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Raising Cane

Happy Monday, ya'll! I think the flu has finally flown from our domicile! It's been a rough few weeks around here!

As many of you know, my husband ordered up a stroke / heart attack combo during the month of August. We've had to make lots of changes to accomodate Chilly's new way of life. The most significant change is his mobility. He is now able to walk with the use of a cane. This is his current fashion accessory...the Bubba Stick....

Did you know that there's a whole world of "cane" fashion out there?! Every time we are out and about, we end up in some kind of cane "show and tell" situation...seriously, this happens all of the time! People are super proud of their canes!

Personally, if I needed a cane, I would use this one...
It comes with a built in flask that holds a double shot of convenient! You can purchase this at! Apparently, vampires love to use canes! Who knew?!

Chilly would love to add this to his cane closet. It comes with a built in sword...perfect for those idiots at physical therapy at the hospital that like to come in coughing and sneezing all over everyone and contaminating them with the flu...but I would've come in handy though and saved me tons of money that I've spent on flu recovery around here! (Yes, I'm talking to you, idiot family that came in hacking up your lungs all over the waiting room...)

There are canes with clocks, binoculars and my personal favorite (NOT)...canes made from bull "uh~hmm" kidding....

Apparently, Chilly's cane makes him appear really old distinguished. It's hilarious to me that people still think Chilly is my ailing father! Sometimes, when people find out my husband had a stroke, they move a few steps away from can see the wheels spinning in their pea-size brains that I must be a "black widow" wife just waiting for my elderly husband to die. When they find out he's actually younger than me (he's 41), they breathe a sigh of relief and move back into my space. (This really happens to me!)

Thank you all again for your deeply appreciated support! I have been slowly but surely trying to get back into my blog stalking groove now. I am truly grateful for your kind understanding!

Have a magical Monday!



kado! said…
i like the "Bubba-stick" looks fancy!

...that one with the flask could really come in handy though...i might have to start a new! ;)
aurora said…
Wow. A cane world. Who knew??

So glad to see this post and hear that your fam is over the flu.

{hack, cough} 'oh, was that ON you? Sorry.'

Kristina P. said…
This is awesome! I think he needs a Snuggie.
Tracy said…
I soooo miss you!!!!
Glad you all are feeling better!

Randi Troxell said…
he's doing some high stylin' with his canes!!

glad to have you again!
I'm not surprised at all that there's a whole underworld of cane fashion. Have you ever met a man who lost his cane? It is NOT sufficient to just go get another one, the favorite is the favorite and no other will do.
Annie said…
My husband made a cane for his grandmother that she used for years. Canes are so in! We all should have known that Chilly would be on the cutting edge of fashion!

Oh, and canes are great for whacking folks too. I'm just sayin'
blueviolet said…
I didn't know there were so many interesting cane varieties!
otin said…
I might get one just because they look cool!
WOW, I had no idea there were so many canes out there.

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better.

Jenners said…
Hearing Chilly's age and what he's gone through just gives me the willies as I'm 42. He should NOT be going through this.

I never really thought about canes ... but I guess it makes sense to have one that diplays your personality. The ones you showed are really cool!

Be well. Sending you hugs!
*Noelle* said…
aww! now he can be your "pimp" with his cane!!! hahahaha! j/k glad to hear he is doing well:-)
Polka Dot Moon said…
Hmmm......can't decide which "Cane" I like more; the one with the whiskey or the one with the sword!!!

Do they come encrusted with rhinestones?

Hope you're having a fabulous week :)
jenjen said…
Dawn -
I am so sorry about everything. Life just sucks sometimes. I am glad your husband is doing better. And his cane is very cool.

I am glad you guys are getting over the flu. That's no fun. I think it would be so fun if you made some pillows out of your left over burlap!

Have a wonderful week!

Unknown Mami said…
Good riddance to the flu.
Caitlin said…
You little Anna Nicole! :)

I had no idea about the canes...? So glad to hear everyone's over the flu!
Eve said…
I love the sword cane... that's the one I want (like now. I don't even need it and I want it)! ;)
LT said…
Good riddance flu!
My hubby would freak over the skull cane, I didn't know they made such cool canes either!
Hope you are having a good week!
HI Dawn,
WOW!! Im sad to here about your husband but very happy that he is on a good path back.
Wish you all the best and ive really missed you!
HI Dawn,
Sorry to hear about your husband. Glad he seems to be on the right path back, thats great!!
Ive missed you!! Sabrina
Hi sweetie, I'm sorry you are going through so much, but releaved the flu is moving on from your home!! You had me in tears laughing over the skelaton cane with the flask, I want that!!! We have an inside flask joke in my home where my friends 'borrow' my little pink flask, they would crack-up if I surprised them with this one!!!
(hang in there , I had cancer years ago and things do get better, God willing!!!)
LadyStyx said…
We've been fighting something over here too. Not sure what it is. Im suspecting a tag team of many different things.
The Mrs. said…
My mother has a cane collection! She may need a bubba stick! she's turning into candy spelling my mom is!
Polka Dot Moon said…
I've left you a well deserved award on my blog :)
Anonymous said…
Built in flask, eh??
Chaka said…
You make me want to have a cane after showing those cool examples. People might think I'm eccentric but I might try one out.
Kristen Andrews said…
that is a cool stick, very fashionable think of you guys often
The Blonde Duck said…
Happy Halloween! I hope Cat has a wonderful time!
Debbie said…
I have been missing you! I'm glad to hear everything is going better now. And I can only imagine how people react to a young person like Chilly having a stroke.
Mrs4444 said…
What in the world?! How did this happen? I'm so sorry that I missed this. I'm praying up a storm over here for you guys...

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