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How Do You Like Them Apples?

Again, I return to the land of Blog after a long absence....Cross your fingers that I can stick around this time! I've been living in a house of ill repute for the last week. (no...I'm not taking up prostitution just yet, although with the cost of Chilly's medical bills, medicines and the price of apples, I am seriously considering it...more on how apples nearly caused my own heart attack in a moment....)

My house of ill repute is literally filled with the sick and infirm. All I can say is that it seriously sucks to care for your sick family when you are sick yourself. My son has the flu, (NOT H1N1, thank God!), Irish Dancer Girl has allergy and sinus issues, and Chilly is having some serious upper respiratory issues which are dangerous for him. Hopefully, he will not have to be hospitalized. I'm having some
mild asthma and sinus issues myself and would really just like to NOT pee my panties every time I cough. All I can say is that I am not too proud to start wearing Depends at this point if it means I don't have to change clothes every 30 seconds! (I know...TMI...sorry....I'm delirious....and don't laugh, younger'll be 40+ someday too!) Fortunately, after days of despair, we are on the mend and on to healthier times.

Back to the apples...

Chilly and I stopped at our local grocery store last week for a few items. Chilly picked up four Gala apples. We paid for our items and it occurs to me that our tab is a bit higher than I calculated. (Yes, I am that kind of shopper...I watch those receipts like a hawk.) I spot the crime immediately.

4 apples = $5.29.......Did ya catch that?

What the heck are these freakin' apples made of? Some kind of edible gold? I actually started shrieking in the store (much to Chilly's horror...) "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME? FIVE DOLLARS FOR FOUR APPLES??? THAT IS JUST PLAIN THIEVERY!!"

Poor Chilly scuttles to the exit as fast as he can because he knows I'm just getting started. I march back to the apple stand where I KNOW the sign for Gala apples said $1 per pound and sure enough, they are just that. Chilly insists that he purchased Galas. Upon closer inspection, I discover the problem. Chilly has purchased 4 Honeycrisp apples. Honeycrisps are the "shee-shee~pooh~pooh" Prada style apples of the apple world. They are $3 per pound!!

I can plainly see how Chilly was hoodwinked. Galas and Honeycrisp look almost identical. The day before when Chilly purchased his Gala apples he found them easily. The day of the crime, he went back to where he originally picked up the Galas. HOWEVER, the Galas had been moved to the opposite side of the aisle and were replaced with the Honeycrisp. SHAZAM! It was a bait and switch! Those produce managers are diabolical! Chilly does not have the shopping savvy that I possess so he was completely suckered in by that rotten trick.

I have a feeling that Snow White probably bit into a Honeycrisp and passed out when she found out how expensive they were. That's probably the E True Hollywood version of her story. So, BUYER BEWARE!!! Watch out for the Honeycrisp Bait and Switch at your local market! And, is it just me or has the price of apple cider just gone completely sky high too?! Oy!

Well, my mad nursing skills are being summoned from various parts of my kingdom. More Halloween fun coming tomorrow!



Cammie said…
hope everyone is feeling better soon.
Holy Moly! I loves me some Honey Crisps, but not that much. This year's crop is just coming into the stores now, so I'm only paying a dollar a pound. Think I'll go back and buy a case to last me a while.

I hope you and your family are feeling better soon. I watch for your posts to hear that you're okay. Funny how we get all wrapped up in the lives of people that we've never met here in blogland.
The Boob Nazi said…
I want to make an apple pie right now. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Girl, you crack me up every time ;-) Hoping that you and yours feel better RIGHT NOW...there, did it work?? And yeah, tell me about it! I took my daughter to the apple orchard and got her a tiny bag to fill that cost $8, sheesh! We got these tiny little dinky apples...but it was fun, I guess that's all that matters, tee hee.

Jamie :)
I'm so sorry about all the sickness in your house...I hate that.

As for the apples...I LOVE the Honeycrisp, and will pay the higher price...I'll cut back on the green beans...but not the apples!!
Brenda Jean said…
BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I thought I was the only one who had the pee problem when I have a cough. But since I'm 49 I'm guessing this is a 40 something problem? How unfair is that? Geesh!

Yes, Honeycrisp are the apple EVERYONE wants so they can charge an arm and a sex organ for them. I bought Gala and just loved them!

I hope you all feel better soon:)
aurora said…
Sorry that you are all so sick--hopefully you are on the road to recovery.
Love the apple story... I think that they do that with grapes too... some are cheap and others are not and they are all together--drives me crazy!
Tranquility said…
Oooh - I feel your frustration and anger. I would have returned them (if I was still in the store) and had a 'word' or two with the manager about placement of signs, etc.

$3 per pound?... for APPLES? Are you kidding me? I agree that some apples taste better than others, but there is not an apple in existence that can taste worthy of $3 per pound!

Yes - I was thinking that apple cider had suddenly gotten a lot more expensive too. Hmm... they must be mixing in some of those $3/lb apples!! ;)
blueviolet said…
I would have switched those apples right back to the store with attitude.
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Hey sweets hope you feel better soon, it sucks being a mom and sick!

Oh poor Chilly what a bad produce man to do that. Ok who in their right mind would pay $3 a pound? That just blows my mind, I've never heard of them before.

Hugs your way!
Kelly said…
That is just shameless! Glad Chilly is up and around.
Tracy said…
I've never had those apples! And... by the price of them, I wont ever be having them!

I will admit that I do splurge on the 'Cara Cara' oranges. Those are DELISH! I'll cut back on something else just for those oranges.

I've missed you mamma bee! Sorry everyone is sick. *hugs*
Anonymous said…
Lol Snow White!

WOW!! I would have freaked out about the apples too.

Hope everyone feels better soon.
BoufMom9 said…
Oh no! So sorry to hear you have a house full of illness (me too!)
Ok, and the peeing pants... LOL! (it's why i no longer join the kids on the trampoline! yeah, that's what a twin pregnancy got me! UGH!_)

those apple prices are ridiculous!
The Blonde Duck said…
That is a ridiculous price for apples! Hope everyone feels better soon!
LadyStyx said…
Dang. I don't recall even SEEING that type of apple in the store here. Galas, Fujis, deliciouses, Granny Smiths...but not the edible gold Pradas...
Randi Troxell said…
yea this sorta reminds me of the day i went to pick a gal. of milk up from a 7-11.. and they were charging like $6.50 for it.. i totally almost FAINTED!!!

hope you guys get to feeling better!!
Kado! said…
my cousin was just writing a post about how good those apples are...i guess I gotta try them...I've not seen them over here in NY though...
Oh my your are hysterical and have put a smile on my face :)...I sure hope you all get better asap!!! I am heading out to upstate NY for some apple picking I will be watching them like a hawk when I go to pay ...thanks to you my dear.
feel better
otin said…
If I bit into a crisp apple, I would probably need about 2000 dollars worth of dental work!! LOL!
koralee said…
Glad to hear your family is getting better...I played nurse last weekend and it is not a fun job. Those apple prices are crazy...I have learned to go straight to the farmers market or the apple orchard for my apples! Thanks for the tip!
LT said…
So glad to see you pop in! I miss you when you are not here. I hope that everyone in your house is feeling better soon. And I so know about the coughing and peeing thing, never had that problem before being pregnant.
Jenners said…
But did you try those Honeycrisps??? They are really really good! I know they are pricey but you can only get them at certain times of the year.

And you know what they say ... an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And a more expensive apple keeps the more expensive doctors away.

Hope you are all feeling better soon!
Ter said…
That's ridiculous!

I agree! Robbery!
pam said…
I would love to pay a dollar a pound for apples here. You WOULD have heart issues if you saw the prices we pay for food. It is unreal to me when I visit my sister and see the prices she pays compared to me.

Still praying!!
The Mrs. said…
Landon+ sick for three weeks now, Coco+ sick for two weeks (I think done), Me= sick for two weeks still not feeling right, hubby= started getting sick last night and now is ILLLLLLL. HATE THIS.
Dapoppins said…
local apple cider has always been spendy but delish...and the price of them apples....I live in the apple state! This year the price has actually come down to $1.49 a pound on most varieties, and .99 or a leeetle less on sale varieties. Last year I couldn't afford them apples...even if it is covered in caramel and chocolate goodness.

Saying a quick prayer of protection...No evil respiratory problems at your house!

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