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I Wish Wednesday...Cat Chat Wishes

Happy Birthday, Papa!

We Miss You!

We LOVE you!

Sending you lots of birthday XOXOXOXO's!

60's Daddy!

70's Daddy!

Race Car Daddy!

Pimp Daddy!

You are a Rock Star! Have the best birthday ever!

With All of Our Love,

Dawn, Connor, Cat and Chilly

p.s. Can anyone tell me how to fix the audio problem? The video plays fine on my computer, but when I upload it turns out like one of those old 60's style Godzilla movies from Japan! The audio and video don't match up! Help!


Me said…
Dang it! I'm missing a Cat Chat...cuz the filters at my desk are blocking it out! Hmph! I will try and remember to come back and watch it tonight...

Happy Birthday to Papa! Aren't papas great?
That was just the sweetest video ever!!
Becky said…
Oh that is so sweet! I love the time line of pictures you have precious!
Jazzy Jemz said…
That was such a sweet birthday wish!
Jillene said… cute!! I especially love how she says birthday.
Randi Troxell said…
oh it was all way too cute... the pics and the video... i loved it all!!
She is too sweet! Love the pictures as well!
Beverly said…
What a great day to have a birthday!!
Bethany said…
How very sweet.
pam said…
Cat Chat is adorable!!

Happy birthday Papa:)
Tink said…
I love how you categorized the pics! Put a smile on my face. Happy birthday Rock Star :)
Guess I don't get Cat Chat here at work--bummer--but what a great bithday post!
Kelly said…
What a sweetheart! And a nice tribute to your Dad.
Tracy said…
Soooo stinkin' cute!!

Happy Birthday Papa!!
Kathy B! said…
What a wonderful Papa you have! Happy Birthday, and may you have many more to come :)
Vickie said…
Awe! Happy Birthday Papa!

Hey, It is my Mom's birthday today too! Guess I better put something on my blog. She might actually decide to read my blog today. There is a first time for everything.
LORI said…
Yaya said…
How cute is that!??
Jenners said…
Those photos are just awesome!
Hit 40 said…
Adorable post! Happy birthday pappa!!!! I would imagine that your reading our comments.

Maybe you could guest post for your daughter? Or come by my blog to set me straight??

Your daughter teased me with the word cat in the title... I was looking for kitties.

I have a good rant on men tomorrow. You could come over and put in your 2 cents worth.
Marie Reed said…
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The way she says birthday is the cats meow! Might I suggest just writing in Japanese subtitles:)
Cadance said…
love that 70's picture....he must have LOVED that car!
Mother Mayhem said…
Catzilla? :o)

LOVE the 70's!

Happy Birthday to your Dad! WOOHOO!
The Blonde Duck said…
Happy birthday! What a sweet post!
Robyn Jones said…
awww...Love the happy birthday cute is that...
Kat said…
*sigh* I love old photgraphs
BoufMom9 said…
LOVE the photos! AWESOME!!

I have no idea how the heck that happened to your video. Never seen that one before. LOL
So sweet. Happy Birthday. It is hard when they are gone. Love the car. Varoom. I would have cruised too in that one.

Great cat and I loved Godzilla.

Take care and Happy Mothers Day.
Bobby G said…
A gift from BG to Bee on the gspot!
Mrs4444 said…
I loved the pics of dad...really a great idea. Happy Belated, Dad!

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