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Friday Fragments: The F Words: Funky Feet, Facebook Faux Pas & Friendship

Let's start this freakin' fabulous Friday with funky feet...

specifically Chilly's funky feet...

Funky feet have landed him a fabulous four day stay (or longer) at the fantastic hospital! Can you give me a woot woot?!? That's right,family & friends! Chilly is chillin' at the hospital as we speak! Yesterday was a flippin' fun day for me and the kiddos! We started our day out with friends at the zoo. I received a call from the Chillmeister that he was in the ER and was about to be admitted due to a blister that became a ridiculously large diabetic ulcer on the bottom of his foot. (Keep in mind he's recovering from a broken leg too...) Apparently, the "ulcer" has created conditions that could cause him to lose his foot (or worse, his life! He can't do anything without a little drama, you know...) So, just when I thought my life was returning to a bit of normalcy, BAM! Here we go again! The best part? He didn't even feel this festering killer wound because of nerve damage. If I had a wound like that, I would be screaming in agony or trying to chew my foot off for relief.....A blessing and a be continued....


Facebook Faux Pas

I have a confession....I do not Facebook, Text, Twitter, MySpace or any other techie type thing. The blog is all I can manage (and lately, I can't even do that with any sort of success...) I do have Facebook and Twitter accounts that I set up in the early days of blogging because I was new to this techie world and wasn't sure what it was all about. I am thinking of going over to the techie side here soon (maybe starting with Twitter.) If you have sent me a friend request for these accounts and I didn't respond, please do not be offended. I didn't really understand the whole "friend accepting" etiquette until yesterday when it was explained to me by a friend. I didn't know I had to click some sort of "accept" link. I just thought I was getting emails telling me I had some cool people who wanted me to be their friend. Oops! So please accept my Facebook & Twitter apologies and know that I will be clickety clicking through these emails soon!


Family Fun

As I mentioned above, we went to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson yesterday. It is a delightful small zoo that is pretty easy to get around. (and cheap too!) With my recent frugality brought about by Chilly's constant desire to come up with new and exciting medical dilemmas, I am all about the cheap! A beautiful white peacock lives at the zoo! Cat actually touched a few snakes too...{{{shudder}}} Overall, a fine day with friends until we received the phone call from Chilly....wah wah wah waaaaahhhhh......

(That brown blob in the middle of the photo is the snake.....)


Friends in Need

My dear Fellow Bloggy Friends....we have a few friends who need some kindness sent their way!

*While reading YaYa's blog the other day, I was deeply moved by the story of Karen "Jo" Mosely. Jo (an amputee) drove herself to a hospital to have a radical mastectomy. She is all alone. I don't know about you, but that just broke my heart. YaYa has written a "Spirit Jumping" post that gives all of the details on how to send a little sunshine Jo's way. I know I am gonna do some Spirit Jumping about you?

*Another bloggy buddy, Shannon from Last Shreds of Sanity, is
hosting a fundraiser to help out her brother who recently lost both of his jobs within a two week period. Yikes! For a mere three dollar donation, you will be entered in a contest to win a blog makeover from April Showers! Not only that, but April is offering two pre-made templates (made for this raffle) for anyone who donates $3! I don't know about you, but I would LOVE to have a custom template made by April! That girl rocks my socks off! Help a sister (and her brother!) out by clicking on over there!


Thank you again for the awesome support during my mini hiatus (aka nervous breakdown) recently. Although Chilly has had his ups and downs (and it appears we're in for more good times with that!) I am back in the Land of Blog. I am truly grateful for all of your support! On to happier times!

Join the Friday Fragments Fun over at Half Past Kissin' Time! It's one of my favorite posts to do!

Have a delightful weekend!


MyLinda said…
Wow it sounds like you've been going thru quite a bit! Sending my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery for your hubby!
Sheri said…
I am not too into Myspace or Facebook and I don't Tweet either. I may in the future, but right now I really am not too interested. I only get on Myspace once a week and that is only b/c of my responsibilities as the Networking Manager for G.H.O.U.L. (paranormal group I am in).

WB to be back in the land of blogging - we missed you!
Me said…
Wow! What does one say? I sure hope things ease up a bit! You are missed.

Happy Friday! And I hope Chilly gets through this little snaf-foo SOON!
Mrs4444 said…
Oh, dear. Sorry to hear about Chilly's foot problem. As if he needs that added to his already-painful leg! I'm thinking positively but will also say a prayer for the sanity of your entire family :)

Welcome back. Don't feel obligated to blog; we'll be here whenever you need us :)
Ter said…
yikes! I hope chilly will be ok.

I use facebook as a form of communication, and the only apps I use are a couple of games but some people use it in ridiculous ways such as sending "gifts" which are just photos of something, or stupid quizzes. For the most part, I ignore all applications, and only use it to communicate and share photos. So, really, it can be as simple as you want it or as complicated and it actually irks me that so many people on my "friend" list don't actually use it to communicate and say hello once in a while. stop sending me little pictures of cupcakes and write a little message that says "hello how are you" instead. If you really want to give me a cupcake come to my house and bring me a real one. lol

MySpace I used it but not so much anymore. Again, alot of people send silly applications and half the "messages " I have on there are actually little pictures of cupcakes (I'm using that as my example again lol) and you know I'm in my 30's and I feel some of that is ameteurish but I still have my account up and occasionally, like every few months, pop by in there to catch up on a few people. but you know i'm at the point where I might spend some time saving some things and then getting rid of it all together.

I have not yet, amazingly, fallen prey to Twitter, but it's only a matter of time. lol ;)
Hang in there girl! That man needs to check his feet every night, that is way too dangerous!
Kat said…
Oh my! I hope Chilly is ok! Big bloggy hugs to you too, sounds like you need em.
Becky said…
Good to hear "read" from you! LOL! I don't do Myspace anymore...I do the Facebook thing though. It sounds like you have been really busy...I LOVE that peacock oh my gosh! Beautiful! Okay-well, I hope you are doing well and have a great weekend!
Randi Troxell said…
goodness... i hope chilly is alright and gets better soon.. you and yours will be in my thoughts!

and yea... at one point i had twitter, myspace, facebook, and my blog... YIKES!!! so i canceled myspace, have not touched twitter since i opened it (in fact i might head there now and cancel it too) and then for friends and distant living relatives i kept faceboook-- but my fave place to be... on my blog!

happy friday and try to take it easy dear!!
Bobby G said…
IM A FB Whore. and im Techie as shit, Diabetic ulsers SUCK they spread fast and be devastating, speaking of F wods i like to use the phrase when encountering a smelly person "Five Foot Force Field of Funk" enjpy that
Kristina P. said…
I am so with you on the Facebook thing. I have a FB and Twitter account, but I don't use my Twitter, and I only check FB maybe once every 2 weeks.

And I am just over all the social networking!
Tranquility said…
I am so sorry to hear that your husband is back in the hospital! I hope he is feeling better very soon.
Cadance said…
Whoa...hopw the funky foot is better soon!! That is freaky!

I don't facebook or twitter...I don't think there is much more people need to know about me other than I put on my blog...cause basically that is it!

...maybe once I get my i-phone I'll twitter...just cause then it'd be fun...on the go and all!
aurora said…
So sorry to hear about Chilly's foot! Yikes. I hope that all will be well with him soon.
You deserve a medal of honor. Truly.
I shall nominate you.
Anna Lefler said…
Hope you have a calm and peaceful weekend - with no surprise hospital hi-jinks!

Take care...

:^) Anna
Brenda Jean said…
Man, do you just want to wrap your hubby in plastic bubble wrap and put him in a room? I know feet injuries are a huge problem for diabetics. You might just have to check his feet from now on whether he likes it or not! I'm sorry crap keeps happening. I don't know how you are keeping sane. {{{HUGS}}} I haven't been doing facebook or twitter either. No time at all!
Anonymous said…
Oh Dawn, what unfortunate adventures your husband is on. I hope he gets better asap and that you don't go insane during the process. Glad you are back, but take your first, we all understand ;-) I have been missing you though!

Jamie :)
Hope Chilly's foot is doing better. Don't want to mess around with that kind of stuff.

I'm with you on the FB & twitter. I've got accounts with both, but never twitter and hardly FB!
Michelle said…
I just gave you an award because I LOVE your blog!

visit to find out more!
Michelle said…
I just gave you an award because I LOVE your blog!

visit to find out more!
Shauna said…
Love and HUGS to you :)
LadyStyx said…
That white peacock is gorgeous!

Im with you on Twitter and Facebook. I *JUST* got my own accounts in the last month or so. Not that I really wanted them, but they became a necessity. ANd now, they're a big ol time suck. *sigh*

I sent a card along to Karen just yesterday and helped Shan out a bit as well.
Mammatalk said…
Lots of good wishes and positive thoughts your way!
babyrocasmama said…
Well just when I thought I got you back Chilly has to go and pull another Drama Queen on us! LMAO Poor Chilly! He is having all kinds of issues with his lower extremities, huh?

Tell him to feel better soon. :) Does he have peripheral neuropathy? That happens a lot with diabetics. Funy enough it causes both extreme pain AND numbness. Go figure! By the way, does he not look at his feet, ever? I think I might have noticed that myself, dang!

Thanks for the shout out about my fundraiser! :) Jeannie added her own giveaway to it to help me out. So now everyone who donates can go to her bloggy and enter for a handmade gift by the Queen.

How cool is that? I have such wondeeerful bloggy friends! I love you all for doing this for me! MUAH!

P.S.: You can set your twitter account to tweet AND facebook all you blog posts. You can also make all your tweets go to FB, too. AND you can download tweetdeck to your desktop and twitter & Fb from there. It's a big time saver.
Jenners said…
Good Lord, woman! Your husband is wearing me out and I'm not even married to him. Yikes! This man has more medical problems than anyone I've ever heard of. I hope this get taken care of and he can be well for a while.

And you crack me up with your Facebook faux pas! Too funny.

Hang in there...doesn't sound too boring to me yet....
Devri said…
sometimes life is crazy and when you have too many accounts going, ugh, I am with you, I can't even keep up on blogging lately.
LORI said…
Kelly said…
Best wishes to you Dawn. I am touched that you are spreading the linky love to others in need when you are on the down side.

You are awesome!

Mother Mayhem said…
Here's to happier times! :o)
I keep a Facebook just so I can keep up with long distance friends, otherwise I try to stick to Blogger and Twitter. I HATE MySpace with a passion it's clunky! lol
I keep a Facebook just so I can keep up with long distance friends, otherwise I try to stick to Blogger and Twitter. I HATE MySpace with a passion it's clunky! lol
The Blonde Duck said…
Tell Cat we fabulous snake charmers must stick together!
andy said…
i think we all need a nervous breakdown now and then;)

i eliminated all of my friends from facebook save for my boyfriend, and twitter is right on the edge of my "i'm about to scream from the technical issues" point of turfing it too.

and congrats to your little one for such a great job dancing...i must have shown everyone within a 20 mile radius my 7 year olds ballet show:)

Your alphabet series is so much fun! You're not alone in being an avoider of Facebook, I too have opted to skip that site. I have a Twitter account which I update sometimes and an old myspace page, but I generally like to spend my "free" online time on Flickr, my blog, or reading other peoples' lovely blogs :)

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead,
♥ Jessica
Anonymous said…
I hope the Chillaxer is ok. :(
Anonymous said…
PS what's your boutique site? I wanted to link to it in my current post, and had a commenter ask for it.
Enid Wilson said…
The white peacock looked gorgeous but I wouldn't touch the snake. I find Facebook difficult to use but Twitter is fine so far. Thanks for sharing Friday Fun.

Romance by Enid Wilson
blueviolet said…
You were missing too? I had no idea. I'm glad everything is ok with Chilly's foot and that they've caught it in time. You guys...enough is enough!

Start with twitter. You might become addicted actually.
Kathy B! said…
Poor hubby. You guys just can't ride the wave of boredom around your place for very long. I hope they get that ulcer squared away quickly and that you get a longer stretch of boring normalness next time.

And thank you for spot-lighting the Spirit Jump :)

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