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The Bee*tch is Back!

All righty then! I've finally released all of my frustration and negativity toward blogger and feel like I can do some blogging without wanting to pitch my coffee cup at my monitor. I was so irritated by the recent blog disappearance and Google Friends Connect problem, that I couldn't even look at my laptop without growling or thinking mean thoughts about blogger.

Chilly suggested since I've been in a magical mood after seeing "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" that I shoot a spell at Blogger. He thinks I should use his personal favorite, "Wingardium Idiosa"....(It means "Fly Away, Idiots!"...yeah, he made that up all by himself....clever, isn't he?)

I grabbed my cyber backpack last Friday and traveled the interwebs for days in search of answers as to why: A) My blog disappeared without warning last week....and B) Why Google Friend Connect is being such a loser.

Here's what I discovered during my travels....

*There is NO easy way to connect with an actual human being where anything Google is concerned. Very, very frustrating...

*There is NO easy (or even difficult!) explanation on how to resolve this Friend Connect issue. So basically, all the blogs I followed in the past are no longer "permitting" me to re-join them. I guess I just have to hope that somehow this resolves itself on it's own. I did receive more than 20 emails from fellow bloggers who are having the same experience, so at least I'm not a paranoid freak about it now.

*That I have the BEST bloggy friends around! Thank you for rallying around me!!!!!

So, I am back to regular blogging and will resume blogstalking tomorrow. We are in the midst of thunderstorms here today. After the Power Surge Computer Crash Suckfest of April 09, I don't want to take any chances with my laptop during the lightning drama that is about to unfold here!

Again, thanks to all of you for the very kind emails and support! It means the world to me!

And remember...



Jillene said…
That is REALLY sucky!! I hope that it doesn't happen again!!
Shannon said…
Good to see ya back!
Caitlin said…
Blogger is giving me acid reflux! I'm thinking of abandoning ship for TypePad or WordPress! But not any time soon, because I am a master procrastinator! Glad the Beetch is back..and so is Elton! Love that song. :)
LadyStyx said…
*makes note...if it happens to me, don't panic*
Kristina P. said…
I am glad you got things figured out!
Randi Troxell said…
I'm so glad you are back! just remember... "eventually it'll all have to work out!"... maybe, hopefully- lol!!!
blueviolet said…
Blogger and Google seriously need some kind of live help desk. It's outrageous trying to get answers to anything.

Welcome back, sweetie!
eh, screw friend connect, who needs it? I've noticed not even anywhere close to half of my "friends" even actually visit my blog, so unless you actually use it to connect, what's the point? We can always subscribe, right?
Persistence pays off! Yippeeee, you're back!
Mrs Cooper said…
What the hell is going on with Blogger and Google. So many people are having problems. One minute I have my normal amt of followers then I don't, then I do. So I stopped panicking and figured it would work itself out. They don't want us all going over to wordpress do they???
Kathy B! said…
I'm glad to see you back and scared witless that the bloggy monster might come and try to eat my blog as well *shudders*
Polka Dot Moon said…
Indeed, indeed....all this social media stuff can be frustrating!!! So glad you back and ready to roll out your fabulous posts!!!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Glad you're back!

I've heard a lot of bad stuff about Blogger lately. Fingers crossed it OVER!

Have a great weekend!
aforestfrolic said…
I didn't like that I couldn't talk to a customer support person with Blogger so I switched to Typepad & LOVE it. I hope it works itself out girly. But I'm still with ya ;-)

Jamie :)
LT said…
I've Missed you! Tell Goggle and Blogger to get you fixed, we need you!
I have noticed that with problems like these sometimes they do just go away mysteriously.
For me the bottoms of the web pages were not loading for about a week. Kind of hard to leave comments when the "Post a Comment" link doesn't load. Then one day poof! It is just fixed. I tried everything thinking it was me or my computer. Now I think it must have been blogger!
Anyway...glad your back and good luck!
Em said…
Lord have mercy I'm so sorry for all the aggravation!! Blogger needs to get it together.
Jen Sue Wild said…
Sorry for all your troubel..
I am glad to see you back!!
Dedene said…
Glad you're back! Sorry about those problems. When I visit blogs I often get an error message from Internet Explorer saying that it can't open the blog. It's so annoying!
Another lady just lost all her followers on her blog. Google is really buggy!
Ms Cupcake said…
Sucky! I am getting agitated by this Google friend connect thingie too. I used to have my blogger follower widget now I have two. Meh!

Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by.

That's awful!! I was hoping they would have fixed this issue. Wishful thinking. I had to change my browser just to look at blogger blogs. IE & Blogger do not get along. Bleck.
Yaya said…
That totally sucks.
Jenners said…
You just have one thing after another, I tell ya!

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