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A Day Late and A Wordle Short

It's a day late, but it's here! Ta-da! My Weekend Wordle!

Join Shannon over at Last Shreds of Sanity for Weekend Wordles! They are fun to create and great to add to scrapbooking projects too!

This wordle just depicts my current frame of mind....can you tell? lol!

I've already made a great one for next weekend, but I may change it up a bit before then. The kids enjoy making them too! Give it a whirl! It's fun!

Have a happy Sunday!


lol...I have the same issues with my computer...but I'm more frustrated with the hubs...and I dont' think I could publish the wordle that I would generate with that
Your blog looks so cute! I will have to check this Weekend Wordles...
it looks really fun.
I hope you have a great Sunday!!!
Hit 40 said…
Very cool!

I bet I can even use this link for something fun for my classroom!!!

Cute. I think I'll send the wizard of otin to check it out. I am curious what would be on his wordles.
Kristina P. said…
Short and sweet. Love it!
kel said…
wow... sounds like a rough weekend?? lol. hope it gets better!
The Blonde Duck said…
Have a great weekend!
Shauna said…
Have a beautiful Sunday :)
Chaka said…
Thanks for the recommendation. Sometimes 5 or 6 words can summarize how things are going more accurately than a full page post. I'll go check the Wordles site out.
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
You find the neatest gadgets, woman!
Have a beautiful day, Dawn!
annie kelleher said…
that is so cute! i hope things improve soon... the wind seems to have changed direction somewhat in my neck of the woods!
Noah's Mommy said…
I don't think I even needed to read the post...I already new what it
SO said…
Oh I do enjoy a good wordle. I wonder if that will join the ranks of words added to the dictionary. I mean ginormous is there now.
Cora said…
Ohhh the blessing of GEEKS. Where would we be without them? *Le sigh*
Erin said…
I love your wordle. I'm sorry for your stinky April. Here's hoping May is better!
LadyStyx said…
heh heh heh. That works! LOL. Maybe sreaming will make it in the dictionary as well? I suspect that it's done only in the extremest of frustration?
Brenda Jean said…
I have GOT to go do this, and I keep putting it off. I'm just a lame procrastinator. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I hope the rest of April is MUCH better for you:)
babyrocasmama said…
Well at least you finally got the Wordle up! Better late than never!

I can't wait to see next week's entry.

I will send prayers your way that things get better soon.

Looks fitting for our weekend too. The weather has gotten to everone here. Hope things perk up tomorrow!

Tagged you at my place.
Hi Dawn,
I have an award for you.
Bobby G said…
Still having computer issues? But Geek Squad was your savior? RIGHT?
Tracy said…
Word to yo mutha
Tracy said…
I know... it's random. I've gots nuthin today my dear. Nuthin.
pam said…
It must be catching. We just replaced our modem last week. We are all sorted out now! Happy Happy:)
Anonymous said…
Lol! Great wordle!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Just too many things to do, totally understand my dear!!

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