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Friday Fragments: Rain, Red Envelopes and Organs for Sale

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It's going to be a happy day here at Bee and Rose....wanna know why??? RAIN...I love a chilly rainy day! We don't have many rainy days in the desert so when we get them it's cause for celebration! Yesterday, the kids and I just splashed around puddles and got drenched for fun. (we're easily amused here...) It's only going to be 77 degrees here today which is actually long sleeve weather! Heck, it might as well be winter! Hooray! Rainy days are good reading days and great for playing board games too....

The Fablehaven series for kids makes for great summer reading! We love this story set on a preserve to protect magical creatures. So far there are 4 books in the series. I highly recommend them!

I know Cat will hold me hostage until I play at least 30 games of "Sleeping Queens" with her. She LOVES this game. It was invented by a 6 yr old girl! We also like the Tea Party game.


I can't stop singing Green Day's new song "Know Your Enemy." I'm even driving myself crazy not to mention I've totally ruined the joy of Tween Caveboy listening to his new Green Day cd. Further proof that I am the most annoying mother on the planet...I can't stop imitating the statue (from the new "Night at the Museum" movie trailer) that says "Fire Power." He says it like this...Fi-yah Pow-wah....Sometimes, if I really want to tweek Tween Caveboy, I'll pull the "freeze" move that the Abe Lincoln statue (from the same movie) does too.


I am getting very excited as the "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" movie gets closer to opening day! I realize that I will probably have to take advantage of my makeover to pimp myself out for the money for movie tickets. It's ridiculous what it costs a family of four to go to the movies. We seldom go anymore because we can't afford to sell our organs. Chilly might need a transplant (or two, maybe three) and I just can't look him in the eye and say.."Dude, I would love to give you a kidney, but remember, we took the kids to see "Transformers 2"? Remember, I sold my kidney in exchange for tickets and concessions?" At our theaters, they search your handbags, etc. for stowaway popcorn, candy, etc. Greedy jerks!

What summer movies are you going to check out?


FRIDAY FENG SHUI TIP: Write down your wishes on paper and place them in a red envelope. Red envelopes are considered good fortune! I've done this several times and it works! (I cannot explain how it works, it just did for me.)


Hot flashes suck. Why do I mention this? Because it's not even 6:00 am and I'm having one. Stupid hormones....

Friday Confessional: I am a masticator....I have to chew stuff when I am stressed...usually this will manifest in the very loud chewing and snapping of my gum. If I want Chilly to leave me alone, I just pop in a wad of gum and start snapping. I can snap my gum so loud that if Tween Caveboy is around, he will fall to the ground like he's been shot. I am currently chewing on a strawberry Twizzler. I would like to be chewing on a Cinnabon but no such luck. Fingernails are not excluded from my stress induced mastication. I have not chewed on furniture, writing implements, or pet toys however.


Hope your Friday is fantastic and filled with fabulosity!



Kristina P. said…
My husband loves HP, but I've never read the books, and I've only seen the movies because he makes me. The last couple have been pretty good though.
B said…
I love the rain too, and we got quite a bit of it just last week. It reminds me of home, though here it tends to be cooler where as home had warm rains. There is nothing like that.
Badass Geek said…
They actually search your bags? I would put one of those exploding ink packets they put into money bags when people rob banks.

It'd teach them a lesson for sure.
Randi Troxell said…
uuugh... rains ok sometimes... but it has seriously been rain and gloom here since last sunday... im in major need of some sunshine!! TGIF!!
shopannies said…
how great for you to have a lovely day rain here would not be good but so glad that others enjoy it

thanks for sharing the idea of the red envelope I will try this
Anonymous said…
I know all about the hot flashes and I feel for ya. :)
heyLyss09 said…
wow. 77 in New England= people wearing shorts and tank tops!
Tracy said…
UGH! You and your cinnabon mentioning evilness. I would like to be mad at you. But alas, you are the momma bee and I can't bee. Get it... bee. hahahahaaa
Juls said…
.....where do you find red envelopes?
blognut said…
I can't imagine living in a place where I celebrated rain! I am so sick of rain that I could scream!
Smoochiefrog said…
My fingernails don't survive either. I used to chew straws to the death when I was younger. I've gotten over that though. :)
Caitlin said…
Oh I can't wait for HP either!! We always sneak in candy and sodas which totally isn't obvious when we open them and they make that hideously loud hissing sound... =p

I've been reading the books since I was 11, so I feel honor bound to finish all of the movies--not to mention they are just fantastic, even when you haven't read the books!

My husband keeps asking if Snape is evil and I just sing "I can't telll yooouuu." I'm lucky he stays hehehe.
Amy said…
Here in the East Valley, it's been overcast and about 20 degrees cooler than last week. It's been doing what I refer to as "spitting" instead of raining. Just enough moisture to leave muddy blotches all over everything. Still, it's preferable to the firey blazes of hell we'll be experiencing soon.

(I can't believe they search your bags!!! If they did that here, we'd have to stop going to the theater as well!)
MrsSki said…
My hubby has been doing Fiya Pow wah all week long! haha! I totally cracked up when I read that fragment...I really want to see that movie. Is that bad? I don't have kids but I love kid's movies. Oh well.

Great Fragments!
Anonymous said…
Oh no Dawn, don't go sellin you kidneys...Chilly might not be happy about that ;-) It is ridiculously expensive, especially when your husband swears 'it's a tradition' to get popcorn and everything else you can get your hands on at the movies, tee hee. Love that red envelope idea...I'm going to have to paint me one tonight!! And that FableHaven series totally looks like something my daughter would LOVE, I love your book recommendations! Have a great holiday weekend girl!

Jamie :)
I LOVE rainy days...especially if I don't have to do anything but sit at home an enjoy them...I love tourchering the kids...ruining the cd for the boy, priceless...And finally, thanks for the tip about the red envelopes...I will be stocking up on them!!

Sorry about the hot flashes...just one more reason to celebrate being a woman!!
Chaka said…
I agree that the movie prices are getting crazy. You know it's bad when they have a finance manager at the concessions stand. Thank goodness for dollar theaters.

I've been working on a Feng Shui post for a while. I'll have to try the red envelope trick.
Kirby3131 said…
I love the wishes and red envelopes -- cool, very cool. I will be doing something like that. It sounds like fun.

Oooh, I may have to get those games for my nieces.
Tranquility said…
Haha... I remember when we lived in Phoenix - 77 felt chilly to us then, but now it's a perfect summer day! :)

Glad I'm not the only one still looking forward to the next Harry Potter movie! Wow - they search your bags? That's brutal. Stash a snickers under your tampons in the little zipper pocket of your purse! Surely they won't dig that far! ;)
Juliana Abram said…
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If you have any questions I am most willing to offer my views on this topic.
Juliana Abram said…
Giving your wishes priority is good for the soul. And, our immediate environment plays an important part in providing us with a sense of place. Feng Shui, properly applied, can support us to improve all areas of our life.

However, there are many different styles and it can be rather confusing so I wrote a book titled The Feng Shui Way. I draw this to your attention because it is unique in that it explains the basic premise behind each method and demystifies Feng Shui. More information is available at

If you have any questions I am most willing to offer my views on this topic.
Beth said…
I love Harry Potter, too. That will possibly be one movie I'll see. Most of the movies I see are on Netflix.
Cadance said…
OH...I remember when temps like that were cold...OH how I miss Las Vegas....

I know the exact trailer you are talking about...and it makes me laugh too..Fi-yah Pow-wah! LOL!

enjoy your rain...just don't send it our way when you are done with it!
Anonymous said…
I've had "I want a baby" in a red envelope for years now. :(

guess I shoulda been more specific with my timing?

Mrs4444 said…
I really enjoy the HP movies, even though I've only read the first one. Wow; they check your bags, huh? I buy my candy beforehand, but I'm terrified to eat it, because our theater has cameras facing the audience!

77 is cold for you, huh? Remind me of how kids here break out the shorts when the temps reach 50!
BoufMom9 said…
That book series looks awesome! I have never heard of it. What age group is it for? My kids love reading things like that!
And, Harry Potter! OMGOsh! I can.not.wait!!!! Read the books over, and over, and over and can't wait to see it!
Mammatalk said…
That Fablehaven book looks fabulous!

Off to find a red envelope!
LORI said…
Shauna said…
Hope you have an awesome weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥
Me said…
I absolutely LOVE the rain. I don't know what I would do in a warm climate like yours.

I haven't seen the new Night at the Museum. Is it worth seeing. I really enjoyed the first one.

And..last but not least..I am totally going to try the red envelope trick. I even know what wish I want to put in it. I just need a red envelope. Do you think it would work if I colored a regular envelope red with crayons? What!? Just wondering. :)
Michelle-y said…
We're going to see the new Harry IMAX {*insert drool here*}. Can't wait! I've only seen one movie since my little one was born (he will be one next month) and it was Wolverine {*insert droooooool here*}. We're gonna see Transformers 2 also, can't wait for that!

Hopefully you won't have to sell your organs to go...good luck on the 'hooking'! Hahahaha!!!
Vickie said…
I love rain too, but lately since we got the new dog, when it rains, it smell like wet dog and pee in the house. I steam vac the house, so I am hoping for an improvement:)

I am looking forward to the new Museum movie as well. I just rent Paul Blart Mall Cop...sweet movie:)

I can't believe the movie people are searching bags for snacks!! They are jerks!
Enid Wilson said…
I like the red packet idea! Thanks.
Bobby G said…
I always get in trouble cause i chew loud as shit....grrrr
LadyStyx said…
Ahhh, that last one! I'm the same way. Thankfully my chewing is limited to gum. The more stressed I am the harder I chew. I had a boss pull me aside and discuss it with me. I told her that it was either that or she field the complaints from customers because I was having "one of those days" thanks to some idiot.
Shannon said…
OMGosh, my girls love the "Fi-yah Pow-wah" clip, too! They do it all the time!

I'm not sure if they're still doing it... but just had a promotion to get a free ticket to "Night...2" when you bought a specific DVD (I think there were about 15 to choose from)

Other summer movies I want to see are Harry Potter 6 and "Public Enemies"
Kathy B! said…
I am loving that Green Day CD, too! We are either too hip for our own good or...

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