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Random Tuesday Thoughts : Let's Do the Time Warp Again...


Hi ya'll! I've got some random for you today! (This is probably best since I can't seem to string two coherent thoughts together with any success....)

We had a fantastic time on Sunday celebrating Father's Day (especially since the hospital wanted to get rid of Chilly a day early! Hooray!) Chilly loved his cards and gifts! Wait...what's that? You say Father's Day isn't until June 21? Seriously? This is entirely Chilly's fault. He kept insisting that Father's Day was last Sunday. Sorry, Dad (my dad) for making you think I had completely lost my marbles by sending your card a week early.....


Have you heard the fabulous news???? Blueviolet is back!! Get on over there and give her a big neighborly welcome!!!!


I was tagged by the most amazing Kristen from La Dolce Vita last week to share with you six unimportant things that make me happy. This is super easy for me because pretty much everything makes me happy...except for the salon of doom, snakes, clowns, rude people, and public restrooms with no a$$ gaskets....

Here we go...

Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy!

1. Cherry Coke (or Cherry Pepsi) and Kettle Corn - Sweet, salty, crunchy kettle corn with a nice cold Cherry Coke especially with crushed ice. Nothing perks me up like that!

2. Thrift Store Shopping and Garage Sales - I love to search for treasure! I love the thrill of the hunt! I could do this every day of the's a sickness, really....

3. Organizational Storage and my Label Maker: I love storage containers. LOVE THEM. (another sickness....) Right now, I am loving clear containers with white lids. I love to label everything too. If there is a non-labeled surface anywhere in my house, it won't stay that way for long! This affliction has been with me for years. I also love white hangers. I only "allow" white hangers in my house. (the only exception is for Tween Caveboy...he has red, black and gray....)

( did that get in here????)

4. My Daily Planner & Tote - I could not survive without my portable home office. I have a medium size scrapbooking tote that carries my day planner, scissors, tape, stamps, post-its, envelopes, pens paper and even crayons! It goes with me everywhere! I highly recommend using one of these!

5. All things Harry Potter - I have loved Harry Potter since I read the first book back in the 90's. I wish I had attended Hogwarts. I know I would be a fabulous witch. (no rude comments, Chilly or I will step on your bad foot....) I also love Fairies, Mermaids, and all other magical creatures too...

6. Scrapbook Paper - I know I have mentioned this before...but it bears repeating....I LOVE FANCY PAPER. I cannot help it. I love digital scrapbooking too, but there's just something about scrapbook paper that I can't resist! (I really love making stuff with my fancy paper in my Cricut machine...oooohhh.....I am a huge paper crafting nerd! lol!)

If you would like to grab this tag and run with it, please be my guest! I like this tag!


Confession: I am a only happened once.....don't worry, Chilly was present at the time...he knows all about fact, he was really happy I cheated. I can't take the guilt any longer, so I am going to bleed it all out here....

It started innocently enough...I was sucked in by the fun, the excitement of it all....but after two very looooonnnnngggg hours, I couldn't take it anymore and succumbed to the dark side. I cheated at UNO with Chilly and Catherine to make the game come to an end. I laid down multiple cards that appeared to be one card every turn so I could wrap it up and win. I couldn't take one more minute of the game that never seemed like it would end. So I cheated. And yes, I would do it again...and again....I will be imposing a time limit on all UNO games going forward. Chilly and I were rolling around in despair because Cat is a world class UNO player. That kid can take down a professional with no problem. Just when we thought we were close to the end, BAM! She would play a +4 and drag us back into the pits of UNO hell. I am still recovering from it this morning.


So there it is....all of my randomness for the day! I'm sure you are probably banging your head on your desk by now or at the very least, celebrating with a cocktail now that this post is over!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!


p.s. go on over to The Un Mom for more random fun!


Nerdy Jess said…
YAY YAY YAY your back! I missed your face!

Can you email me a link to this scrapbooking day planner you speak of? sounds interestingggg.
Hit 40 said…
I cheat to end all card and board games!!! They are the worst.

.... I am a bad mom
Cammie said…
you left off 2 very important things.
Me said…
Phew! For a minute you had me convinced that I missed fathers day! Don't do heart is just a poundin'

Serious...Blue Violet is back? How did you find that out? That link doesn't go anywhere. ugh!

Finally..someone that loves thrift as much as I do.
Tranquility said…
Haha... I don't think I've ever cheated at Uno, but it doesn't sound like something I wouldn't do either. ')

I HATE games that go on and on and on forever. Monopoly is like absolute torture to me - I'd rather be hanging from my toes!
Kristina P. said…
I had no idea that blueviolet was back!

And I wrote a post about cheated at Yahtzee with my husband.
Jillene said…
YAY that BlueViolet is back. She sent me a message yesterday and I was SO happy!!

I would NEVER cheat to end a game. NEVER. (0;
Beth said…
It is nice to know I'm not the only label maker lover in the world. To hear my husband speak, you'd think I was the lone species.
Polka Dot Moon said…
I know I'm in for a good laugh when I read your posts!
and the comments from bloggy friends are just as funny!
Thanks for making me smile this morning :)
Caitlin said…
Even your random posts are interesting and fun! I missed your blog, lol!

I am an organizational weirdo, too...I'm not sure how I convinced my hubs to let me have a label maker, but he sure does regret it now...Haha!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Hey Girlie :) Love the random thoughts, we are so a like :). Love my tubs you should see my garage! LOL Rick hates it but it keps me organized!

Becky said…
I love all your un-important stuff! Especially that Joan Crawford pic...HILARIOUS!!! I can't stop laughing at your writing...I love my bat doll-it makes me so happy :)
Bobby G said…
Drinkin Uno, love it, Live it!
Anonymous said…
Hahaha, cheater cheater pumpkin eater...shhh, don't tell...I've similarly cheated in games with the kids, I swear they can last forever. Funny about Father's day, when I first read it...I almost crapped myself thinking I had forgotten ;-) I'd never hear the end of it I'm sure.

Jamie :)
Noah's Mommy said…
getting father's day done early...actually may be a smart thing....and ohhhh cherry's my alchohol....
blueviolet said…
You have a Cricut? I am so jealous! I love your six things and I think we ought to be hanging out in real life because clearly we have some of the same obsessions. :)

Thanks for the linky love and mention. That's sweet of you. :)
LadyStyx said…
LOL @ the cheating at UNO. I used to do that with Candyland just to frustrate my brother. I learned how to stack all the candy cards together in reverse order so he thought he was gonna win and then poof...he slid back to the beginning. heh heh heh. My friend and I would cheat at Operation on her brother. Learned to wiggle the connection loose when we were handling the tweezers and then make the connection when her brother played. Yeah...that's about the extent of me being a rebel.
That is so funny about the cheating. Games? You are very competitive. I had a roommate like that in college. We loved playing each other. My boss confessed the other day that she cheats at her sisters house on games. It cracked me up.

Love some good kettle corn sometimes too. Love your random. And cute background and owl.
LT said…
Awesome randomness today! I love Thrift Stores and Harry Potter too (I got started on one book and then read the other 4 that were out at the time in like 2 weeks!)
Sure hope Chilly is doing better and does he get another fathers day on Sunday!
*Noelle* said…
your posts are so funny! i am addicted to scrapbook paper too, and the stickers OH MY!! i need to take a drug for that addiction! LOL
Keely said…
That's not cheating, that's, uh, manipulating the data.

Yeah. That's it.
Ha! I love Keely's take on the 'cheating' mode... I have SO been there, especially with UNO - and I'll probably do it again when we're in Louisiana playing an endless game of that... :)

I absolutely love your list of 6! :)

Happy RTT a day late! :)
Randi Troxell said…
that is SO funny that he insisted that it was this past sunday... just like a man for ya!! wont listen and is NEVER wrong!!!!
Cadance said…
how funny! My husband was totally trying to tell us Father's Day was last Sunday too!!! What is all this about??? I believed him too for a couple days....even told my mother-in-law that it was too....then I happened to look at the calander! NOPE....not till this next Sunday! Hahaha! Figured it out before I had to make breakfast in bed TWO sundays in a row!!! =)
SO said…
Oh how I love scrapbook paper! LOVE IT!

And I remember my older brother cheating like that at Uno when we were growing up. It would make me SO mad! But I totally understand now.
Mother Mayhem said…
I so need a portable home office. Thanks for planting that seed! :o)

We like the same kind of hangers. They drive my hubs insane. LOL

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