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Not Me Monday: Milk Duds, Medals and Bringing Back My Mojo

Join in the Not Me! Monday fun brought to the land of Blog from MckMama over at My Charming Kids!

I did NOT have a lovely weekend with my family in Scottsdale while enjoying Catherine's Irish dance competition. I did NOT enjoy my huge turkey salad at Shogun on Friday. Chilly does NOT force us to eat at Shogun everytime we visit Scottsdale. He did NOT talk non-stop about their stupid famous turkey salad from the minute he found out we were going to Scottsdale. I did NOT want to shove the ginormous salad down his throat the minute it was served just to shut him up already about the turkey salad. (I am NOT admitting to the public that I love this turkey salad as much as Chilly does.)

I did NOT find out all sorts of interesting things about Chilly from his best friend who joined us for lunch at Shogun that I can use in the future blackmailing of my husband. There are NOT photos involved in these sordid tales to prove these stories are NOT true.

I am NOT ridiculously proud of this adorable Irish dancer girl...

She did NOT win 4 medals and did NOT move up a level in 3 of her dances in her second competition ever. She is NOT a natural born Irish dancer...NOT this cutie pie!

The kids and I did NOT think we were hallucinating in the Fry's grocery store parking lot last Thursday afternoon because we did NOT see a HORSE "parked" in a parking space. We do NOT love living in AZ because this is NOT normal behavior for the wild west. I did NOT say out loud that I was bummed that I didn't have my camera with me because I did NOT want to take a photo of it for my blog. Tween Caveboy did NOT roll his eyes at me when I mentioned my blog.

I did NOT feel like "Big Brother" was watching us everywhere we went on our trip to Scottsdale / Phoenix over the weekend. I did NOT notice the millions of photo radar cameras that are posted every mile or so on practically every street. I did NOT notice the gazillions of highway patrol on I-10 either. I did NOT leave the Valley of the Sun feeling extremely paranoid.

I did NOT go on a Milk Dud binge last week while making gift baskets for a fundraising raffle. I did NOT have to replace three boxes of Milk Duds for the raffle baskets because I did NOT eat the ones purchased for them. I also did NOT eat the package of Red Vines intended for said raffle baskets either. I do NOT eat candy when I feel stress because it's bad for me.

I was NOT surprised that the salon of doom reimbursed the money for my botched color job. I did NOT want to say "I TOLD YOU SO" to the receptionist when he saw how badly the "stylist" had messed it up. He did NOT look horrified and hurriedly hand me my money so that I would leave quickly. He was NOT worried that other customers might notice the HORRENDOUS job that their salon did on my hair. I have NOT decided to embrace my Kelly Clarkson look temporarily because 3 salon professionals have told me that it would seriously damage my hair further to try to correct it at this stage. These same professionals did NOT look at me with their eyes filled with pity upon seeing the gaps and streaks in my hair. I will NOT be posting photos of this hair nightmare later this week.

I do NOT wish that you all have a joyful week ahead of you filled with lots of laughter and good times! I certainly do NOT want you to have fun this fine month of June!



Kelly said…
So glad you got your $$ back! How cute is your little Irish dancer. So proud of her along with you!!!

Have a great week.

Anonymous said…
Great job on the medals and moving up!! Awesome!
♥georgie♥ said…
congrats on the medals the pic is just darling!
we will be in PHX Saturday and driving on I-10 to sierra vista thanks for the heads up on the radar cameras lol
Randi Troxell said…
she is such a cutie... and totally worth being proud over too!

turkey salad... Mmm, sounds very interesting!

and im so glad that the salon gave your money back to you!
Caitlin said…
Hats...a lot of hats! And that little girl is just the cutest!!! :)
Devri said…
Be proud! glad you through a fit, I would have too!
Nerdy Jess said…
She's adorable! *high five for cute kids* :)

Glad your getting your mojo back cupcake.

Amy said…
That little Irish Dancer of yours is a keeper!! Oh my goodness, what a beauty she is. The sweet just oozes out of her.

For the first time in years I ate Milk Duds the other day. I actually purchased them for the purpose of eating them! I never do that! They were so damn delicious, I ate half the box and threw them away so I wouldn't eat the other half. (What's with Milk Duds?! Must be something in the air...)
LT said…
Yea Irish Dancing girl! I am glad to hear she did so well! Glad you got your money back from the salon, even though you are stuck with it now! Hope you have a good June too!
Cadance said…
♥ your Monday posts! I'd totally have to "replace" candy too....I just can't help myself!

Yeah! For your daughter!!!!

I SO wish you had a photo of the horse "parked"...and isn't Fry's an electronic store? What makes some on think...I need a new memory card for my camera or the newest DVD release....I'll ride my horse there and pick it up??? Seriously??
Jillene said…
Congrats to Cat!!

A horse in a parking stall?! hehe!!

I would have eaten the Red Vines too.
Robyn Jones said…
Great job Catherine! 4 medals..I can't blame you for being proud mom...I would have been too!
Me said…
4 medals? Congrats Cat!

I would have paid to see the horse 'parked' in the parking lot! PRICELESS!!

I seriously want to see the hair!
LadyStyx said…
Congrats on the Tiny Dancer on her awards. We're all so proud of you.

Not sure what's worse, a bad hairstyle (which can eventually be fixed) or having the best stylist you've ever had leave the salon he was working at and not tell you where he headed to!
Polka Dot Moon said…
Your little dancer is too darn cute! Congrats to her :)

And the Photo cameras up here don't work any more. They turned them off! I am NOT annoyed by the dozens of horrific accidents from speeding at ALL!

Happy Monday :)
LORI said…
great not me's! Congrats to your daughter! I would have wanted my camera to take a photo of the horse for my blog, too. son would have rolled his eyes, too. =D
pam said…
I am glad you were able to get your money back. Congrats to your little Irish Dancer:)

Sounds like a great family weekend.
mommaof4wife2r said…
your irish dancer makes me smile...and the "salon of doom" the name.
aurora said…
Congrats to Little Irish Dancing Girls!! (and on getting your $$ back) :D
Kathy B! said…
Congrats to your little Irish Dancer. She looks so cute all dressed up and ready to perform!

And I love that there was a horse parked in the parking space - how totally unexpected and fun!
Kathy B! said…
I thought I left a comment but now I don't see it... Hmmm...

Anyway, I said that your little Irish dancer looks so cute all dressed up and ready for her performance.

And I was also loving the horse "parked" in the parking lot...
Debbie said…
She is adorable! I love the fact that she does that Irish Dancing.
Jenners said…
yay for the cutest little Irish dancer around! She is ADORABLE! And I love that a horse was parked in a parking space ... woo hoo!

Here's to better hair days!
Anonymous said…
Lol at your hair debacle!

Milk duds...mmmmm.....
She is a cutie!

Man, I haven't had milk duds in forever!! :)
She is a cutie!

Man, I haven't had milk duds in forever!! :)
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Hi SWEETS it so great to have you back! Muah I missed your smiling face stopping by ;).

Too flippin funny about the milk duds, so my fav!

I agree she is way to cute, and way to go girlie you're rocking the Irish dance world!

Blackmail is great right? evil laugh inserted here :)

Muah, love ya girlie!
Aww, she is adorable! Congratulations to the lil' Irish dancing queen.

Milk Duds! I ate an entire theatre-sized box just the other day. It totally did NOT make me sick.
Queenie Jeannie said…
You sure did NOT do anything lately!! LOL! Congrats to your sweet daughter!! So where's the video hun??? I WANNA SEE!!!! I too love Irish dance and am so impressed when I see it performed!! Hugs!
Brenda said…
Awww! I love the Irish dance costume and I am super jealous of the yummy sounding turkey salad!
Grand Pooba said…
Oh my gosh she is adorable! I only wish there were a video of her dancing you could post on your blog! I'm Irish, but know nothing about it! Is Irish dancing like those tap dancing people?

You only ate 3 boxes? Good thing I wasn't there because you'd have to replace all the boxes!
blueviolet said…
And I have not been completely missing you! I'm back, diff url but same crazy me.
Noah's Mommy said…
Oh I so miss living in the valley of the sun....having my job as manager at Nordstrom at the Scottsdale Fashion square....eating at Bandera's....sigh.....Love the Pic...too....and milk duds...mmmmmmmmmm

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