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Friday Fragments: The Non-Sense Edition

Are you ready to descend into the Friday Fragment madness with me?


A heartfelt thank you goes to the adorable Michelle from Flirty Bird for sharing this lovely award with me!

Michelle creates fabulous hair accessories! Her designs are awesome! I highly recommend a visit to her shop! She is also selling Trash Ties hair accessories which I absolutely have to buy! Here's a little sample of what they can do!

Another warm thanks goes out to the very sweet LT from A Day With Two for sharing this wonderful award with me!

LT is one of the kindest bloggy ladies you'll meet! I love her "Take Me Back Tuesday" posts! If you have a moment, please stop by and say hi to these lovely ladies! And as always at B&R feel free to grab these awards for yourself!

~I Like Mike~

I like guys named Michael McDonald....Granted, I only know two, but I like them both so I'm kind of assuming it's the name I'm attracted to....

I like this one....You probably know his music...he's been around for years.....

But I am in love with this one....

Ok...I know this is Stuart Larkin and his mother....but Stuart's alter ego is Michael McDonald....

There's nothing sexier about a guy than a sense of humor....and great abs....and a fat wallet...I digress...I think this Michael McDonald (who is 6'3" by the way..) is one of the funniest men on the that makes him a super hottie in my book....

~Tan Plan~

Ok, I am a very fair skinned girl living in the pits of hell (aka AZ). I would love a little bit of golden color so the locals don't mistake me for some tourist. I'm looking for a really good self tanning cream. I've not had great luck with these in the past. Here's a photo of my last encounter with a self tanner....

I'm the one just to the right of Willy Wonka's hat...(ahh...those were good times....) Again, I digress....Got any suggestions??? I don't want to be oompa loompa orange (been there, done that) and I want my palms to remain their natural color....Thanks in advance for any help!

~Confession: I have a crack problem....~

I never thought I would have the courage to come forward and say this to anyone...not to mention broadcasting it over the entire interwebs....but there's so much awesome support on the blogs, that I felt I could finally come clean...Deep goes...

Over the last couple of months, I have developed deep cracks in my heels. (Before you commence gagging, hear me out...) As a desert dweller, I am in flip flops 90% of my day. I haven't had time to treat myself to regular pedicures (although now I'm just too ashamed to step "foot" (snort) into a nail salon for rehab. (Yes, I'm one of those people who do my nails before going to get manicure, etc...) So what to do??? I don't want to waste my money on heel crack creams if they don't work. I do actually take the time to slap a coat of polish on my toenails and keep my feet looking decent for the most part...My Pedi-egg just isn't cutting the mustard here. The cracks get smoothed away for a few days, then BAM! they reappear...Any advice would be most welcome!

~Here Comes The Judge~

Another confession...I am a movie snob....Case in point...When Disney Pixar's WALL-e came out, I told the kids there was no way we were going to see looked dumb...(yes, they called me out and pointed out that I was being judgemental...) I stuck to my movie snob guns and we didn't see it. I refused to spend my $5 on the dvd rental when we saw it at Blockbuster a few months later. However, Catherine found it at the library the other day (can you say "FREE"?) so I succumbed.

Guess what? I WAS WRONG! It is a fantastic film! Catherine loved it and so did I! I especially love the "Hello Dolly" music they weaved into the movie. I have been humbled by a stinkin' cute robot. No longer will I judge a movie with my snobbery. Thank you, Wall-e!

~Frozen Candy Bars~

Summer is not complete for me unless I chow down on some frozen candy bars. This habit started for me back in the 70's at our local pool. I would spend the day at the pool and hit the snack bar for a frozen Charleston Chew at lunch time. Everytime I eat a frozen candy bar, it takes me back to those awesome summer days, and I can still smell the chlorine, the snack bar goodies and feel the warmth of the sun on my very sunburned skin. Got any favorite summer candy memories? (I also love frozen Snickers and Milky Way bars too...yummmmmy....)

Speaking of frozen treats, these make me wax nostalgic for summers past as well...they are deadly creatures, however....I can't eat just one.....

Well, that about wraps it up for this edition of Friday Fragments at the Bee and Rose today! I know you are exhausted (and probably ready for a sugary treat) now that you're all done here!

Have a fantabulous weekend and don't forget to join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin' Time!



blognut said…
I can't possibly say something clever about everything you've talked about, so I'll just say this:

Say no to crack.
Randi Troxell said…
happy happy friday.. and oompa loopas really freak me out!
Oh those orange people that walk around town smiling.

I'd rather have cracked hills than orange fake tans. :)

You are so funny.
Juls said…
Utter butter for cracked heels. I have had this issue too recently. If you slather utter butter on your feet before bedtime, pull on some socks over the gooey mess...and snooze... it should help. Coupled with ped egg does wonders.
Ter said…
You have a crack problem.

I have a coke addiction (coca cola!)

While I can offer no advice on tanning as I go to the *gasp* tanning salon, or about the cracks in your heels because well mine aren't looking too great at the moment either, I can say that I adore frozen candy bars and those strawberry shortcake ice creams oh my I'm hungry now!

Happy Friday!
Anonymous said…
Hey Dawn, I've used that bronzing lotion before. I think it may be Jergens, but don't quote me on that. It's an actually lotion so you don't get 'yellow.' And I loved it...makes ya glow.

Jamie :)
Bobby G said…
Cracked heels I got nothing, the dude from Mad Tv is obnoxious as shit, there is NOTHING funny about Stuart, frozen snickers & milky ways are the bomb, as are those Strawberry shortcake guys, DELICOUS!!!!!! And an OOMpa LOOmpa to you my love!
Kristina P. said…
I have decided that I am going to try one of those spray tan booths.

And I have frozen candy! My husband always puts chocolate in the fridge, and it's always hard as a rock!
Mother Mayhem said…
I'm Irish. I don't tan. ;o)

Look for Flexitol foot balm in the diabetes foot care section. Works wonders.
blueviolet said…
I'm getting to the point where I don't even like candy bars unless they're frozen.
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Ok first off girl you heals can't be as bad as mine, I'm lucky they aren't as bad as my dads that actually crack so deep they bleed, sorry TMI. Ok trick! Vasoline glop it on put socks on and go to bed. A week and you can go to the salon and have them take the cheese grater to whatever is left :).

Clinque has a GREAT sunless tanning lotion. No Oompa Lompa.

Love Wall-E the boys watch it over and over ... LOL

Oh frozen Charleston Chews you my dear I knew were my sister! And then you say the other magic one Strawberry! Yup twins!!!

Congrats on all the awards! Muah!
Jillene said…
"Look what I can do"!! LOVE IT!! And I also have a crack problem--a VERY serious one!!
Noah's Mommy said…
oh as usual you had me almost snorting milk out my nose...especially with you being the oompa on the left...i could swear that Karl Lagerfeld is right above you...

anyhoo.....I understand the tight ab...fat wallet thing...
Caitlin said…
Okay, here goes. I had really bad cracks in my heels as well because I tend to wear flats and flip flops almost all year round. Then I started going to the gym and not wearing socks with my tennies. If that sounds unbearable and gross, at first it is. And then when your feet get warmed up and just a tad sweaty, it will naturally take care of the cracks. Then when I'm done working out, I come home, shower and scrub my feet with Dr. Scholls peppermint scrub to get the smell off. Gross? Yes. Does it work? Better than anything else I've ever tried! Also, soaking your feet in a water and vinegar solution for about 15 minutes works wonders in creating soft skin.
Anonymous said…
Loreal Sublime is the best tanner I've found so far. It's that or go get airbrushed for me... I only turn pink in the sun! :)
stephilin said… should know you only have to ask your sister about all things beauty related, especially tanning...duh...I'll call you.
Polka Dot Moon said…
I think I see one of my friends standing to the left of Willie Wonka. Yep, that's definitely her! She had a horrible time with that darn self tanner!

I've heard great things from the "spray tan" booths. Well, there was that episode of "Friends" where Ross didn't understand the directions and when to turn! Had too many # 4's on his front side :) I'm giggling just recalling it!!! Check that out at the library too! Or request them :) I LOVE the library and usually reserve my dvd's there. I'm patiently waiting for Season 1 of "True Blood". Can't wait :)

Geez...............I've really rambled on! Happy Friday and I hope that Chilly has a lovely 2nd Father's Day ;)

Grand Pooba said…
Ok, I love love love frozen charleston chews! My husband thinks I'm crazy but they are so delicious!

I also LOVE Stewart! The best act on Madd tv!
The Boob Nazi said…
I totally want a frozen candy bar now.
Kristen Andrews said…
yep I agree say no to crack
Kris said…
Omg...I'm glad I'm not the only one with a the foot crack problem...I see all these women with their perfect feet and I want to gag lol...Your FF is awesome...thanks for sharing!
Mrs4444 said…
You're so funny; I love the way you write. Congrats on your awards. Now....

Feet-I've started taking fish oil pills, because I've been told they help with dry skin. I'll let you know how that goes. (so far, so good, though!) Also, I was just told that an Epsom salts soak is great for the feet. I'm going to try it one of these days...

Can't recommend any self-tanners, because my in-between-the-toes right now has a little orangy tint after one use of what I bought. Dang!

Good thing you could unload all of these fragments; how did you have any room in your mind?!
LadyStyx said…
Try the Jergens one. It didn't seem to turn me orange, then again it also didn't stick around long either. Every time I showered, I'd lose whatever little bit of color I had managed to get.

Cracked heels. After showering, I take a dry rough towel to them to get rid of the dead skin. Afterwards I use some of the Dr Scholl's intensive heel repair cream. Seems to work on me. I also use it up near the toe cleavage because it gets kinda dry there. Then again, I wear my open toe slippers all day and that doesnt help matters. Udderly Smooth cream is supposed to work really well too.

Mmmmmmmmmm frozen Abba Zabbas!

ooooooooh I loved the Strawberry Shortcakes too!
LT said…
I love frozen Charleston Chews! No advice for the cracks, sorry. Thank you so much for your kind words though!
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
Try petroleum jelly for the "crack problem" ha!! (Gots to admit, you got me with that one!}
Seriously though... when working construction cleanup, my hands would dry out so badly that the nail cuticles and thumb lines would crack to the point of bleeding. Regular apps of a thin layer of vaseline seemed the only thing that would work.

Nice friday! :D
pam said…
I have cracked heels as well, our flip flop season is very short compared to yours. Let me know your remedy. I may need to get a pedi-egg.
Jenners said…
Re: heel cracks: Try Flexitol heel balm. I got some at Wal-Mart and damn if it didn't help!

And Wall-E was a superb movie! I'm glad you watched it ... I wish I had seen it on the big screen. I think it was really more for adults in many ways! A lovely movie!
Cadance said…
mmm....frozen Snickers!

hey after living in Vegas for 9 years...I know about dry feet! Something that worked for me...before you go to bed...get a good dry heel cream and lather it on after you scrub your feet...then put on a clean sock, then go to this a few night in a row and you should be good....make sure to do this at least once a week keeps them extra-moisturized! Hope it helps!

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