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Dear So and So....And I Shouted Out With Glee

Dear So and So...

TGIF! It's another exciting edition of "Dear So and So..." presented by the fabulous Kat, over at "3 Bedroom Bungalow!" Let's rock this bloggy!

Dear Glee,

I LOVE you! You make me laugh and feel the warm fuzzies! My Wednesday nights are so much brighter because of you. My TV says thank you because it thought I'd forgotten it existed. I love watching the "Gleeks" sing their hearts out! Glee, you're the

Your Biggest Fan,

Dear Halloween,

I've decked the halls with ghoulish decor over the last few days because I want to squeeze every bit of wicked goodness out of you this year! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little goodie.....the Broomba...

(This life~size broom is motion activated and will move, twirl and cackle across your haunted home all by itself!)

I am also loving caramel apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, and other pumpkin treats too! Oh, All Hallow's Eve, I simply adore you and all of your autumnal splendor!

So Excited to Celebrate Autumn,

Dear People Who Talk to Chilly When We're Out,

Just thought I'd give you the 4~1~1 that you can talk in your normal tone of voice to him even though he's in a wheelchair. You don't have to raise your voice for him to hear you. He's not deaf. The wheelchair doesn't take away his ability to hear you. Also, he is 41 years old...not 4. He enjoys adult conversation. You are just making yourselves look like complete idiots when you talk to him like he's a hard of hearing little boy.

Please learn some manners,

Dear Exhaustion,

GO AWAY...I don't have time for you....


Have a fabulous weekend! May it be filled with lots of Autumn beauty!


hope you have a great weekend too!!
blueviolet said…
I've just never understood why people raise their voices like that. Chilly should come up with some funny responses when they do that, like shouting back at them.
Ter said…

No Halloween til after (Canadian)Thanksgiving!

And what the heck... why do people loose all common sense when they are around someone who is sick?

(and btw, I *am* hard of hearing and yet, people who have known me my whole life *cough*mom*cough* still don't know how to talk to me in a normal voice. I read lips. You can get louder I still won't hear you any better than before. lol. (or better yet, learn to sign?)
Amy said…
Oh my gosh. The Broomba is precious!! It would most likely scare the mohawk right off my little cockatiel. He already freaks out when I vacuum.

I love your letters. I'm glad you're hanging on to you sass through all of your trials and tribulations. Good girl!
The Head Eagle said…
Cute Broomba!

I have heard all the buzz out Glee. I have it on my DVR, I just need to set down and watch it!
Mother Mayhem said…
LOVE the broomba. Wonder what the Cat would make of it... MWAHAHA!

Have a carmel coated weekend! ;o)
Tranquility said…
Oooh - that broom is soooo neat!!
Anonymous said…
That's funny about people yelling at Chilly...okay, maybe not, but it would be totally funny if he YELLED BACK, haha ;-) And we are so ready for Halloween around here too...getting ready to get some crafties done!

Jamie :)
pam said…
I put some gorgeous garland up around the kitchen sink that I found at Michaels. I love it! I am starting to get out the fall decorations. Leaves are falling from the trees here!
Unknown Mami said…
The letter to people who talk to Chilly really made me laugh. I'm sure it's not funny when it happens, but your letter is hilarious.
nikkicrumpet said…
OH man...I gotta go check out that Broomba. And I was so excited to watch the opening of Glee. I have to say I was a little uncomfortable with the sexual message though. I was glad I didn't have any kids watching it with me.
Steph Jordan said…
You're funny! Great Blog! I always leave with a smile!

The Mrs. said…
I just love your attitude! Are you teaching a class?
LadyStyx said…
Oh!!! *criez* I ~so~ forgot Glee started. I saw the pilot when it played a month or so ago and loved it. it.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm pumpkin pie season...yummy.
Glee is one of my fav new shows, too!

Love fall, we just drove by the apple cider mill today and could smell the cider. It was heavenly.
Polka Dot Moon said…
I've had a "sparkly BOO" out for over a week now, along with a giant container containing Halloween splendor! LOVE this time of year!! Too bad we're still in triple digits.

And anything food wise containing pumpkin is nothin' but FABULOUS! Any time of year! Wish certain "coffee" shops would keep it year round......

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
Darling girl you are pure inspiration! In the face of all that you've gone through recently, I commend you so much for being able to still muster a sense of humour and bring smiles to so many of us.

Healing, hope & huge hugs,
♥ Jessica
aurora said…
So glad to see an update for you! You really are amazing and make me laugh and marvel. Your attitude it so good.
I agree that Chilly should speak back to them the same way. (could he keep a straight face?) ☺
Anonymous said…
Yes I am already obsessed with Glee!!!!!!!!!
blognut said…
Love the broomba!

And I never have figured out why people feel the need to shout and talk down to another human being just because of some perceived disability. Chilly should shout back at them.
LT said…
I am so looking forward to Halloween too! And please tell Chilly (in a non shouting voice) I hate that too! I have also learned that if you are blind or ethnic, shouting doesn't make you understand any better either!
Kathy B! said…
That broom is ridiculously cool! If it really cleans I'm getting one :)
Kado! said…
seriously...the broom moves around all by it self!!! That is too cute..I love your Halloween style!!!

...does it come with a dust-pan too???
Jenners said…
I'm halfway through Glee and I'm loving it! (My husband HATED it so I'll be watching it alone.)

And I CANNOT believe you are decorating for Halloween now. That violates my rules ... but I suppose I can let you slide. And I want that broom!!!!
jenjen said…
I am loving Glee too. What a refreshing change for television!

Alexis AKA MOM said…
Hey sweets, sorry I haven't been around.

I so need to check out Glee I've heard so much, need to clear out the DVR.

Send me a broomba too please :)

Ok Silly ignorant people, what is it with the need to treat people that aren't like you so indifferent? It makes no since to me. Sorry Chilly if I was there we could have some fun adult talk along with laughing at those silly people!

Kristen Andrews said…
ok I have to check out glee..

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