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Bee Exposed! And the Return of the Nerdanderthal...

The Return of the Nerdanderthal..

The Nerdanderthal made his triumphant re-appearance last night. At approx. 7:00 pm MST, he lumbered over to a comfy spot and clicked on the TV. Within seconds, he was making all sorts of giddy Nerdanderthal noises...What is the reason for this creature's return to our humble abode? Big Brother has returned for it's 11th brings out the Nerdanderthals like rain brings out the wild creatures in the desert...scary....

As with American Idol, the Nerdanderthal aka Chilly has rarely missed an episode of Big Brother since it's very beginning...11 years ago...He is in Big Brother heaven right now because it's on multiple days of the week and Showtime airs it's BB After Dark show for 3 hours every night....oy.....There is a blessing that comes with the return of the frees up my evenings for blog time! Woo hoo! Thank you, Big Brother!!


Bee Exposed!

The lovely Kim over at The Mommy Machine has very kindly included me in her Friday Five Interview today! It's a revealing look at the inner workings of the Bee and Rose...when I say revealing, I mean fully clothed, (sorry Chilly)...I would be honored if ya'll would clickety on over to see what she was able to drag out of me! She has a wonderful blog! She lives in Alaska, has twin toddlers and takes beautiful photographs! She's also a very kind soul and I just know you'll adore her too! OH! Catherine would be delighted for you to go over and read all about her contribution to the interview too! Thanks!


Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Looky what I'm gonna win!!! That's right! I don't even know why I'm telling you about this super fantabulous giveaway because I am destined to win this gorgeous necklace from Kristen's Custom Creations! I guess, if you really feel you must, you could click on over and check out Kristen's SPECTACULAR giveaway! You get to choose from one of the five necklaces shown in the giveaway! This is what I'm winning...Don't hate the player, friends....hate the game....


The Curious Case of the Bee and Rose Button


Want to make a bloggy button??? It's easy peasy when you click here or go visit April Showers)! April did the easiest blog button tutorial I've ever seen! I made my own button in less than 10 minutes! She has wonderful tutorials for favicons too!

Well that wraps it up for today! Have a wonderful weekend! I will be enjoying (NOT!) the 112 degree heat we are expecting on Sunday...good times!



Marie Reed said…
10 minutes! I'll run over and check out that tutorial lickety split!
Kitten said…
Big Brother has been on for 11 years? Wow, time flies...

I'm housesitting for a friend who's in Europe right now, and she e-mailed me from GERMANY to ask me to DVR the Big Brother premiere. I can't believe she e-mailed me from halfway across the world to ask me to do that!
stephilinn said…
JUST LOVE THE NERDANDERTHAL! I can actually hear his giggles!
Caitlin said…
I just made a button! But I didn't have a very good tutorial lol. I feel like I earned it! :) I did, however, snag your button!!

I just might enter to win your very afraid!! I've never won anything before, so it's bound to be time, right?
Randi Troxell said…
believe it or not... i've never seen not even ONE episode of big brother! have a greaet wkend!!
Me said…
Will you love me more if I win that necklace? Just saying...I'm tempted to go over and add myself to the drawing!

Happy Friday!
Jillene said…
Are Chilly and I brother and sister separated at birth? I love Big Brother and AI too!!

112?! I would be melting!!
Ashley said…
We love BB too! We watch it every summer - or at least I do. The hubbs watches it when he's home :)
Can we saw gross on Jesse being back? Uh gross.
I so don't get BB. My MIL and SIL watch it like it's the best thing since sliced bread but I don't get down like that...I suppose it's not trashy enough for

Love the new button it's so going on my page in just a minute!
LadyStyx said…
The only show my hubby truly becomes a widower to is American Idol. Poor guy.

Cute necklace!

I think I have that site bookmarked on the computer upstairs. Gonna check it out again later. Lotsa neat stuff there.
I absolutely love my necklace from Kristen's! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you win!
Vickie said…
I can't believe Big Brother has been on that long. I never got into that show. The only time I knd of watch it was when "Yes, Dear" had Jimmy joining Big Brother. That was a hoot:)

Good luck on the necklace!
Kristen Andrews said…
thanks for posting about my giveaway!
Anonymous said…
Wow! You're button is awesome! I just grabbed it!

Kristen's necklaces are so cool.
Jennifer said…
Guilty - Big Brother too...don't tell anyone ;)
Thanks for the info on the buttons - gonna go check it out!
Jenners said…
Seriously --- he's watched for 11 years! How does he stand it? We watched maybe the first 2 seasons and it was so ridiculous. And Julie Chen just drives me insane. But who was the secret houseguest? My husband watched the opening last night just to mock it but couldn't make it through the whole show. : )
Robyn Jones said…
well...she is wearing half an outfit anyways...LOL!
I will have to go over to Kims, and see what kind of "exposure" is going on over there...if ya know what i mean....(plus a chance to check out a new blog... :)
Mrs4444 said…
How could you not make this a FF post, Woman?! If this isn't fragmented, I don't know what is :)
LOVE the button, and I put it up right away :) It's adorable in here, BTW. Also, I LOVE Kristin's necklaces!!! Off to enter (sorry) and to read your interview!
BoufMom9 said…
see now, I have to wait for the football season for my hubby to be busy like that. LOL
Going to head over now to check out your interview :)
Jess said…
Caitlin made my blog button for me! You should grab it :)

Love your face! xoxo
babyrocasmama said…
Hello my friend. I have been stalking you from my Google reader again, sorry. But I just wanted you to know that I do read and am missing your wonderful comments on my bloggy.

I hope to see another Wordle from you soon.

P.S.: Nice new color scheme. I like the header & button.
babyrocasmama said…
Hey Dawnie? What's your twitter? I am @babyrocasmama (original, yes?).
LT said…
Great job on the button, I grabbed it of course! I am loving the blog look too! Have a great weekend!
Kathy B! said…
I love your button!! I might have to get off my lazy you know what and make one for myself :)

And your Friday Five interview was awesome!!
blueviolet said…
You made your own button? I'm so impressed. I should bookmark her site in case I have techy questions.

I'm with Chilly on the BB thing. I love that show!
Marie Reed said…
ummmm.. this sounds really weird but I was thinking about beef-a-roni and then your name popped into my head bee-a-rosi :)
I've never watched Big brother. That necklace is cool. I've seen it in giveaways before.
Sue said…
Sad to say my husband and I have watched BB from the beginning too. I loose interest after a while but he always watches every one. But I do love football husband is glued to the TV all day on Sunday and I am a free woman !!!! Have a great weekend.
pam said…
Good luck winner the necklace!!
Do you want us to switch button?

Have a great weekend.
I love me some big brother !!
The Mrs. said…
I used to watch Big bro and would probably again if my Tv dance card wasn't so full!
Michelle said…
Yikes! Here's hoping you stay safe and cool with that heat.

I have some quiet time right now so I'll definitely have to go check out that button tutorial. Thanks for sharing :)

And Neanderthal? That's my husband for the entire season of baseball. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing!
LORI said…
That is a thoroughly helpful link indeed, thanks for sharing it with those of us who were not born blessed with the graphic design gene ;D

Thank you so much for the dearly sweet birthday wishes, honey!

Big hugs!
♥ Jessica
PetalsYoga said…
Thanks for the bloggy button tutorial link. MADE MY DAY!!! I hope you get to wear that gorgeous necklace!

Bran Window Sofa

You've been RANDOMIZED!!

Click here to visit my site and participate in Totally Random Sunday!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Love it girlie!

Of course I grabbed the button :), super cute!

Ok I so know you're going to win so I'm not even going to try. Never hate the player ... well maybe ... LOL! Just playing!
The Dotterel said…
112 degrees? Phew!
My husband's homework does the same thing as Big Brother... leaves him busy so I can blog! Hahaha!

That is a beautiful necklace. Congratulations on your win. :)
Susan said…
Cute button. I grabbed it and put it on my blog!

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