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Well, I Never! Wednesday

It's "Well, I Never! Wednesday here at the Bee and Rose! (Say "Well, I Never!" with a southern sounds so much cooler!)

Well, I never
thought this would happen to me in a department store....

*So, I'm doing a little pre-holiday shopping at Home Goods on Monday and what to my wandering eyes did appear?

A miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer? An aisle full of fabulous markdowns on things I couldn't live without? Stacks of hundred dollar bills? No.....

It was a naked guy sprawled out on a white furry doggy in in not wearing a stitch of clothing....

Here's a re-cap...I was trolling the aisles for goodies....I turned to head down the pillow aisle to discover it was occupied by a Naked Guy who appeared to be a Dead Guy upon first glance. (His eyes were closed and he was very still...) After I realized he was actually breathing, I started laughing and backed myself out of the aisle. The lady at the other end of the aisle was hollering "What the blankety~blank? Why are you layin' on a dang dog bed naked, son?" We both then headed straight away to find the manager. The manager had already been made aware of the situation, but refused to call the cops. I'm still not sure why she refused. Anyhoo....another shopper called the cops. While we were waiting for them to arrive, we could hear more customers laughing as they passed the Naked Guy aisle. They also came to alert the manager.

Suddenly, Naked Guy appeared along the perimeter of the store except that he was now Stupid Pervert in a Wife Beater Tank Top and Black Gym Shorts. He looked irritated and left the store quickly. As he was leaving, the women waiting for the cops were yelling out "You Idiot! Loser! Come back when you have something worth showing!" I'm sure he wasn't pleased that he didn't provide the shock and awe he intended. Most of the women shopping at that time were my age (40+) and obviously felt he was ridiculous. Clearly, this person is very disturbed and could potentially be dangerous. That being said, I think he figured out that we weren't buying his "sexy beast" routine in the pillow aisle and decided to make a hasty exit. What a creep!

I don't know if they caught him...I do know that it will be a long time before I go back to Home Goods!

*Well, I never felt so filled with warm fuzzies as I have the last few days reading all the very kind birthday wishes left for me here! Thank you so very much! It really made my day special!

Have a delightful Wednesday! XOXO!


The Head Eagle said…
Wow! What does one say to that!

Hopefully the law will catch up with him..SOON!

Happy Wednesday!
I guess you just never know what you will find shopping. LOL
OMG...does that kind of stuff really happen...That's too damn funny...
So....did they mark down the dog bed??
otin said…
Geez, I was just trying to get a nap! LOL!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness Dawn, that is crazy!!

Jamie :)
Kristina P. said…
I just don't understand!
Randi Troxell said…
it IS sorta funny.. but totally scary too.. i really hope they find him.. and i CANNOT believe that manager wouldn't call the police... WHAT ON EARTH!!
You are so hysterical and always make me laugh..I just love a gal who can find a bit of humor in everything!!
hope your bday was great
Oh btw, stop over I am doing a giveaway of a pretty necklace from my boutique
That is just crazy! I would have died, but not before I LMFAO at his stupidity!
Kim said…
You need to change your title to "Laugh Out Loud Wednesday," because that story is hilarious.

I remember the first time my friends and I were "mooned" by teenaged boys passing by in a car—we were so shocked!! Now, stuff like that just makes me offer a sad little smile of pity. Sorry, guys, but we mothers have seen it all, so you might as well keep your junk in your trunk.
Caitlin said…
That's hilarious! What a perv!
Tracy said…
OH EM GEE!!! That is hilarious!!!!!
kado! said…
HA! next time you go I wanna come too...i could use a good laugh like that one!!!! ;)
Unknown Mami said…
Why didn't the manager want to call the cops?
Eve said…
Oh My Goodness!!

blueviolet said…
I pity the fool who buys that bedding on clearance! Sick!
Kelly said…
That is a great thing for a blogger to run into! What a great story to share. Also- ick!
Polka Dot Moon said…
eeewwwww! Now who is gonna buy that rug?

You have the best "strange" stories!!!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Hello Girlie!!! I haven't seen you around in a while, hope your doing well. Miss ya!

Now on to the naked guy, yup you know I couldn't leave that one ;). WTH??? That is just nuts! (ooppps I didn't mean that)

Blog Stalker said…
And nobody took a picture? in the days of camera phones? He couldhave gone viral and then he ould have really got noticed! lol

Have a great day!
LadyStyx said…
I'm so not gonna go where my mind just went....sorry.
The Blonde Duck said…
Happy belated b-day! What in the world would entice someone to lounge about nude in a dept. store?
carol said…
ha ha! Was he selling a birthday suit? If you had a camera you could have posted a picture. I'm sure somebody probably did snap a shot. That would have been a head turner.
A Psych Mommy said…
Happy belated birthday chica!
babyrocasmama said…
Damn, you've got some crazies out there in the desert. LOL And I thought SoCal was bad!

Kind of sucks that it wasn't even a good show, but at least it was great blog fodder. :)
Mammatalk said…
I don't think I've ever had that kind of experience at Home Goods. What a story!
pam said…
well...that is one thing I can say in all my years of working retail, that I have never seen. And, I thought that I have seen it all!!
HAHAHA!!! Where is your camera when you need it, huh?

What a loony bird!

Happy late birthday!
Vickie said…
Why wouldn't the manager call tha cops! Now that is scary!
Dapoppins said…
You had a birthday?

((dapoppins slaps self))

and now your 40+? That guy knew where to sleep, I think he was waiting for all the cougars. Now he knows that cougars have very discriminating tastes.

Did you get to see New Moon?

Hope things are well with you and yours. Saying a prayer that your Thanksgiving will be thankful.
Mrs4444 said…
Well, Lord knows you needed a laugh-He sure took care of you THAT day!

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