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The City of Townsville Comes to Sahuarita

(taps microphone...)  Is this thing on?

Well, it appears that I have found my way back to the Land of Blog. 
Whew!  I thought I'd never get back here!

Lots of activity around the Smith house over the last month!

Some cute little 6 year old girl turned 7 last week!
  We had fabulous Powerpuff Girls themed party!  

(By the way...this is for the Boomerang network on tv...uh, yeah...thanks for bringing back the Powerpuff you know how hard it is to find PPG themed party stuff, Boomerang???)

I spent over a month trying to win various ebay auctions for party supplies just to have some stupid person snipe my bid in the last 5 seconds of the auctions!  I finally managed to outsmart the snipers and pulled together a pretty fantastic party.  We had a "City of Townsville Carnival" complete with villains trying to wreck the fun.  The Powerpuff Girls came to the rescue and the carnival was saved!  Buh-bye, Mojo-Jojo!  NO CAKE FOR YOU!  (obscure Soup Nazi reference for Chilly...)  

And yes...I still have one of my Christmas trees up.  We just added birthday cards, gift ornaments, bows, etc. to give it a birthday party vibe.  Just yesterday, I changed it to a Valentine's theme.  I figure I may as well get my money's worth out of one of my trees!  Watch out future holidays!  You're next!

Speaking of you have any fantastic (or horrifying) ebay stories for me?  It's been a while since I visited ebay.  I was like a maniac trying to win those auctions...I was yelling at the computer stuff like..."big money! no whammies!" while waiting for the countdown clock to hit zero..."just try and snipe me again, you ebay losers!"....My kids thought I'd completely lost my marbles.  I think I kids probably have them listed on ebay with free shipping...

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!  It's so good to be back!!!



Kristina P. said…
Love the Christmas/Birthday tree.

I almost only do the Buy It Now auctions on eBay. It saves a lot of hassle.
Tracy said…

Love that you have a tree up still!!!

Hope all is well!

Kelly said…
So glad you are back. What a fun party idea. I have a girl turning 7 soon- we are doing a pajama party (but not a sleepover).

So I have an ebay horror story for you. I ordered a doll that was supposed to do all this great stuff, cry. laugh, burp, etc. It was when I lived overseas and the seller was saying it was in mint condition and all. They packaged it so badly that the box was nearly in shreds by the time it arrived. It smelled like cigarettes, was dirty, and didn't work. She wouldn't work with me on a refund because she said it took too long for me to complain. I never could really explain that overseas shipping takes 4-6 weeks. Since so much time passed I had no recourse except to leave bad comments. She then left me bad comments. It was a mess. So we named that baby doll "Stinky Baby"

Brian Miller said…
welcome back. looks like you have been having fun. happy birthday!

scooped some great deals on ebay as well on some superhero stuff for my boys...
Alyssa said…
She's getting so big and is sooo pretty!
~jill said…
i love the idea of having a holiday tree all year!
Polka Dot Moon said…
The Soup Nazi....hehehehehwbwaahahahaha!

Nice to see you around! Love the trees! And....

Ebay snipers DRIVE ME NUTS! BOO to all of em!
blueviolet said…
I haven't purchased anything from EBay in so long now!!! But I hate those last second bidders!
mommaof4wife2r said…
your tree is gorgeous! and well, we took ours down just a few days ago. they are so pretty, i think you should redecorate for each holiday...
Welcome back....Ebay-there is something you can do to outbid at the last minute. I was so annoyed for the longest time before I found out about this....
I have never even looked at Ebay but I use them in joke references because of people I know.

Cool tree!

I'm afraid I'm one of those evil ebay snipers that you hate. But I wasn't bidding on Powerpuff stuff, so it wasn't me.

Glad to hear from you and LOVE the holiday tree.
blognut said…
Welcome back! Love the tree!
Robyn Jones said…
Glad to see your back!! And I am soooo glad to see someone else doesn't take down their tree...I just took down my tree this weekend...LOL! Your's looks far better then mine did though..Mine was Toddlerized.....I wish I could get Powerpuff girls...I Love that show..never mind my kids...LOL!
Mammatalk said…
What a lovely tree and a lovely girl! Seven is such fun!
Jenners said…
Your tree looks so lovely ... and not too Christmasy. Happy Birthday to your not-so-little girl.

And I'm terrible at winning on reflexes aren't the fast!
pam said…
Your birthday tree is so cute.
Thinking of you...

LT said…
Hi Bee! Oh how we have missed you!
I could probably tell you any story you want about eBay. Selling, buying, sniping, you name it let me know! My best eBay tip? Search for misspelled items! They never have any bids LOL! Second best tip, if you need to win it, have 2 windows open with the same item. Then you can bid twice as fast!!
Should have said this first, but Happy Birthday Irish Dancer Girl!! Is 7 scary?? We are aproaching 6 and I am scared to death.
Love the tree! Show us a pic for every holiday huh?!
Take care, and I hope you have a fabulous week too!!!
Captain Dumbass said…
You could keep that tree going all year round. Valentine's is just around the corner.

You'd always have something to blog about.
aurora said…
I love the tree! I wish I had a spot in my home for a year-round tree. Fun! Can't wait to see each holiday version. ;-)

Hope that all is well. So glad to see you here.

Annie said…
Nice to see ya! Love the tree idea :) Hate Ebay :(
Anonymous said…
Brilliant! Love the changing theme on the tree!
Missed you!! Happy birthday to your daughter.

My daughter now loves the PPG. (thanks to them running a marathon for the anniversary, my son watched the marathon) Now when she sees a commercial she thinks they are going to be on. (She is 3)
LadyStyx said…
*laffin* No cake for you! Ok...that almost makes up for the other post... ew.
Unknown Mami said…
I have banned myself from ebay because I get too competitive.
kado! said…
We LOVE Boomerang!

oh man...I do love a good e-bay Victory...but have been sad over a few last second loses too! I've scored some great baby clothes in the past when my youngest was small!

I even bought a classic car on e-bay for my husbands was listed in a few towns over!

love the holiday tree idea!

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