired by you! Prayers for you and the family!
Mrs4444 said…
I'm grateful for the update; I've been wondering and praying for you. Looks like my prayers were answered :) Have a great weekend!
kado! said…
Can't wait to hear his story, I bet it is very inspiring!

glad to hear things have gotten back to "normal" for you.
Dawn, So happy Chilly and all his vital organs and limbs are home safe and sound!! I am amazed by your strength and inspire us all.
God Bless all of you and please keep your fantastic posts coming!
Donnetta said…
SO glad all limbs are still INTACT! :)

Way to stay positive and keep your spirits up!
Anastasia said…
Wow, thanks for this post. My husband and I are both type 2 diabetic and its good to hear things like this from now on, to keep us on track! Thanks for visiting my blog,
Eve said…
Haha... oh, the irony of your driving situation!!

I'm so glad though (even with the inability to drive) that Chilly's limbs will be fine!

... and also glad that you migh tbe doing more blogging in the days to come! ;)

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