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Angels and Ear Trumpets...Chilly's Story

I'm officially residing in the Land of Blog once again!  Woo hoo! 

Here's a recent photo of me...(ok...not really me, but a good depiction of my life as of late!)

This is one of the reasons for my blogging new deafness in my right ear..more on those sordid details in another post....

Now, I promised you the story about Chilly's Near Death Experience and I'm going to deliver it right now! Let us begin...

As you may remember, Chilly had a triple bypass surgery in March 2008.  He died for 6 minutes during his recovery.  Those six minutes completely changed his life.  

Prior to his bypass, Chilly was blessed with many loved ones telling him they would pray for him and his speedy recovery.  He shared with me that he thought all that praying was a waste of time...that it wouldn't make a difference anyway.  Well, we all prayed for him anyway. Chilly was very negative about the surgery and it's outcome...just overall negative about everything at that point. 

Day 3 of Chilly's recovery was also his 40th was the day he died.  He was very irritable all day long.  I had not left the hospital once since his surgery.  He finally told me that we (his father and I) needed to go home for the night.  He was super grumpy, so we felt it was best to give him some space.  

I was home for about 5 minutes when a call came from the hospital asking me to return immediately.  The nurse would not tell me if Chilly was even still alive.  She wouldn't answer any of my questions. We live 40 minutes from the hospital.  Racing back to the hospital was the longest 40 minutes of my life.  Upon my return to the hospital, I found a pastor standing outside Chilly's room, the crash cart (obviously used) and his room filled with about 20 doctors.  Chilly was lying in the bed with his eyes closed.  I heard the heart monitor beeping so I knew he was still alive.  

"Why are you causing all of this drama here, Chilly?"  I said trying to smile as I tried to walk with very shaky legs into his room.  He opened his eyes and I could tell immediately that something had deeply affected him.  He couldn't speak and his pupils were so dilated his eyes looked completely black.  The doctors began telling me that he had coded shortly after I left.  Thanks to Frank, an awesome nurse, Chilly's life was saved.

Once all of the hullaballoo was over and the doctors were gone, Chilly shared with me what happened during his "death."  Keep in mind that prior to the surgery, Chilly didn't believe in the afterlife or the power of prayer.  Here is his accounting of what happened...

"I felt like I went to sleep and woke up standing in a liquid sunrise that was all around me.  It was deeply peaceful and I loved being there.  I felt like it was pure peace and love.  I didn't want to be anywhere else.  There was really no sense of time there.

Two beings on each side of me...It was almost like they were holding my hands.  One was tall and one was short.  They were made of light, and it appeared that they were wearing white robes.  They had no faces, but I could "hear" them in my mind...I guess they were telepathing to me.  We stood there looking out over the horizon together.  They emanated a deep love and peace. They "asked" me if I was ready to go.  I said I wanted to go get my family so they could see this.  They indicated that the family could not be there.  They "shared" with me that I had a choice.  I could continue on with them, or I could go back.  I decided to go back and get my family anyway.  The next thing I remember is feeling pulled back and seeing the lights of the room above me.  It was very startling to be back. 

I learned that I had died for over 6 minutes.  I'm grateful that I am back with my family. However, every day I miss that blissful peace that I felt. I was depressed for many months after the surgery because being in the sunrise was painless and peaceful.  It felt like home.  Being back has been difficult.  Watching my family deal with all of my health issues is painful.  I guess I still have unfinished business here. 

I feel that what I experienced is God. It's very emotional to talk about my experience.  I decided to share it so that others may find the same peace about the afterlife that I now have.  I know that my loved ones that have passed are in a better place...a place of pure love.  I know there is no more suffering there. I am no longer afraid to die."

~William Smith aka Chilly

Shortly after Chilly shared this with me in the hospital room, a nurse came in.  He told her what happened.  Later that evening, several researchers from the University of Arizona came in to document his experience. 

Recently, we were watching a program on the Discovery Channel about NDE's and someone shared the same experience that Chilly had!  Chilly was very moved by the man's story as it was almost identical to his own.  Prior to having his Near Death Experience, Chilly would have laughed and thought you were crazy if you told him this happened to you.  He was a complete non-believer. He knows better now!

Thanks for letting us share Chilly's story with you.  I hope it will bring you some sense of peace about what lies before us. 

I'm happy to be back!  Looking forward to visiting all of my bloggy friends and family over the coming weeks!



Kristina P. said…
Wow, what an amazing experience. I definitely believe that these things happen to people.
blueviolet said…
That gave me chills upon chills. I LOVE that he felt that kind of peace and happiness in that place. It gives such comfort to know that our loved ones will be there.
LT said…
That is an amazing story!! It totally gave me the chills. It is nice to hear confirmed some of the beliefs I have.

It's nice to see you too girl!!!
Polka Dot Moon said…
I have goosebumps! And I've always believed, but it's amazing to hear that from other people and expecially one that had that experience!!

Glad to see you around :)
Oh Dawn, I can't stop crying! That's beautiful, it really is. I've been praying for Chilly's peace, and I think he has found it. You have all my love and prayers!

Randi Troxell said…
i'm with blueviolet.. this gave me many chills.. but i completely believe.. you guys will all forever be in my thoughts and prayers...

been missing you!!
Kitten said…
This is the second time in as many weeks that I've heard a story similar to Chilly's. It warms my heart, gives me chills, and also lessens my fear about dying. Thanks for sharing this with us!
pam said…
I am a strong believer in what you just described. I look forward to one day feeling no pain..not that I am ready to go anytime soon...but, when one lives with struggles and pain it is comforting to know one day you will be healed.

glad to hear you are back

thais. said…
oh my! I am ALL goosebumps right now. what a beautiful and special experience. wishing your family great days to come ;)
aurora said…
Thank you (both of you) for sharing this experience with us. I truly believe in all that Chilly described and I am so thankful when I hear of the pure love and peace that is felt in the afterlife.

Love to you all!

aurora said…
...oh, and I LOVE the ear trumpet ;-)
Thank you for speaking peace to a mother's heart. My oldest daughter died almost 4 years ago at the age of 28. Chilly's experience has helped me more than you can ever know.
What an amazing experience. Thank you (both of you) for sharing it with all of us!!

P.S. Welcome Back Bloggy Friend! Welcome Back! You have been missed!
Shannon said…
Thank you for sharing. I could've cried when I read the last paragraph. Knowing that my grandmother and other loved ones are feeling that same peace makes me very happy.
Tracy said…
Thank you for sharing!

Lots of hugs comin your way!

Email me when you get a chance lovey!

Jess said…
That is a FANTASTIC story and even though I do believe, it is so nice to have affirmation that it really is that beautiful and peaceful over there! Amazing story and SO glad that Chilly is OK.
The Blonde Duck said…
What an amazing story. Love the new header!

Did ya'll get your sussy?
Chaka said…
That is an amazing story. I'm a believer. I was just having a conversation last week with a good friend who informed me that he is now an atheist and doesn't believe in God, afterlife, or the spirit. I think it would be sad to believe that everything ends after this life. Thank Chilly for sharing that.
♥ Noelle ♥ said…
hi hun! wow, that story sent chills down my spine! i am a believer that this can happen; it fascinates me:) i'm so glad he came back to you all that day ♥

how are things going?
kado! said…
please tell Chilly Thank You for sharing his story. Really, really, thank you to him for sharing it. It sounds like such a beautiful place. I would have been right there with him laughing at crazy stories like that...but coming from someone I know and trust (hehehe, on the Internet) this particular story really did touch me, and gives me hope that it does not all end when we die. I hope to feel that same peace with my husband and kids on the other side someday.

oh yea, i love your new header too.
Thanks for sharing. It gave me chicken skin as I read it and I too felt love and peace.
Ashley said…
When you originally posted that he had NDE but that he wasn't ready to talk about, I was so curious. It's not cold here, but as soon as I started reading what Chilly went through, every bit of hair stood up on my body. God is amazing and I'm glad for Chilly. That even though everything you're going through, he is not afraid to let go.

Miss ya lady! <3
Just SO said…
Amazing. Thank you for sharing this.
Jenners said…
Thank you so much for sharing this, Chilly and Dawn. I lost my dad this past August in a mountaineering accident and I've been searching for information on the afterlife and near death experiences ever since to give myself a sense of what he might have felt or experienced. This is so soothing and good to read. I feel happy knowing that Chilly had such a positive and loving and good experience ... I now picture my dad in that same place .. as well as all my other loved ones. I hope this will help to soothe your family when Chilly's time does eventually come ... I know it will not make it any easier to lose him, but I think you should be able to know that he is in a better place and we can all be there someday.

Thank you for sharing this.

And, Dawn, What the heck is up with you? I wish you could just catch a break with SOMETHING!

mine, by magpie said…
WOW. i don't even know what to say to that post- AMAZING. seriously. it's been so long and i'm just visiting everyone i remember from bloggyland and let me tell you- that was SOME motivation to stalk around and catch on your life, missy! i'm so happy that he is doing well and has such a renewed focus on life and what's next- it really does add such a textured dimension to how you walk thru the day, huh? so good to be back and hear this story right off the bat! xoxo
Mrs4444 said…
You have no idea what peace this brings me right now. I just sent this link to Hallie Twomey, who lost her son this week. Thank you so much for sharing this.
WeaselMomma said…
That is an amazing story!
I stopped by here on the recommendation of my good friend Mrs 4444 and I'm very glad that I did.
Robyn Jones said…
This is an amazing story...and I definately believe in this sort of thing...God is an incredible God, and I am so glad that your husband is feeling better...also glad to see you back in bloggy land.. :) BTW...I am 50 percent deaf in one ear, started three years ago...and I have tinnitus in the same diagnosis yet...going to yet ANOTHER doctor in May and in line for a hearing aid.... BTW pretty lady..i have an award for you...
Such an amazing and inspiring story. It brought tears to my eyes reading it.

I haven't been around to comment for the longest time and reading this just made me feel so awful for not being around. I miss your blog and your stories (no one tells them like you) and I promise not to be gone so long again!
babyrocasmama said…
Oh Miss Dawn, how I have missed you! What an amazing story Chilly shared with us. I read it to my husband. He is one of those sorta-non-believer people. I hoped the experience would have an impact on him, as one of my greatest wishes is for him to be saved and know the Lord as I do.

I still pray for a miracle for you every day. Nothing is impossible. But Chilly no longer being afraid of death and knowing what that kind of love and peace feels like must make the whole situation a little easier for you, doesn't it? I mean if there could be an "ease" to this situation.

I'm rambling, sorry. I hope things get better. I hope to see you blog hopping. I hope good and miraculous things for you and your family, my friend.
Mrs4444 said…
Just checking in....Hope you're doing okay...
From Tracie said…
How amazing! I love that God gave him this special insight into who He is and through a near death he has a new life! That is amazing.

Thank you for sharing this.
Amy Sullivan said…
I love Chilly's story. Thanks for sharing it with us. It makes me feel at peace.
Tonjia said…
Hi there! I am new to your blog, and this story moved me very much. I have a friend who went into cardiac arrest due to a congenital heart problem and she was clinically dead for about the same amount of time.. she describes an experience much like Chillys. its amazing!

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