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Friday Frags with a bit of So and So....

If ever there was a day for a "Fragments" post, today is THAT day!

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin' Time
! You'll be very glad you did! It's a great way to clear "the static from the attic!"

I also have a few Dear So and So's to write...."Dear So and So" is presented by the always wonderful Kat, over at "3 Bedroom Bungalow!"

Dear So and So...

**Remember my nifty thrifty post from yesterday...the one where I share my white vinegar fabric softener tip? Many of you emailed me to ask how much to use...I'm such a ding-a-ling that I forgot to include that little tidbit! Here's what I use....I usually use about 1/2 cup to 1 cup depending on my mood...some folks (like me) just use it straight, pouring it right into my rinse dispenser....others (adding it to their rinse dispenser) will dilute it with water. Occasionally, I add some drops of essential oil to the gallon jug of vinegar. You can use it without essential oil as well. The laundry won't have a vinegar smell. It has saved me LOADS of money! My daughter is chemically sensitive so it's been great for her clothing! (perfect if you are on a septic system too!)

**Friday Feng Shui Tip: Add lots of yellow to your health area to promote wellness! The health area is found in the very center of your home. My kitchen is in the center of my home so I have lots sunflowers there! You can also apply this to each individual room by placing something yellow in the center.

**To celebrate Almost Teen Caveboy's birthday on Monday (when he will be henceforth known as (yikes!) TEEN Caveboy), we are giving him an extreme room makover. (I will be a painting fool for the rest of today and probably throughout the weekend.)

**Friday Fairytale....Irish dancer girl loves this photo of the "real" Snow White! (It's actress, Rachel Weisz...taken by Annie Leibovitz...)

~~~~~~~~~~~~Let's rock a few "Dear So and So's"~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Blogger,

While I'm grateful that you have "allowed" me to join NEW blogs, I would really like it if you could restore me to my "OLD" previously followed blogs. You are a big, fat liar when you pop-up the "Site Owner is blocking you" message. I know this because of research, Blogger, and because my bloggy friends told me they weren't blocking me. I also know it's a "cache" problem...Just fix it already!!!! A month of this crap is enough!

Annoyed and Wanting to Spit on You...


Dear Javelinas,

STOP coming into my yard at night and wreaking havoc! If you don't, you will find yourself on the receiving end of a sharp arrow in your very hairy behind!

Ready to Shoot You,


Dear Idiot Lady at the Lowes Paint Counter,

You are one of the rudest people I've ever met. I find it hilarious that you tried to scam me out of an extra $10 per gallon of paint. I wasn't born yesterday, sistah....Your customer service skills SUCK. By the way, my father has been a custom home builder for over 35 years. I KNOW what I'm doing, you horribly disrespectful person! Your condescending tone only made me laugh at your pitiful attempts to try to bully me into buying more items than I needed.

Wake Up and Take Some Etiquette Classes,


Dear Chilly,

STAY IN YOUR OFFICE TODAY! You don't want to have any more "ectomies", do you? I am busy renovating the Almost Teen's room today and don't have time for ER trips with you. Got it?

Your Loving Wife,


Dear Bloggy Friends and Family,

Have a restful, joy filled weekend!



Kristina P. said…
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Dawn!
Ter said…
oh gosh, don't tell me they're doing a "real" version of snow white?! why?
Anonymous said…
Sunflowers! I love those! I have the cutest sunflower soap/oil dispenser in the kitchen! Too cute! Thanks for all the helpful hints!
Kim said…
Don't laugh at this dumb Alaskan, but what in the heck is a javelina??
Mama Dawg said…
I hate rude salespeople.

Have a great weekend!
JennyMac said…
Love your tidbits especially the Feng Shui tip.

And the letters made me crack up.
LOL...thanks for the laugh...I hope you plan to post pictures of the the extream makeover...I'm done with the kids rooms...until they are old enough to do it for themselves...

Shame on's been telling me I have had 0 visits for the past month...which is funny cause I have comments, and I know my dh has visited...and other people have emailed me about how does that = 0??

Thanks for the boost of posititvity....
Deb said…
you are so funny. i can always count on you for a good "cheer up".

i love the real snow white, too. love those fairytales.

i will have to try the vinegar, but i have to say, i am skeptical!
the ungourmet said…
All very funny stuff!

My daughter will be a teen very soon also. She has been wanting me to paint her room. I guess I should get to it!

Sorry to hear the you are still having Blogger woes. I would be so mad too!
Please say that you're doing 'before' and 'after' pictures of the 'extreme makeover' of your going-to-be-a-teen-on-Monday's room! :)

Sorry you're still having Blogger issues...that sucks!

LOVED your letters - did Chilly stay in his office? :)

Have a great weekend! :)
Kathy B! said…
A very happy weekend to you, too!

And javelinas scare the crap out of me!! I might even have to take snakes if I had to chose between the two. Or not.
The Blonde Duck said…
I wonder if those animals are really in the picture.

Just read my Wednesday comments (I've been on assignment all week) and that's too funny about Cat and the coconut queen comment. You don't know how much it tickles me that she likes my work.
Caution Flag said…
I write those letters, too. Loved yours!! Now about the vinegar: seriously, there's no odor? I never even thought about adding essential oils to it. You're a smart one. I'll have to come back to this blog :)
♥georgie♥ said…
wow what a FAB post...vinegar really...I will have to try that...

i am so irritated at blogger it isnt even funny
Polka Dot Moon said…
I'm not very happy with Twitter or Blogger right now!! Darn all this social media! It's driving me mad!! And rude sales people and people on the dang CELL PHONE......I DO NOT want to hear your convo's..........oops I'm ranting ;)

Have a wonderful weekend :)
Kat said…
Chili and his ectomies... *shakes head*
LadyStyx said…
The Snow White pic is my favorite out of the series that was done. I feel a great many parts were definitely miscast....
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the yellow tip! I love feng shui!
Mrs4444 said…
I loved these. Especially the one to the awful paint lady. I love that photo, too. Have fun painting!!
blueviolet said…
My kitchen has lots of yellow too and it makes me happy.

The javelinas are digging up your yard??

In Florida, my parents' neighborhood was constantly having a wild boar problem.
LT said…
I love what you told Chilly, you can always make me smile!

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